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12 cool stylus designs for a precise tap on the touchscreen

Sourish Karmakar:
Cool Stylus Designs
Cool Stylus DesignsCool stylus designs for a precise tap on the touchscreen
There are many benefits associated with the handheld device. However, the tiny devices are not designed for efficiency. They have smaller keyboards with practically no way to operate with the fingers of adult. If the person is among those who have strong big hands, it is harder for him to operate these handheld devices. Therefore, third-party stylus saves your extra effort. There are thousands of varieties of stylus available in the market. People often design their own stylus for efficiency. Multipurpose styluses have pen, pencil and even a highlighter tip associated with it. Normally PDA (Pocket Desktop Application) comes with a stylus of their own but very often we find them uncomfortable to use. Buying a stylus have disadvantages also as you cannot carry it in silo of PDA, etc. If you are thinking of buying a third party stylus, here is a list of 12 styluses that are comfortable and easier to use. Have a look!

1. Chromopen stylus design concept
ChromopenChromopen Stylus Design Concept
Ehsan Sayyad is working hard on this concept of a multipurpose stylus. The stylus is having an in-built camera for working and capturing at the same time. There are other features too like you can change the color mode and brightness of the stylus camera. The stylus will be attached with an AMOLED display for quick viewing purpose. The stylus will have an integrated device to transfer the images to the tablet without any mediation. However, the concept is still far from actuation.
2. iDrop information stylus design concept
iDropiDrop Information Stylus Design Concept
iDrop stylus pen, designed by Heo Jaeyoung, Jin Hoyoung and Jung Han-Bi, is a wonderful color sampler that can gather information while working on the tablet. The digital stylus is still a concept design. However, the trio is expecting to launch it sooner. The stylus can work with the tablet and when required it can gather all the information from the screen of the tablet on press of a button in its on-board memory chip.
3. Touchscreen stylus for tablet artist from Ten One Designs
Ten One Designs
Ten One DesignsTouchscreen stylus for tablet artist from Ten One Designs
Pogo Sketch Pro by Ten one Design LLC of New Jersey is a capacitive stylus for all Apple appliances. The design mimics the paintbrush with a firm grip and patent ending pro-Tip technology. The tip has a superior sensitivity and can be bought for less than $25. The company is also providing replaceable tips for accidental damage. The tip has been designed with patterned structure to provide the requisite sensitivity.
4. iFaraday stylus
iFaraday stylus
iFaraday stylusiFaraday stylus
The iFaraday stylus has a high market reputation for handling iPads. It is available with domed, cue shaped or bullet shaped tip option. It can be bought with extra tips for your own use. It has a smooth operation with comparatively less friction than other stylus. It is made of anodized aluminum with a clip. However, it too require a little bit of pressure while writing on the iPad. The plastic cap has an o-ring that protects the tip from any injury.

5. Steampunk finger stylus
Steampunk Finger Stylus
Steampunk Finger StylusSteampunk Finger Stylus
When it comes to innovation, people have vibrant ideas. There are multiple styluses available in the market but can they be used to operate an iPad fitted on an ATV while it is still moving, that is the question this stylus solves. The steampunk finger stylus is a part of DIY project where the user fitted the stylus on fingertip. He used old jugs to make the finger fitted stylus that is excellent to operate.
6. Planex Capacitive Stylus
PlanexPlanex Capacitive Stylus
The Planex Capacitive Stylus is designed for smartphones and tablets. It comes in dual color; black and white. They are available in different sizes and shapes also. They come in shape of long pen or short crayon. It is designed to suit the iPad needs. The stylus is available in Japan with an option of online purchasing. It weighs only 8gms.
7. Finger stylus
Finger Stylus
Finger StylusFinger Stylus
It is made for all kind of touch devices. Park Hyun Jin designed the ring shaped stylus to be fitted in finger. It can be worn on finger and it works efficiently with all kind of touch-based devices. It is very popular in Japan for its easy handling and accurate typing use.
8. Swarovski the stylus
Swarovski the stylus
Swarovski the stylusSwarovski the stylus
Swarovski is famous for costly crystals. Alessandro Barisona has come up with a stylus that is no less than a royalty item. The stylus is a Bluetooth device that can be efficiently used with all touch screen application. It is fitted with Swarovski blue gems for branding purpose. It is highly functional. It is very favorite among celebrities because of its excellent look.
9. Wacom Bamboo Stylus
Wacom Bamboo Stylus
Wacom Bamboo StylusWacom Bamboo Stylus
The Wacom Bamboo Stylus is available in black and silver design. Contrary to its name, it is not made with wood, but with smooth textured metal. Canadian designer Andrew Goss designed this beautiful stylus with rubber tip. It weighs 20g with a narrow tip of 6 mm. However, the stylus is bit overpriced at 30 Euros. The stylus is very handy with several application uses.
10. JAVOedge Mini Stylus
JAVOedge Mini Stylus
JAVOedge Mini StylusJAVOedge Mini Stylus
It is an Apple offered accessory for the iPad and iPhone. It is a cheap stylus but it is highly functional. It has a wonderful look that makes it a must have for iPad users. It is much like a classroom chalk. The design is popular among presenters who need to present and alter at the same time. It is very smooth making the iPhone experience easier.
11. iPad 2 stylus with rubber and brush tip
iPad 2 Stylus
iPad 2 StylusIiPad 2 Stylus with Rubber and Brush Tip
The tip is highly functional with all iPad. However, it can be bought from market and online stores. It has two tip option that allows sketching and painting a very easy task. It is made of conductive Silicone for maximum efficiency while handling the touch screen. It is very compact and light weighted with a weight of 15g.
12. Just Mobile stylus
Just Mobile Stylus
Just Mobile StylusJust Mobile Stylus
Just Mobile stylus is a different design much shaped like a crayon. The design is trendy and popular among tablet users. It is made of aluminum with soft rubber nip for easy movement. It can be used for all kinds of touch screen application especially with iPad and iPhone..

Varun Mishra:
Films on Fridges
Films on FridgesOutdoor cinema made entirely from recycled refrigerators
The ordinary:
Old appliances are constantly being replaced by their newer, better versions all over the world every day. It is a known fact that these new versions are constantly being bettered, both in terms of power consumption and performance levels every day. A refrigerator is perhaps one of the most essential appliances of a house, one without which you cannot picture your life. The fact, that the refrigerators that were manufactured about 20 years ago were not even half as energy efficient as the ones of today, is true. So people prefer to replace them with new versions and this contributes in saving energy, but at what cost? There are tones of wastes lying around, which require proper recycling. This is exactly what was being done by means of this unique extravaganza - Film on Fridges. The old unused fridges were collected and shaped into a wonderful and spectacular feat, one that lasted several weeks, fully houseful.
Hackey Picture House Cinema's, Films on Fridges, was a spectacular event that was enjoyed and loved by everyone. The fact that it lasted three weeks, with every day going as houseful and jam-packed with enthusiasts from all around to watch this spectacular feat, was accomplished by means of discarded fridges. The location was perfect, right at the backdrop of the 2012 Olympic stadium. It was not just a tribute to the Olympic spirit but also showed the world that fridge bodies can be utilized to create a truly extravagant cinematic experience.
The creation of the Olympic stadium had led to the demolition of the Fridge Mountain, the symbol of creating something special out of trash. This unique Film on Fridges was truly inspired by it. It signifies that nothing is a waste. Creativity can turn anything into a masterpiece. The Indie film shows that were telecasted in this fest would be remembered by everyone. The movies were awesome and for the first time the people enjoyed the experience of watching the refrigerator junk being transformed into an entertainment center. The concept was the idea of Lindsey Scannapieco, as a tribute to the now demolished 20' high Fridge Mountain. The zeal to educate the people about the ways and means in which waste products can be reutilized was also one of the main inspirations behind this movie feat. In addition, it can be said that it truly succeeded in showing everyone how unique ideas can even transform garbage into amazing feats.
The extraordinary:
The challenge was to create a viable theatre for showing the movies; it involved taking care of many tasks. The site was perfectly suited for the backdrop of the Olympic stadium. The volunteers with the help of old recycled fridges helped in creating an ambient atmosphere so that people could really enjoy this experience. The main motive of this extravaganza was not just to entertain, but also to enlighten the people about the need to recycle. Creation of new products requires many raw materials, which is slowly eating away the planet. By means of recycling, the trash is being converted into things that are very useful for everyone. Projects like this create a hope and awareness in the minds of people that a lot can still be done with the waste that they have at hand.
The making:
This mammoth task was accomplished with the help of many factors. Kickstarter gave a monetary help of $7000, Picture House Hackney took care of the movie screening part, and the Sims Recycling Solutions provided the fridges for the task. The process of creating the Films on Fridges was exhaustive. Right from obtaining the screening rights for the films to arranging the portable toilets, everything had to be managed. The old junk fridges were obtained from the Sims Recycling. They sent in 150 fridges, all free of cost, stating that they can again be recycled after the event was over. The fact, that this extravaganza was right next to the place where the Fridge Mountain once stood, made it even more memorable. The organizerswanted to make the people aware that not all that you throw away is useless. There is still a lot of utility left for even the metallic parts of the fridges that are discarded as useless. The entire work process was accomplished with the help of volunteers. There were hundreds of them and were efficiently teamed up in 10 different teams to accomplish different tasks like painting or creating seating.
Picture Gallery
Films on Fridges
Outdoor cinema made entirely from recycled refrigerators
The target group:
This extravaganza was for not for any specific target audience as such. It was for the public to make them aware that they still could use their waste materials in a much profitable manner. People enjoy novelties and this feat gave them exactly that. What cannot be accomplished by boring lectures can be easily achieved by means of initiatives like this, where people come and experience the extravaganza themselves and realize what they still hold and what all they can still achieve. The show lasted three full weeks and was very popular. People flocked not just to watch movies but also to experience what could be created from refrigerator trash. Most of the people who were present at the screening of the movies described the experience as one of their best, something they would love to remember for a long time. This truly remarkable experience is what made this event a complete sellout.
This extravaganza was a major hit with the people who enjoyed it thoroughly. It brought to fore the unique concept for using creativity to enhance the public awareness on matters of concern, like waste disposal. Millions of fridge units are discarded everywhere each month and replaced by new versions and models. This requires substantial raw materials. By recycling the older products, this problem can be solved, as these materials can be reused in many ways the way it was displayed by this movie feat. Awakening the public opinion about recycling would go a long way in ensuring that we have a less polluted and cleaner environment.

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Asmita Prasad:
Bkin Wayfinding System
Bkin Wayfinding SystemBkin Wayfinding System by Studio Akko LLC
The great outdoors is no longer the wilderness that it was a few decades ago. With all the fancy electronics and satellite-linked gizmos, it is literally impossible to get lost on an outdoor trip which isn't always such a bad thing given how most campers these days have really busy schedules and cannot afford being lost in the woods for more than the hours afforded to them by blessed weekends! However, even in the ever expanding GPS, navigation and traveler-friendly gadgetry market it still is pretty hard to get all the info you need on a hike in one place what with there being one gadget dedicated to just providing you with your location on a map, another to give you the info about the place you are trying to get to, and a whole new gadget to keep track of your progress along your desired path.
Picture Gallery
Bkin Wayfinding System
Bkin Wayfinding System by Studio Akko LLC
This is where this new Bkin Wayfinding System created by New York-based design firm Studio Akko LLC comes into the picture. The system is developed with an easy-to-interact with UI that allows users to discover info about remote places and public parks while also allowing users to communicate their location and discoveries to other people in their network. The Bkin Wayfinder is designed to provide an optimum navigation experience even in areas without cell coverage and enable the users to update and distribute the info collected by them though an innovative wireless mesh feature that allows the system to be installed without wires using features like the E Ink that ensures low power consumption and uses solar power in combination to make the system an effective and easy-to-use gadget.
The device also facilitates quick actions like making an emergency call via a single hard and uses using gestural touch to offers users the same familiar user interface as found in most mobile phones and other consumer electronics. The simple interface provides users with info like mile marker/ID without being overbearing and complements the natural environment without losing track of key information. The device can also store information about locations nearby and the travel can then select specific destinations within range and find out more detail about places of interest that can be easily viewed at a distance.
The device allows travelers to see where they are and where they are trying to go. The traveler can view a map and use physical gestures like pinching and zooming to explore other destinations, how far they, what they’re like, and if there are any potential hazards in getting there. Users can use the device to review messages and photos from administrators or other travelers as well as add their own and also view basic information about a place they have on their itinerary and help them make decisions accordingly.
Via: Behance

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Sahil Khurana:
Mobile concept by Emelie Runnquist
Mobile concept by Emelie RunnquistMobile concept by Emelie Runnquist
Mobile phones play an important role in our day to day lives. Right from connecting people and bringing them closer to letting everyone conduct their daily business online, everything has been rolled into one compact little device.
Bringing this idea forth and developing on it further, designer and creator Emelie Runnquist has come up with a masterpiece plan to devise a gadget which would make everything all the more easier for you.

Picture Gallery
Mobile phone concept
Mobile phone concept by Emelie Runnquist
With a design as simple as possible, she has measured the capability of humans to multi task and roll everything into the palm of your hands. The designer Emelie Runnquist believes in making environment friendly products which would make people and companies take a look at their products and technology again. Creating an idea around this, she fused the concept of ever constant change in our day to day lives easily. Being a long term idea, the designer has made sure she takes care of every possible concept, leaving no stone unturned in her endeavors.
The mobile phone concept deals with all the possible aspects of mobile engagement. Adding physical applications to your mobile world, your world has shrunk to a size unimaginable.
Fixing applications onto your phone is like a jigsaw puzzle making the device come into play. Right from installing applications to playing MP3s, conducting business online, clicking pictures and playing games, all on your mobile device. Her main idea is to initiate a sustainable and ever changing concept into our daily lives.
Switch between roles at your ease. May it be from the professional role when you have to email your business associates, refer to the calendar for appointments, or work on excel, if required. If you're tired of working, then relax and rejuvenate your senses with the music application in your phone. Play your favorite tracks in the cell phone. The speakers give out an excellent sound, simply making you fall in love with the cool gadget.
Gaming consoles have been a major hit in the past few years. However, very rarely has it so happened that you get to have a proper gaming console built right inside your phone. With Emelie's phone concept, you can have that desire also fulfilled. Enjoy the real thing with built in gaming controls and a live gaming console.
Multi task the way you want to and see how your world gets completely revamped. Let your hair loose with the ultimate gaming console, a happening MP3 player and a rolled in businessmen on the go.
Via: EmiRunnquist

Asmita Prasad:
AZUR Luxury Yacht
AZUR Luxury YachtAZUR Luxury Yacht by Lukas Waegli
More all-out party barge than luxury yacht, the AZUR is a premium sea-tourer concept that looks to bring a wholesome relaxing environment to the best water-based party locations in the world. Developed by Lucerne, Switzerland-based designer Lukas Waegli, the AZUR came into being as a bachelor thesis in industrial design and the conceptual yacht-design looks to explore the feasibly of creating a water-borne craft that could adequately pack in all the features of a resort or a holiday villa. The luxury yacht may not look anything like a traditional yacht does, but that is exactly what the basis of this experimental design's appeal is.
Picture Gallery
AZUR Luxury Yacht
AZUR Luxury Yacht by Lukas Waegli
The unusual design of the yacht has been envisioned with a wide-and-flat body that is envisioned with the Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull principle, i.e., the SWATH-principle that was first invented by Canadian innovator Frederick G. Creed who pioneered its usage which was later developed and applied to submarine rescue ships and oceanographic research vessels. Using the SWATH principle allows a water craft to minimize the hull cross section area at the sea’s surface, therefore, allowing the twin-hull ship design to plane on the water more effortlessly than a regular streamlined-bottom watercraft.
The AZUR looks to analyze and verify work the technical feasibility of the concept which lets the course of this design further refine the basics behind the design. The vessel was created to remain stable on the water even in high seas and at high speeds by concentrating the bulk of the craft's mass with the wave energy located near the surface area of the sea minimizing the ship’s volume on the whole.
Riding atop twin submarines, the AZUR places the bulk of a ship’s displacement below the water which is not affected by wave action at all thanks to the deeply submerged submarines. Though the yacht does come with higher maintenance requirements, it has a deeper draft with a complex control system that allows the SWATH watercraft to offer broad decks as well as a large and stable platform that can be utilized as a private party-staging area, or a luxuriant and spacious personal space for the whole family to enjoy together.
Stylistically, the yacht comes with the necessary dynamic look twisted slightly from the front to the back by the two main side elements. A free view of the impressive waterscape is also afforded by the inhabitants aboard the cruiser via a wide sun deck that can also house sun chairs, loungers, and even a pool table should the owners fancy a Vegas-theme party on board.
Source: Waegli Design

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Asmita Prasad:
Data Toilet
Data ToiletThe Data Toilet: The Ultimate Crapgadget
Technology companies may not be as badly affected by the global economic slowdown as the automakers, banks and the real estate firms are, but with a few multi-national companies on the verge of bankruptsy every week, investors, global governments and the general public at large feeling a little more than antsy. Should these companies go down the pooper, we're sure their assets will be liquidated and since that weould also translate in thousands of people losing their jobs, crafts projects like this circuit board pooper may become more common than we can imagine. Named The Royal Data Throne, the geeky toilet is the branchild of a company called PCB Creations and though the metaphor it is trying to impart about a flawed global ecomony is about a decade too late (I'm talking about the dotcom boom of the late '90s), we still love the idea of being able to gift this loo to our computer-obsessed friends.
Picture Gallery
Data Toilet
The Data Toilet: The Ultimate Crapgadget
The 12-inches tall, and 5-inches wide toilet is made from recycled circuit boards is a little too small to be actually installed in a regular loo and used though it certainly provide plenty of toilet humor at bachelor parties and other male-only events. The fun sculpture comes surprisingly well-decorated for a toilet with its parts being co-ordinated to give it semblance of a well-thought out design complete with the welcoming red swirls right at the front though we're not too comfortable about the prickly bits of the board having been retained along the entire exterior surface of the funky pooper.
We're not sure what kind of padding or protection the design offers to people who try to use it, but we would definitely not suggest trying to go number two on it given its undersized frame. Also, since the data toilet physically cannot be fitted into a regular plumbing, it is best left admired just as an interesting piece of art and the absence of a flushing mechanism would render it one of those devices that can be used by geeks to prove what brands' circuit boards really stink! Though it may not be the most practical toilet fixture ever, it certainly can be used as an effective to tell a tech-obsessed loved one that they need to lay off the computer hardware a bit.
For $500, the Royal Data Throne is certainly steeply priced for a pooper that cannot be used though we're sure the sculpture will inspire other artists to come with more functional version of it soon!
Via: Technabob

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Jaspreet Kaur Walia:
electric sports cars
electric sports carsElectric sports cars to scorch the road in style.
Electric Cars have long known to be slow and boring, but with sports cars getting an electric existence this notion will crumble and die soon. Car manufactures are introducing speed and performance oriented coupes every year, which is a great way of introducing clean and green drives in the lives of speed lovers. Below is a list seven electric sports cars to scorch the road in style.
1. Shelby Ultimate Aero EV Electric sportscar
Shelby Aero EV Electric car
Shelby Aero EV Electric carShelby Ultimate Aero EV Electric Sportscar
The Ultimate Aero EV Electric Sportscar is bound to leave you impressed with its sexy façade. This dazzling creation by Shelby SuperCars is a cut above the rest and comes packed with impressive features. It boasts of an all-electric scalable powertrain and fetches all the power from a twin motor AESP. The coupe can jump from zero to 60 mph in as less as 2.5 seconds. The electric creation has a range of 150-200 miles when fully charged and is quite performance oriented. The engine manages to produce a horsepower of 1000 and a torque measuring 800 lb-ft. The liquid cooled AESP ensures a relaxing long travel without the fear of parts getting overheated.
2. Lighting GT, Electric Sportscar
Lighting GT, Electric car
Lighting GT, Electric carUK's electric sportscar, the Ligtning GT.
Lighting GT Electric Sportscar is every inch a sinner and will ride swiftly in the hearts of car lovers. The car is electric powered but still manages to pull a 700 plus horsepower and makes the ride exciting. The wheel-mounted electric motors will make it roll on the roads with unending panache and make many heads turns. The Eco-friendly creation has been blessed with elegance and can be anyone's dream car. Its silhouette is very appealing and will make onlookers all over it.
3. Audi R-Zero Electric Sports Car
Audi R-Zero electric cars
Audi R-Zero electric carsR-Zero designed by Pierre-olivier Wagner & Franck Levivier.
Living up to the Audi reputation is the Audi R-Zero Electric Sports Car, which will keep the environment away from the clutches of pollution. The attention-grabbing coupe is a brainchild of Franck Levivier, Remi Marchand and Oierre-olivier Wagner. The electric motors have been wedged on the wheels and receive enough power from the battery packs to send chill-trills. The front of this concept car is quite broad and manages to fetch instant attention. It has bold features that will make Audi R-Zero Electric Sports Car quite noticeable on the roads.
4. ZAP Alias Electric Sports Car
ZAP electric car
ZAP electric carZAP Alias Electric Sports Car.
ZAP Alias Electric Sports Car is definitely good looking. The styling is very attractive and so are its power packed features. This is not the first electric creation by ZAP, but definitely is the most spectacular one. The coupe is pretty quick and can jump from zero to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds and boasts of a top speed touching 100 mph. The car is expected to come stashed with a price tag of under $31,000 and will keep the surrounding away from pollutants.
5. Nissan ESFLOW Electric Sports Car
Nissan ESFLOW car
Nissan ESFLOW carNissan ESFLOW Electric Sports Car.
Nissan ESFLOW Electric Sports Car will collide head on with the gas guzzling beasts with the traits it comes caked in. Each rear wheel is driven by an electric motor that makes it a rare wheel drive. It will cover a good 150 miles on a single charge, which is not a bad figure. The car will shower you with an exhilarating experience as it has been fitted with lithium ion batteries that power the two motors. This makes it sprint from zero to 60 mph in as less as 5 seconds. The two-seater Nissan is a pure electric sports car that will roll on six spoke wheels. The zero-emission ride is a true picture of luxury and will unfurl a comfortable experience.
6. MEV R2 Electric Sport Car
MEV R2 Car
MEV R2 CarMEV R2 Electric Sport Car - Powered by LiFeBATT
MEV R2 Electric Sport Car has been manufactured by LiFeBATT Ltd and Mills Extreme Vehicles. The electric creation is quite powerful and produces a torque measuring 500 ft-lbs. Give it 4.5 seconds and see it jump from zero to 60 mph. It will definitely snarl like an angry beast when unleashed and will make hearts skip a beat. The coupe has made an appearance at various events all through Europe and UK where it fetched unending praises by car freaks.
7. 2010 LAMPO2 Electric Sports Car

LAMPO2 Car2010 LAMPO2 Electric Sports Car Protoscar Concept.
2010 LMPO2 Electric Sports Car is a zero-emission drive and stylish at the same time. The best quality of this coupe is its quick-charging feature that makes sure that the battery stores enough juice to run for 100 km in as less as 10 minutes. The powertrain makes it a performer on roads and comes wedged with two electric engines. It can touch a top speed of 200 km/h and just takes 5 seconds to move from zero to 100 km/h. The stunner is capable enough to come up with a horsepower of 350 and a 600 Nm torque.

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