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Amazing Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) Robot-Suit

Hybrid Assisted Limb, HAL, Robo-Suit
Ever dreamed of being at the top of mount Everest. It is practically an impossible task to do despite being physically fit and healthy. The task can only be completed if you have the will power and courage and the desire to make it to the top of the mountain.Well this guy here should be an inspiration to all of you guys, who thinks it is impossible.

Seiji Uchida, 49 and father of two, lost his ability to walk and feel his legs in a car accident 28 years ago. But he never gave up on his dreams and guts, which is why he has decided to pay a visit to heritage site, Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy in the French coast and make his trip of a lifetime.
How exactly is this possible for a man who is paralyzed from waist down? This he does with the help of the Hybrid Assisted Limb(HAL) robo-suit. This one of a kind robo-suit can be worn on a person with the help of which he can lift anyone up to tenfold his strength. Uchida will need the help of a companion and the HAL to make it to the top of the Mount Saint-Michel.The companion can lift up Uchida and help him complete his mission and dream.
This smart piece of technology is a contribution from the University’s professor Yoshiyuki Sankai in his laboratory in Tokyo suburb. The technology is inspired from cybernetics, which is gaining considerable importance in the field of research and development in Japan. The Cyberdyne Corporation in Japan has already begun its venture to supply these suits in bulk for assistance to people who are facing these kinds of difficulties in walking. An invention of this kind of cybernetic body suit helps to enhance body movement and boost up a person’s strength.
The working of the HAL suit is by detection of minute bio-electrical signals in the pads located on different parts of the body.When the signals give messages to these pads, the HAL suit moves according to the wish of the carrier. As the person moves, brain sends nerve signals to the muscles and helps move the musculoskeletal system .The very minute bio-signal created at this moment is sensed by the skin.
The HAL suit gets hold of these signals through the sensor in the carrier. Depending on the signals gained, the power unit is managed by the carrier for daily activities.This gadget does not cause any cramp or hurt the carrier or the traveler. It is made of soft material so that the traveler can sit safely and enjoy the journey.

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