Portable Bagel Toaster By Kent Madden

Portable Bagel Toaster, Future Kitchen, Kent Madden
Bagels have gained immense popularity because of their fat-free nature. This round food item can be seen almost everywhere and doesn’t need any special table manners while eating. New Yorkers absolutely love it, and the product in question deals with this liking. Kent Madden has designed the Portable Bagel Toaster, which will fit perfectly into your busy life.

Kitchen device, Portable Bagel Toaster, Kent Madden
In today’s fast paced world, we tend to miss the most important meal due to shortage of time. Breakfast keeps us going the whole day, but we tend to skip it while hurriedly leaving for work. The appliance has been designed in a manner, which will save both energy and time. Simply, take the portable toaster and put a bagel in it. The ingenious appliance will robotically start rotating, making good use of sugar crystal batteries. When the desired color is achieved, remove the freshly toasted bagel and enjoy a healthy breakfast. The batteries can be recharged by positioning on a ceramic dock, which will exploit induction.
Future Toaster, Kent Madden
The round bread with a hole in the middle ranks high on the popularity level in the United States. Portable Bagel Toaster is a great option and its user-friendly nature can’t be given a miss.
Portable Bagel Toaster, future technology, Kent Madden
Designer: Kent Madden
Source: DesignBuzz.com

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