Pure – Vegetables & Fruit Dryer

pure, future kitchen
Designed by Dr.Hakan Gursu and DesignNobis, Pure is a hassle-free way of saving water. It primarily aims to clean and dry fruits and vegetables by using water efficiently. In today’s era, environmental issues have reached their peak and water resources are being radically exhausted. To compensate the daily needs on one hand and to provide a solution to the global issue on the other, Pure has been developed and designed in the manner, in which it purifies the fruits-vegetables and then refines the used water. With the help of this refining cycle, the water that has been filled in the product once can be re-used several times.

Pure, futuristic kitchen device
The use of this fantastic product is also effortless. All can be done with a simple touch on its user-friendly interface. Once its three liter tank is filled with water, the first pump sprays it with the pushing force from three different nozzles and as they are 120 degrees angled, the water reaches all the corners of the container. The fruits, vegetables, and also the water is simultaneously treated with the help of the biological refining filter which is made of the UV LEDs. In total of four internal steps of the system, the contents are purified and water is also available for re-use. When the drying process is required, water-less option is chosen from the interface.
Pure, vegetables dryer
The fact that other similar products available can be used only for cleaning purposes and have no concept of saving water, the Pure highlights the benefits of sustainable living to the consumer.
Pure, fuit dryer
Designer: Ecofriend.com

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