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10 Folding furniture designs for small urban spaces

Posted: 28 Sep 2011 06:35 AM PDT
Babita Sajnani:
Folding furniture designs
Folding furniture designsFolding furniture designs for small urban spaces
Modern day apartments are quite small in size and we find it hard to accommodate even the most basic furniture pieces. However, that is when folding furniture can come to the rescue and help us in managing limited spaces. Folding furniture pieces are practical solutions as they can be collapsed when not in use and can also be used while traveling. Their lightweight quality and two-fold functionality come very handy in small homes, besides, they are easy to transport when relocating and children can also open up the furniture pieces independently too. Here are ten amazing folding furniture designs that can solve your space woes.
1. Spider stool
Spider stool
Spider stoolDesigned Ionut Predescu.

Designed by Ionut Predescu from Romania, the Spider Stool is a folding stool that is comprised of a prism that binds the stool together as one. The folding legs have a cast 7075 dark grey colored aluminum coating, this light weight stool can easily be folded into a compact size.

2. Loftbox 101
Loftbox 101
Loftbox 101Designed by Rainer Graff

The Loftbox 101 is an ideal foldable furniture that aims at creating spaces inside small urban dwellings particularly in lofts and warehouses. The Loftbox has been designed by Rainer Graff and appears to be a rectangular shaped box which transforms into an elegant space that is comprised chairs and an central table. This is perfect for hosting small gatherings and social events. The Loftbox 101 also has a TFT monitor which makes it the ultimate recreational space!
3. Compact cardboard furniture
Compact cardboard furniture
Compact cardboard furnitureDesigned Pedro Gomes

Designed by Pedro Gomes, the “Compact” are foldable utility furniture options that are durable and green. Crafted from corrugated cardboard, this modular furniture arrives in pieces comprising of five flat cardboard pieces that can be joined together with wood glue. This furniture has a recycled polypropylene finishing and is light-weight, eco friendly and very durable.
4. 'Land Peal' fold-out furniture mat
'Land Peal' fold-out furniture mat
'Land Peal' fold-out furniture matDesigned by shin yamashita
The Land Peal is a different concept as it folds out instead of folding in. Designed by Shin Yamashita from Japan, the Land Peel comprises of three pieces of flat mats out of which you can create a seat, table or a rest by simply lifting the panels or the ‘peals’ in this case! Likewise, when not in use the panels can be tucked inwards. This lounging floor is ideal for watching TV, reading a book, studying and so on.

5. Doca Autunno Flatpack Coffee Table
Doca Autunno Flatpack Coffee Table
Doca Autunno Flatpack Coffee TableBrazilian RS Miranda brings his design talent to the coffee table

Designed by RS Miranda from Brazil, the Doca Autunno Flatpack Coffee Table is a great cardboard foldable furniture piece that can be brought to the table-form by making several folds just like origami! It is amazing to see how cardboard furniture can be durable and capable of withstanding load.
6. Folding Kitchen Island
Folding Kitchen Island
Folding Kitchen IslandFold away kitchen counter top when not in use

This cute and compact kitchen island is foldable - something that you do not see everyday! This folding kitchen island is light in weight, portable and has smart storage shelves for easy storage. It also has knife slots as well as a chopping board along with a two feet working surface. This is surely a ‘must have’ for those having smaller kitchen!

7. Chair Turns into Mona Lisa
Chair Turns into Mona Lisa
Chair Turns into Mona LisaDesigned by Korean designer Kwang Hoo

Designed by Kwang Hoo Lee from Korea, this neat chair-cum-painting is cantilevered and can neatly be turned into a wall painting when not in use. So, when you feel like sitting, you can easily open up the painting into a chair and later hang it back on to the wall!
8. Packing Boxes double as Furniture
Packing Boxes Double as Furniture
Packing Boxes Double as FurnitureDesigned by Janine Perkuhn

This green furniture called ‘Move’ is made out of corrugated recycled cardboard is crafted out of old boxes that have been turned into tables and chairs! This sustainable furniture has a dual purpose, first it is used as a packing box and then it can be turned into a furniture. This cardboard furniture is extremely durable and is biodegradable as well!
9. Mirror unfolding table
Mirror unflolding table
Mirror unflolding tableAwesomely disguising piece of furniture from Italian company Porada

This mirror unfolding table is a stylish piece of folding furniture for those who are in search of an aesthetic touch in their interiors. Designed by Porada from Italy, this disguised folding dining table can be conveniently folded into a mirror and can then be wall mounted when not in use!
10. Folding table 8

Folding table
Folding tableDesigned by Endrit Hajno

Minimalistic and non-bulky furniture is fast catching on and the folding table 8 is another folding design that can be wall mounted when not in use. This table has been designed by Endrit Hajno, this simplistic table design can be folded by the legs and hanged onto the wall like a soft board when you choose to make more space.

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