Smile Cup By Nikita Mokhirev

Smile Cup, Nikita Mokhirev
A cup of soothing beverage is the best way to cope with ones hectic schedule. This is why personalized mugs make the perfect accessory. But why go for mass marketed ones when you can have a cup that can be changed to meet your moods and your preferences. What’s better, the Smile Cup also lets you stay connected with the rest of the world as you sip your preferred beverage.

Smile Cup, Future Device, Nikita Mokhirev
The Smile Cup design by Nikita Mokhirev of Estonia was one of the seven entries to be awarded the ‘Judge’s special award’ for Designboom’s competition ‘a life with future computing.’ It was organized in collaboration with FUJITSU and DA, a design association in Japan.
Mokhirev had this to say about her design:
“People spend hours talking with friends over a cup of tea, watching television while enjoying their favorite drink, going to cafes and restaurants, pubs and eateries to drink for social gatherings etc. this cup adds something extra to these kinds of activities.
Smile Cup, Kitchen gadget, Nikita Mokhirev
The Smile Cup will be a boon for the personal user and the service industry as well. Say goodbye to paper bills! With the Smile Cup, the price of ones drink can directly be displayed on the mug for the customer to see. The user can also send and receive text messages using the cup. It has a screen on both sides and a touch sensor on the handle. These help one display ones moods through both emoticons and pictures. Its networking abilities are controlled by a small interactive device within it that helps the Smile Cup act as a mini-work center. It also enables its user to send their television show reviews to the television broadcaster via a PC. Additional features in the cup are a game and control center, time display and an alarm clock.
Smile Cup, Nikita Mokhirev
Designer: Nikita Mokhirev

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