Synergy Diesel Airplane dorn working design feature of this special aircraft

Synergy Diesel Airplane
Innovation, the thumb rule that has moved people on all fronts to invent fabulous designs that optimize performance and quality has not left the aerospace industry lagging behind. McGinnis, in CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium in California, exhibited his new and unique aircraft design called Synergy. Synergy combines a whole lot of cutting edge aerospace concepts and ideas that make it highly efficient.

Synergy, Future Airplane
This aircraft employs many efficient proven aerospace functions and principles. Wake-immersed propulsion, pressure thrust, laminar flow and non-planar configuration among many provides an edge to this magnificent aircraft design.
The most spectacular design feature of this special aircraft is the double box tail. This feature works to reduce the induced drag and enhances speed. A five-seater aircraft, Synergy has a wingspan of 32 feet and a total wing area of 144.6 square feet. A full-sized version of this gigantic airplane is yet to be flown, however a one-quarter scale miniature electric version has been flying for quite sometime.
Synergy Diesel Aircraft
Needless to say, the rich history of aviation has given rise to many such innovative and advanced airplane designs; some of which have even died down in the design stages itself. McGinns, unlike many other designers, has decided to play it low until the prototype is ready for its flight.
With a view to enter into the NASA/CAFE Green Flight Challenge scheduled to happen this July, McGinns hopes to showcase his brilliant creation this summer. The competition aims to judge competent and highly-efficient aircraft designs and models.
Synergy Diesel Airplane

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