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    Posted: 26 Sep 2011 05:35 AM PDT
    Shallu Sharma:
    Designer Shoes
    Designer ShoesTop 10 Designer Shoes Under $500
    Uncomfortable feet mean uncomfortable mind and body. With these words in mind, various designers all around the world have designed an innovative and stylish line of shoes. Different styles suit different occasions and various stylish shoes are designed for these different occasions. Be it an official meeting or an evening party or a night out or a trek, stylish designer shoes are available that always make you look trendy and smart. There is no gender bias in fashion industry therefore a wide variety of options are available for both men and women. Here, we will be discussing some stylish fashionable line of shoes designed by renowned designers for both men and women.
    1. Donald J Pliner Men’s Boot
    Price: $195.00
    Donald J Pliner Men's Caster Boot
    Donald J Pliner Men’s Caster BootDesigner Shoes
    Quality and perfection are the words that come to our mind when we talk about the innovative designs of Donald J Pliner. His passion for making perfect designs could be clearly seen from his luxuriously comfortable footwear designs. The company was started in 1989 with high style collection for both men and women. Stretchable micro-fibers were first time brought into use to produce flexible and light footwear. The products made by this company perfectly suit the cult who is attracted towards fashion-forward style but return later or sooner for comfort or craftsmanship.
    USP: The boots have lace-up front with caster ankle. The designed have been decorated by moc toe fashion to give it a casual and stylish look. They are made up of leather and have man made solid and durable sole.
    Pros: The style has been kept in mind while designing these shoes without compromising with the comforts. The laces front gives it a formal look while moc toe furnishing makes it suitable for casual occasions.
    Cons: Limited colors for men collection has always remained a downside but still four colors have been produced to suit their preferences. They are available in usual black, tan, brown colors.
    2. Lauren Men’s Wyatt Boot

    Price: $335.58
    Ralph Lauren Men's Wyatt Boot
    Ralph Lauren Men’s Wyatt BootDesigner Shoes
    These boots have been designed keeping in mind those men who have strong taste for engineer classic boots. Ralph Lauren's Wyatt boots are made up of fine leather and classic hardware. These razor sharp tailored boots have modern look and features and lean silhouettes. These trendy boots designed by American designer reflect modern attitude and timeless silhouettes for sophisticated and stylish men.

    USP: These stylish men shoes have a solid and durable Vibram outsole which gives them a highly refined look. These boots are unique blend of classic suiting and sportswear.

    Pros: The leather body and the vibram sole are the most remarkable features of these elegant boots. Smart appeal with rugged look is being appreciated by the people. The nice hardware and leather strap design for this much price is a golden opportunity.

    Cons: Little roomy in the heel area, these boots might require you to wear think socks for complete fitness. If that doesn’t help, you may have to use insole to make them fully comfortable.

    3. Badgley Mischka Women’s Fuller

    Price: $180.00 - $185.00
    Badgley Mischka Women's Fuller Platform Pump
    Badgley Mischka Women’s Fuller Platform PumpDesigner Shoes
    When two renowned names combine together, exceptional outcome is ought to happen. The same happened when Mark Badgley and James Mischka blended their expertise to produce Badgley Mischka Women’s Fuller Platform Pump. This brand has established itself as the most trusted footwear brand. They are known for making most fascinating and stylish evening wear designs.

    USP: They are perfect party wear with ribbon sash at the back and satin covering all over it. The elegant design have open-toe upper and foot-flattering low cut vamp provides comfort. The thin ankle collar that buckles at the side gives them a very sexy appearance. Spiky heels and covered platform help them make an easy match with your best selected party wears.

    Pros: These shoes not only focus on style and design but also keep in mind comfort and pleasure of the buyer unlike other gaudy shoes that are not comfortable because of high heels. The satin covering all over the shoes look very impressive. They have solid leather sole. Ankle strap could be taken off easily if you don't want it. Two words are enough to define them completely i.e. elegant and classic.

    Cons: The 4.5 inches high heels make them little difficult for those who are not used to high heels. Color of the bow is slightly different from that of the shoe because of its different material which might make you a little conscious.

    4. Boutique 9 Women’s Dode Boots
    Price: $199.95 - $200.00
    Boutique 9 Women's Dode Bootie
    Boutique 9 Women’s Dode BootieDesigner Shoes
    Dode from Boutique 9 can help you to add a biker edge to your boot collection. They have been created with the desire to make something new and different. Boutique 9 designs shoes for the customers who do not limit themselves. Trendy style with impulsive looks make them famous among the fashionable girls.

    USP: These trendy shoes are made up of leather with man made sole. Though heeled with stylish 3.25 inches, they do not compromise with comfort. They have been designed to look hefty with shaft measuring approximately 7 inches from arch. They are featured with round toed with high heels and side zip.

    Pros: The upper slouched design makes them very comfortable and easy to wear. Matching buckles look trendy with tough toe structure to impart strength. The heels are block shaped which offer stability. The shoes are very easy to put on and off with convenient side zips. The shoes offer durability because of their high quality material.

    Cons: The shoes are perfect combination of girly and grunge but you will think twice before wearing them for a party. They have more casual look and won’t go with your elegant party outfit.

    5. Tassle Loafers

    Price: £349.00
    Tassle Loafer
    Tassle LoaferDesigner Shoes
    Person is known by the company he keeps, was the old phrase. The new edited version of this phrase is that a person is known by the shoes he wears. People have become very conscious about their looks and style and fashion is not limited to women any longer. Men are more cognizant about their looks and style and dressing and Tassle Loafers are a very good option for such men.
    USP: They are made up of leather inside out with full leather insole which is rarely found. It is made by hard-wearing makeup which is totally hand stitched and highly polished. They have been designed and made in England. The prominent marked design over the upper part of the shoe is made by sewing a strip of leather to give it a trendy touch.
    Pros: These shoes are available in multiple boyish colors like chestnut, Cordovan, black calf, or Tobacco suede. The simple and flat sole makes them very comfortable. Leather bow in front enhances their design and gives them a stylish look.

    Cons: The shoes might not appeal to youngsters because of their old style look and straightforward design. The shoes look perfect for office wear but might not suit for casual gatherings and parties.

    6. Violet-lavender

    Price: $199
    Asjha by Takera
    Asjha by TakeraDesigner Shoes
    Asjha by Tavera are gorgeous high heeled shoes for women who love to wear high heels. This Italian made collection of high heeled shoes has been launched by Asjha Jones. The designs are exclusively for women wearing size 10.5 to 15 keeping in mind the scarcity of high heeled shoes in this range. The incredible collection displayed in Oprah Magazine has already become very popular and has attracted a large women cult.

    USP: These beautiful shoes are very elegantly made. Girls would love to wear them again and again if they wear them once. They have a very sexy appeal and are equally comfortable to wear. Little cute zipper at the back make these shoes more attractive and stylish. They are designed with a peep toe that gives your feet a very nice shape and you also get a chance to flaunt your nicely colored nails. Not very high, their 3.75 inches heels and 0.5 inches platform provide stability while walking.
    Pros: They are colorful but not too flashy with tint of similar base color. They have a sexy and attractive appeal. The comfort has been given the first priority. They have AngelTech cushion in the heels and at base of the foot to impart immense comfort. Strap running from the toe cover till ankle provides a nice grip along with the style.
    Cons: Color might become an issue for some people as this flashy violet color might not go with all your party wears.
    7. Mark Nason Women’s Lakota Boot

    Price: $169.98 - $424.95
    Siren by Mark Nason Women's Lakota Boot
    Siren by Mark Nason Women’s Lakota BootDesigner Shoes
    Anyone who will wear these designer Lakota boots designed by Mark Nason will fall in love with them. Mark Nason is known for designing luxurious boots with classic looks for unique and individualistic people. Nason picks up classic styles and gives them modern finish to suit stylish people who are conscious about their looks and make up.

    USP: These boots are like the soul of style with amazing designs to compliment denim casuals. These intricate stitching along the shaft and designed leather all over its upper part make them look very attractive. It has Italian craftsmanship and leather sole that ensures a long lasting wear. They will definitely look awesome with tucked jeans or denim skirt and check shirt.

    Pros: The all-day long breathability provided by leather sole makes them comfortable. The stylish zips on the side of the boots make them easy to put on and off. They look trendy without heels and are suitable for uneven surfaces too.
    Cons: Some people might find boot sides little tight which makes them a bit uncomfortable to wear with skinny jeans.
    8. Charles Boot

    Price: £369.00
    Charles Boot
    Charles BootDesigner Shoes
    These simple but elegant shoes are designed in a promising way to attract graceful gentlemen. Made in England these shoes will give you a royal look and comfort like a prince.

    USP: Charles boot have leather sole and are hand stitched. They have welted stitching all over the surface. The stitching is done with fine and matching thread. The toe surface is covered using velvet material of the base color to enhance its stylish appeal. Same velvet surface near ankle gives it more exclusive and stylish look.

    Pros: Durable leather sole and fine thread used for its stitching are the most remarkable features of these boots. They are a good combination of style and elegance. They are available in variety of colors like brown Polo suede, fine grain, and black fine grain etc.

    Cons: This simple design might not appeal youngsters. The design is such that it is more likely to suit formal occasions.
    9. Charles By Charles David Women’s Boot
    Price: $107.54 - $170.00
    Charles By Charles David Women's Designer Boot..
    Charles By Charles David Women’s Designer Boot..Designer Shoes
    The Charles by Charles David line of shoes was launched in 2004 for women who look for fashion and style. They have created a variety of styles like kitten heels, pumps, boots and evening scandals for various occasions like casual weekend, a night out or a boardroom business meeting. The extra comfort is given by padded insoles and flexible sole bottoms. These designs are available at various Charles David retail stores and specialty stores nationwide.
    UPS: These shoes look awesome with sleek upper and perfect pointed-toe. They have a very clean silhouette and smart shape.
    Pros: The shoes have unique fabrications and constructions that make it comfortable and trouble-free. A stylish zip makes it easy to wear and variety of colors to suit personal preferences are available.
    Cons: The ankle is bit baggy and not tightly fitted which takes away its sexy look. One might have to wear thick socks.

    10. Jessica Simpson Women’s Boot
    Price: Price: $107.54 - $170.00
    Jessica Simpson Women's Tylera Boot..
    Jessica Simpson Women’s Tylera Boot..Designer Shoes
    We all adore Jessica Simpson for her style and now her line of footwear and handbags is getting the same appreciation.
    USP: Completely made up of leather, these boots have 3 inches high heels and shaft of around 9 inches. They are completely closed and have comfortable rubber sole. The buckles give them a different look and help to distinguish them from other ordinary boots available in the market.

    Pros: These boots are immensely fashionable with intricate stitching done all over it. Stitching is done with the same color thread to make it look enhanced without giving gaudy looks. Leather buckles and stylish straps add to its appeal. Thick heels provide strength and stability while walking. These mid shaft leather boots are trendy as well as comfortable.
    Cons: They do not have any zip etc., so wearing them on tight skinny jeans might not be very easy. The availability of only two colors brown and black might disappoint girls who like flashy and flamboyant colors.

    Posted: 26 Sep 2011 02:41 AM PDT
    Asmita Prasad:
    Top 7 designer taps under $500
    Top 7 designer taps under $500The top seven designer taps that are budget-friendly yet stylish.
    The world of interior design has never been known to be a budget-friendly affair. Since time immemorial, the rich and the famous have set the bar high with their no-expense-spared tastes that made the salaried classes feel just how ordinary our consumerist lives were. Though most of us cannot afford to spend a major portion of our lives' savings on getting diamond-studded furniture, we settle for statement pieces that highlight our personality instead of our bank balance. For most home owners, the quest for finding the perfect bath fixtures almost never ends, but if you are looking to spruce up your bath space, it might be a good idea to put yourself on a budget before going on a shopping spree since the world of faucets alone is filled with glamorous items that sometimes cost as much as a pre-owned car! For budget renovators, we present our pick of top seven designer taps that cost less than $500 but add a million dollar sparkle to your vanity!
    1. Herbeau Chimere Wall-mounted Tap
    Price: $ 360.22 (on sale from $ 724)
    Herbeau Chimere Wall-mounted Tap
    Herbeau Chimere Wall-mounted TapThe Herbeau “Chimere” Wall Mounted Tap is a one-of-a-kind faucet created to make any bath glamorous instantly.
    This faucet borrows its name and part of its form, from the mythological creature mentioned in Homer's Iliad, the Chimaera, which as a fire-breathing female monster residing in Lycia in Asia Minor. As a literary symbol, the Chimaera stands for a foolish or impossible fantasy and it is that fantastical element that is reflected in the design of this marvelous Herbeau original. Louis Herbeau, the founder of the sanitary ware Couturiers, is known as a pioneer in the field having opened one of the first showrooms mastering L’Art du Sanitaire (the art of sanitary ware) in France in the year 1857.
    The Herbeau “Chimere” Wall Mounted Tap measures 4 1/2″ in height with a 4 1/2″ projection. For hot or cold water only, the intricately designed faucet resembles not only the mythological creature it is named after, but also evokes the interior of Versailles when Marie Antoinette spared no expense in having the palace decorated with the best pieces of the time. Crafted to fit into the luxury, royalty-themed bath décor, the Herbeau “Chimere” Wall Mounted Tap is almost a steal at this price.
    - With an intricate beading on the cross handle and escutcheon, the Herbeau “Chimere” Wall Mounted Tap makes even the most modest porcelain vessel appear top-of-the-line.
    - With an exhaustive number of available finishes, including old gold (unlacquered), polished chrome, solid brass old silver (unlacquered), polished brass (unlacquered) polished nickel, brushed nickel, polished brass (unlacquered), weathered copper etc. the faucet fits almost any color scheme.
    - Coming from one of the world's leading sanitary ware makers, the faucet is truly one-of-a-kind and would make bath most unique and glamorous instantly.
    2. Kohler Devonshire Widespread Lavatory Faucet
    Price: $ 259.00
    Kohler Devonshire Widespread Lavatory Faucet
    Kohler Devonshire Widespread Lavatory FaucetThe Devonshire faucet was created to suit any décor.
    Featuring 8-to-16-inch centers, the two-handle Kohler Devonshire Widespread Lavatory Faucet comes with a stationary spout that offers a 6-3/8-inch spread. With tarnish-, corrosion- and scratch-resistant finishes, the faucet comes with an optional low-flow aerator and allows a max water flow of 5.7 liters per minute.
    Combining contemporary lines with old-world elegance, the Kohler Devonshire Widespread Lavatory Faucet is a distinct creation that merges convenience with functionality. Part of Kohler's Devonshire Suite, the faucet's intricate details and rounded lines enhance any bathroom's look with its classic detailing. With ADA-compliant lever handles, the old-world styling of the Devonshire faucet features a pop-up drain for easy cleaning and maintenance.
    - With flexible stainless steel components and a top-mount system and, the Devonshire faucet can be fitted into any vessel or vanity with the minimum fuss and equipment.
    - The Devonshire faucet was created to suit any décor and its contemporary lines and classical elegance allow it to blend in with retro, classic as well as modern bath styles.
    - Fitted with Kohler ceramic disc valves, the faucet is constructed out of solid brass which gives it an unprecedented level of durability and allows it to perform without any hiccups for years on end.
    3. Fluid Fan Single Hole Bathroom Faucet
    Price: $476.00
    Fluid Fan Single Hole Bathroom Faucet
    Fluid Fan Single Hole Bathroom FaucetThe Fluid Fan Single Hole Bathroom Faucet is Asian-inspired.
    The Fluid Fan Single Hole Bathroom Faucet represents the detailed craftsmanship put into the making of each and every one of the faucets that bear the Fluid name. Designed with unique angles and meticulous curves, each Fluid faucet comes with mirror-like polished surfaces that reflect the extra time dedicated by the firm to the creation of every fixture. Since each Fluid faucet is created using brass, it ensures users' a lifetime warranty on each product.
    A part of the Fan series, the Fluid Fan Single Hole Bathroom Faucet borrows its motion and graceful lines from the history of the fan that was used to represent social status in ancient Asia. With a 2.2 gallon per minute water flow, the Fluid Fan Single Hole Bathroom Faucet comes with added safety measures like max-temperature limit stop and volume and temperature controls via single lever handle operation. Measuring 6.875″ H x 10.375″ W x 6.125″ D, each Fluid faucet is designed to ensure life-long trouble-free use.
    - The Polished Chrome finish of the Fluid Fan Single Hole Bathroom Faucet brightens up the bath scheme.
    - Heavy brass construction and Italian hydroplast ceramic cartridge allow the faucet to be durable and reliable.
    - Not only is the Fluid Fan Single Hole Bathroom Faucet priced fairly, it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing and material defects.

    4. Artos Twist Bathroom Sink Faucet
    Price: $419.30
    Artos Twist Bathroom Sink Faucet
    Artos Twist Bathroom Sink FaucetThe Artos Twist Bathroom Sink Faucet comes in attractive modern finishes that cater to modern tastes.
    Though bath fittings in the late 20th and early 21st century were created with straight lines to resemble the 'de-cluttered' look, the Artos Twist Bathroom Sink Faucet was deliberately given an unusual shape to stand out of the ordinary. The faucet itself represents the artistic side of bath fittings with its out-of-the-ordinary shape that draws the viewer in with its unorthodox silhouette.
    Part of Artos' Twist collection, the Twist Bathroom Sink Faucet is designed and manufactured in Italy and is available in Chrome and Brushed Nickel finishes. With a single hole installation, the 6.5″ H x 5.63″ W x 6.13″ D bathroom sink faucet comes with a ceramic disc cartridge for trouble-free use.
    - The Artos Twist Bathroom Sink Faucet comes in attractive modern finishes that cater to modern tastes.
    - The faucet can be easily installed.
    - The unusual shape of the faucet adds an element of playfulness to even the simplest bath décor.
    5. Montpellier Series Vessel Height Lavatory Faucet
    Price: $ 429.00
    Montpellier Series Vessel Height Lavatory Faucet
    Montpellier Series Vessel Height Lavatory FaucetThe Montpellier Series Vessel Height Lavatory Faucet blends early modern lines with classic curves.
    The Montpellier Series Vessel Height Lavatory Faucet is a rather unique bath fixture that introduces an aura of other-worldly charm in your washroom. Borrowing lines from classic faucet designs as well as silhouettes from the steampunk genre, the faucets delight with their ease-of-use as well as elegant styling.
    With Satin Nickel, Polished Chrome, and Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes to choose from, the widespread lavatory set has an overall spout height of 12 1/16″ with a 9 5/16″ aerator. The spout spans 6 15/16″ and the faucet comes with ceramic disc cartridge for smooth performance while a metal pop up drain allows it to be cleaned and maintained with ease.
    - The Montpellier Series Vessel Height Lavatory Faucet blends early modern lines with classic curves.
    - The unique finishes allow users to dramatically alter their bath décor.
    - The high-set spout and levels allow users to easily turn the faucet on and off.
    6. Kraus Waterfall Series Vessel Faucet
    Price: $ 150.00
    Kraus Premium Faucets Waterfall Series Vessel Faucet
    Kraus Premium Faucets Waterfall Series Vessel FaucetThe Kraus Premium Faucets Waterfall Series Vessel Faucet is constructed from solid brass.
    Constructed from solid brass, the Kraus Waterfall Series Vessel Faucet breaks the mold and rewrites the book on what a stylish faucet can look like. With a top-mount single-hole installation, the easy-to-fit faucet comes with a single lever temperature and water and control.
    With a 13″-high faucet, the Kraus Waterfall Series Vessel Faucet has an 8″ spout with a 5.5″ reach which makes it more than adequate for all types and shapes of vessels.
    - The Kraus Premium Faucets Waterfall Series Vessel Faucet is available in gold, chrome, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, and antique brass.
    - A high-quality ceramic cartridge allows trouble-free operation for years.
    - A unique 6.5″ matching tempered glass plate offers the faucet an added dramatic dimension.
    7. Grohe Ladylux Basin/Pillar Tap
    Price: $ 217.75

    Grohe Ladylux Basin/Pillar Tap
    Grohe Ladylux Basin/Pillar TapThe Grohe Ladylux Basin/Pillar Tap is produced from solid, Grade 304 stainless steel.
    Putting a premium on simplicity, the uncluttered lines of the Grohe Ladylux Basin/Pillar Tap brings serenity to any bath décor. Produced from solid, Grade 304 stainless steel, the faucet comes with a 5 9/16″ swivel spout and offers no-fuss operation and provides a single focal point for your vanity.
    Fitted with GROHE SilkMove® Ceramic Cartridge, the Grohe Ladylux Basin/Pillar Tap is created to ensure years of trouble-free usage while its space-saving lines give any bathroom a distinct clean and de-cluttered look.
    - With a single inlet for hot or cold water, the Grohe Ladylux Basin/Pillar Tap is super-easy to install and maintain.
    - The simple lines of the faucet allow users to make the most of a designer vessel.
    - The modernistic faucet instantly brightens up the bath décor with its high-gloss stainless steel finish.

    Posted: 25 Sep 2011 11:13 PM PDT
    Megha Gurung:
    Space Age Kitchen
    Space Age KitchenSpace Age Kitchen from Snaidero USA
    Kitchen is the most valuable and crucial room of the house and is the soul of the house. Everybody wants the kitchen to be neat, clean and modern so that the food is cooked faster and healthier. As we all know many people desire to have modern, trendy, convenient and dynamic kitchen for their house and now their desire will be fulfilled. There are many sizzling concepts for the modern kitchens, designed by the designers for your beautiful house. We have few kitchen concepts for modern urban homes that will surely thrill you all.
    Sheer bubble
    Sheer bubble
    Sheer bubbleround kitchen concept for modern urban homes
    Sheer bubble is the blazing round concept for modern urban homes. This is small sized modern kitchen with only five feet diameter. This awesome kitchen is portable and handy and can be placed anywhere in the apartment. The sheer bubble contains a double sink and cooking area with four infrared burners and pull out table made up of steel and aluminum. This small orb also contains a germicidal waste trolley. The upper part of the orb is translucent in nature and glazes when it is closed. Thus the small and wonderful kitchen has strong and stylish look and have the capacity to attract people towards the orb. Well it has no price as yet but the price will be whooping like a high tide.
    Porsche Design P 7340 Ultra Modern Kitchen from Poggenpohl
    P 7340 Ultra Modern Kitchen
    P 7340 Ultra Modern KitchenPorsche Design P 7340 Ultra Modern Kitchen from Poggenpohl
    When the Poggenpohl Company collaborated with well known company Porsche, both the company came up with the new concept of 911 GT3 of kitchens. The modern kitchen includes aluminum cabin with counter tops made up of black glass and granite. The modern kitchen is also enhanced with audio video system and built in multimedia LCD module so that the glass surfaces receive sound and images. It is embedded with sound system of analog to digital connection which would serve the people over the optional dinner table, who doesn't want to miss their favorite show. This modern kitchen does not require thermal ventilation. Now you all will be able to enjoy the aura of the P 7340 Ultra modern kitchen with a tinge of music or video. The price of this awesome kitchen is around $85000-$2000,000
    Private Kitchen Island
    Private Kitchen Island 1
    Private Kitchen Island 1Private Kitchen Island from Ernestomeda
    Private Kitchen Island
    Private Kitchen IslandPrivate Kitchen Island from Ernestomeda
    Private Kitchen Island designed by the great minds from Ernestomeda is an innovative and dynamic concept of the modern kitchen for urban houses. This stylish and novel kitchen concept consists of dual sinks, overhead lightening, cook top, counter space for food preparation, drawers, serving bars and most special Solaris standalone counter. For the visual impact and design the kitchen is featured with wood, stainless steel with durable corian.
    Space Age Kitchen
    Space Age Kitchen
    Space Age KitchenSpace Age Kitchen from Snaidero USA
    Snaidero USA has the coolest and dynamic modern kitchen in the new Acropolis circular series kitchens designed by Pininfarina. This awesome space age kitchen is made up of highly advanced automotive engineering technology. The material used for the kitchen is Lightweight sandwiched aluminum that is 40% lighter than the simple aluminum and can be molded and rounded. its price will be around $185,000, although its a huge amount but the space age kitchen is worth it.
    The Glen Beck Armageddon Kitchen Collection
    The Glen Beck Armageddon Kitchen Collection
    The Glen Beck Armageddon Kitchen CollectionThe Glen Beck Armageddon Kitchen Collection
    Altera design studio has designed the Glen Beck Armageddon Kitchen Collection that may be the best alternative for dynamic and modern kitchen far the future. This kitchen is designed for the epidemic of global shortage of food and clean water and habitable areas in the future. It will make sure to ration food and water and provide enormous shelter during chaos and epidemic.
    Concept kitchen-Jackson Design
    Concept kitchen-Jackson Design
    Concept kitchen-Jackson DesignConcept kitchen-Jackson Design

    Jackson design kitchen won the CearserStone's National Dream Kitchen Design Contest. This sizzling kitchen contains dark mahogany cabins with metallic tiles and counter tops made up of white CeaserStone. The unique style and aesthetic of the kitchen will make the users ecstatic with joy. The abstract range hood is awesome creation of the designer.
    Concept kitchen minimalist
    Concept kitchen minimalist
    Concept kitchen minimalistConcept kitchen minimalist with green idea
    Now your children and grandchildren may not worry bother about the kitchen as minimalist concept of kitchen promises durable and green kitchen.The Italian kitchen design company, Valcucine designed a minimalist concept of kitchen. This monochromatic creation is stylish with green concept. For the creation of kitchen the light weight aluminum is used that can finally be reused. The company's idea of Eco friendly kitchen is a sizzling concept and the kitchen will be durable and used forever.

    Posted: 25 Sep 2011 04:26 PM PDT
    Shabina Shafi:
    Incredible wristwatches
    Incredible wristwatchesIncredible wristwatches that everyone wants to wear.
    Gone are the days when watches were used just to tell time, nowadays they have become a very hep fashion accessory. Today's incredible watch designs are a combination of technology, show and imagination, turning these timepieces into the most striking creations that has changed the perception of checking time altogether. We can watch videos on our watches, store data, use it as a phone andmuch more. Here are some of the most incredible watch designs that you would love.
    1. Seiko Bluetooth Watch
    Seiko Bluetooth Watch
    Seiko Bluetooth WatchThis Seiko watch not only tells time, it notifies you when a call or text message is received – on your phone – via Bluetooth.
    Seiko Japan revealed this greater than normal size watch thatcan hook up with your phone through Bluetooth. It communicates with your cellphone and vibrates when you get a call on your cell. The huge screen of the watch shows an envelope when you get a message. Seiko started to ship this watch from the year 2007.
    2. Storm Circuit Watch
    Storm Circuit Watch
    Storm Circuit WatchThe Circuit Watch uses a pair of tall stacked LED segments to illustrate the current time.
    The Storm Circuit Watch employs a pair of stacked LEDs to show the current time. The bars on the left side show the hour while as the bars on the right side are divided into two sections- one displaying the minutes in tens and the other displaying individual minutes. Storm presents different accent colors of the crystal including red, black, mirrored, blue and brown. It comes in a case made of stainless steel and has a matching metal band.
    3. Abacus Hands Free Ball Watch
    Abacus Hands Free Ball Watch
    Abacus Hands Free Ball WatchAbacus Hands Free Ball Watches – Designer Time Telling Stripped to Minimalist Extremes
    The Abacus watch tells the time by using the ball and the magnet. The small ball inside the watch is not fixed and moves freely as you hang down your arm freely. It only goes to the correct time position when you hold the watch flat to check the time. As it consists of a single sphere, it can only the hour and you have to make a rough estimate of the minutes past the hour.
    4. Devon Tread 1 watch
    Devon Tread 1 watch
    Devon Tread 1 watchDevon Tread 1 Watch Keeps Your Wrist Busy At All Times
    This is a very cool watch. It has a roll of shifting parts and it seems that this watch gets its name from the fact that the numbers are written on moving belts similar to a treadmill. These belts are woven with each other and the time is displayed in boxes printed on the watch crystals. Every band has its own motorand is made from bulletproof polycarbonate.
    5. Luna Crystal Watch
    Luna Crystal Watch
    Luna Crystal WatchTime floats magically inside the Luna Crystal Watch
    This watch is created by designer John Pszeniczny. It is made with crystals, Garnet and stainlesssteel. This watch seems like a crystal ball as the touching of two contact points seems like the time is flashing and floating magically inside the crystal. The Luna watch is a perfect blend of function and aesthetics.
    6. Liquid Time
    Liquid Time
    Liquid TimeAndy Kurovets designed amazing but different watch, Liquid Time
    This is a truly amazing watch by designer Andy Kurovets. The liquid time watch is really elegant, neat and awesome. It consists of two LED screens and shows the time in a different way, and is quite interesting aswell.
    7. ZeroPointZero Watch
    ZeroPointZero Watch
    ZeroPointZero WatchTime on the UR-202 is displayed using telescopic minute hands operating through the middle of three orbiting and revolving hour satellites.
    Time on this watch is displayed by telescopic minute hand that operates through the middle of three revolving hour satellites. The time is displayed across an easy-to-read dial. It is a very comfortable and wearable sized watch. It also comes withan innovative system of winding using mini turbines.
    8. Watch Dinosaur poo and cane toads strap
    Watch Dinosaur poo and cane toads strap
    Watch Dinosaur poo and cane toads strapWatch Dinosaur poo and cane toads strap
    This watch is wholly made and assembled by master watchmakers in Switzerland. This self-winding mechanical watch movement's balance moves back and forth at 28,800 vibrations per hour. This watch has incredible accuracy and its movement is fitted with square-shaped gears.
    9. Watch made from Moon Dust
    Watch made from Moon Dust
    Watch made from Moon DustRomain Jerome picks spare parts from space to make watches
    This great watch is created by designer Romain Jerome and contains the DNA of MoonDust. This amazing watch is made from moon dust, bits of spacesuits and parts of the Apollo 11 rocket. This is one of a kind watch and gives a tough competition to its rivals.
    10. Jurassic Tourbillon watch
    Jurassic Tourbillon watch
    Jurassic Tourbillon watchDinosaur bones housed in Louis Moinet Jurassic Tourbillon watch
    The Jurassic Tourbillon Watch contains small fragments of original fossilized bones of a dinosaur that date back to approximately 130 million years. This masterpiece is created by LouisMoinet. While most of the fossils are preserved in the museums, he has very innovatively used dinosaur fossils for some unique admirer. This is a hand-wound watch that features an 18k case made of white gold and 56 superior quality Wesselton VVS baguette diamonds on the bezel. This watch is resistant to water till 30m and it also has original galuchat with 18k gold folding clasp.

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