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The bendch by David Szabo is a flexible public bench as well as billboard

Posted: 12 Nov 2011 05:30 AM PST

Asmita Prasad:

Bendch - Billboard Bench
Bendch - Billboard BenchBendch - Billboard Bench

To begin with, I'm not a big fan of billboards. They are huge, often pointless, and serve no other function than being over sized-in-our-faces-24X7-advertisements that are somehow ultimately paid for by the consumer.

Not only do they deface perfectly good urban landscape, they also block the movement of wind and sunlight, and being crafted out of paper or some other fabric derived out of wood, are also super environmentally-unfriendly. But the fact of the matter remains that marketing and billboards have become an important part of the economic process these days and have to be endured by the general public even if they don't like them. Luckily, a few innovative designers are doing their best to make this form of advertising as functional and un-invasive for the public as possible. The Bendch billboard/public seating concept by designer David Szabo is one such initiative that looks to add another dimension of function to advertisements in public spaces.

Picture Gallery
Bendch - Billboard Bench
Bendch - Billboard Bench

The bendch is a piece of public furniture that is a billboard screen and bench at the same time. Its screen can be used to display advertisements, graphics, videos and so on, and can be let by companies and brands just like normal billboards.

The Bendch, however, would differ from your regular kiosk-style billboard in the way the public interacts with it. For example, if one walks or stands before the Bendch, the info on the screen starts to move softly and its electronics spring into action attracting the person's attention and giving them the information about the product/service that they are advertising.

After the person has stood in front of the screen at a distance of 70 cm to 200 cm for 5-10 minutes, the Bendch then automatically goes into furniture mode and switches off its screen and other electronic displays and bends in front of the person, in either direction, and transforms into a seat. This may seem a little too much hassle than a regular public bench that also doubles up as billboards at times, but it makes a lot more sense for places with less space on the sidewalk since the bendch folds up when not in use allowing the space around it to be used for regular movement of people.

The installation is also very useful for public spaces that are prone to crowding like bus stops, petrol stations, railroad stations, exhibitions, etc., which need seating to be offered as a regular feature but also on occasions need all the available space that is often taken up by fixed seating.

Source: David Szabo

Necker: A fine blend of luxury and technology for fashion conscious people

Posted: 12 Nov 2011 03:26 AM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

NeckerNecker is conceptual product for Louis Vultton.

Luxury knows no bounds. Fashion and luxury have always been associated with each other and manage to capture enough attention. Taking the fashion and luxury combination to an all new level is Timmy Lee who has come up with an amazing concept named Necker. The designer has tried to blend modern technology with fashion through Necker and has tried to give it a futuristic appeal. The product has been especially designed for the high end fashion brand Louis Vuitton that always sets tongues wagging and forces people to drool all over the products that comes tagged with LV initials.

Picture Gallery
Its a Bluetooth neckwear earphone.

Smart phones have engulfed the world with their aura and so are the applications and concepts that have cropped up along with them. Necker has got stung with the technology fever and will work when the user connects it with their smart phone. The conceptual creation for luxury brand Louis Vuitton is a Bluetooth neckwear earphone in actuality. This will be coupled with the smart phone of the user via Bluetooth.

The concept is a great example of wearable technology and will make onlookers slip in a state of amazement. The sumptuous product will be worn by users and in turn will help put on show their fashion sense. Necker can be adorned in different styles as per the purpose or occasion.

Necker will prove to be a great way to flaunt ones creativity and style sense. It will allow you to connect with others by making or answering calls. If you love listening to music then simply play with your neckwear and enjoy your favorite tunes anytime you feel like. Unique designs are created depending on different tastes of people and usage. Create an everlasting impression by exploiting it as a scarf, tie or neckwear as per your whims and fancies.

Necker has been crafted using suede, silk, cashmere along with a stainless steel zipper. The design consists of a MIC, Bluetooth remote, Li-battery, retractable earphone and OLCD (organic electro luminescent). The swanky earphones have been made using brass and have been given a palladium finishing.

All the incoming messages will flash on OLCD and prove to be a blessing when busy. Necker will delete the need of hunting your cell phone every time it rings. Simply, pull out the earphones and touch the answer button to attend calls. Necker is a fine blend of luxury fashion and technology. The subtle product comes injected with all the fashion elements, which can be worn every single day.

Via: Coroflot

5 Decorative lights made from plastic cups

Posted: 12 Nov 2011 02:56 AM PST

Venkateswarlu Tadepalli:

Plastic cup light
Plastic cup lightThese are great piece of sustainable art.

The Christmas time is around. Haven’t you got that pinch of illuminating your house and vicinities like a star studded heaven? As illuminating by turning green is as significant as to live in this ecofriendly era, try out something new with the thrown away plastic cups which are of course, non degradable.

We give you five such creative ideas to make decorative lights from plastic cups which are radiant enough to light up the holiday season.

1. Lilliputian lamp

Lilliputian Lamp
Lilliputian LampThis project for metamorphosing the used plastic cups from the Dentist’s clinic.

The perfect way to turn green this Christmas is to utilize the waste material optimally which is what the Lilliputian lamp offers. Lilliputian lamp is basically made out of abundant used rinsing cups in a dental clinic. The lamp size depends on our requirement. The used cups placed on the top of paper-made sphere are tucked into a 40 watt bulb. Whether it is its transparent feature or its quality of photon’s circulated through plastic cups, the Lilliputian Lamp radiation is equally circulated through vicinities.

2. My little sister’s tea party

My little sister's tea party
My little sister’s tea partyThis is a modular structured system made of used disposable plastic cups and paper clips.

Perhaps, you might be puzzled to what to do with the bunch of plastic cups soon after your sister’s tea party. No worries, we’ve got a idea. Make them ecofriendly lights by placing them on top of a paper embedded Hemisphere connecting each through paper clips. Place a light beneath the paper and hang it on to tree branch to give a look of celestial radiation. The design is similar to nature based bee-hives structure and the light transmitted through these disposable cups is almost awestruck. Mostly, it is best suited to outdoor light set up.

3. Sustainable pendant chandelier

Sustainable pendant chandelier
Sustainable pendant chandelierThis light is made with a white paper interior and is completely covered in clear plastic cups

As the name itself suggests the design is sustainable if taken proper care in terms of placing less voltage light thus the plastic glasses placed on top of this branched lighting fixture will not burn up. The illumination depends on the quality and clarity of plastic material which has been used to made the disposable cups. This light is usually made up with paper covered by transparent plastic glasses. However, kindly make sure that the voltage of the bulb should not exceed 40 watt. The size may vary according to preference, 12 inch or 18 inch.

4. Coffee Cup Chandelier

Coffee Cup Chandelier
Coffee Cup ChandelierThis is Designed by Ethan Stern.

The very moment when you see it, the coffee cup chandelier gives you a feeling of hanged illuminated football. Isn’t it? Of course, in a football the blocks are hexagonal, where in this design the circular blocks attract you. Coffee cup chandelier is made out of used paper material coffee cups. Due to the paper’s translucency, the light emitted through it gives a different kind of glow as if the material is incandescent. Again the caution is to use a low voltage bulb. A high voltage bulb can spoil the total design.

5. Lamps made of drinking cups

Lamps Made of Drinking Cups
Lamps Made of Drinking CupsThe lamp is made of recycled plastic drinking cups.

Designed by Peter Castellucci this lamp made from drinking cups gives a unique lamp shade look as the light is being emitted through stacked drinking cups it gives a beautiful glowing effect. Among all the designs we have discussed till now, this design is bit tricky in placing lights especially without disturbing the piled up cups order.

8 Exceptional car gadgets for a safe and satisfying ride

Posted: 11 Nov 2011 09:37 PM PST

Grace Kikon:

Car Safety gadget
Car Safety gadgetCar Safety gadget

Driving is a responsibility which every driver has to bear in mind particularly during the rush hours. No matter how hard one tries to avoid skirmishes during this time, it becomes neigh impossible. Driving can also be very boring especially for long distances.

To ensure your safety and enjoyment during driving, you can always check out the new car gadgets which are not only fascinating but a guarantee for safe driving. Listed below are some of these brilliant gadgets which are bound to interest you.

1. iPhone anti sleep pilot

iPhone Anti Sleep Pilot
iPhone Anti Sleep PilotiPhone Anti Sleep Pilot keep you of falling asleep while driving

Anti sleep pilot enables the driver to stay alert while driving. It is helpful in preventing mishaps while driving, although you need to have proper control over your own driving. With its various features the anti sleep pilot assures safe driving by giving out various safeguard beepers when you need to be alerted. It provides information on your fatigue level and helps you to be focused and alert and guides you to take preventive measures when your fatigue crosses the safety level. It has been developed with thorough research by scientists over a period of four years and is customized to each individual driver’s risk profile. It is useful for night driving, long trips, late night shifts and when one is generally fatigued during driving. The anti sleep pilot is placed in the car iPhone holder within easy visibility and touch and can be connected to the car power supply.

2. Car GPS system

Car GPS systems
Car GPS systemsCar GPS systems

It is a portable navigation device for your car, which indicates the road map on a screen. Without stopping to ask for directions, you can now rely on this GPS device for accurate directions. The GPS system has text and voice guide directions fully automatic and makes your time less stressful on the road. These devices have bright screens for clear visibility, sturdy mount, car charger, menus, and software. This GPS technology is also becoming popular for tracking boaters, pilots, and vehicle fleets. There are different models available such as Garmin Nuvi 3790T, Motorola MotoNav TN765t, TomTom XL 340S, Magellan RoadMate 1470, and Garmin Nuvi 205W. All these devices are fashioned for easy portable navigation, with robust features, advanced technology, excellent performance and superior larger screens.

3. iVoice RI bluetooth hands free speakerphone car

iVoice R1 Bluetooth Hands-Free Speakerphone Car
iVoice R1 Bluetooth Hands-Free Speakerphone CariVoice R1 Bluetooth Hands-Free Speakerphone Car

With a high call quality the iVoice RI cancels out microphone noise and is excellent for conference calls. It has hands free mechanism with wireless speakerphone. It has charger adapters of 120V and 12V USB, a visor clip, user guide, RI unit, USB to USB cable and available in black or red. It is handy enough measuring 4×2.75 and can fit into pockets.

4. Anti sleep driving alarm

Anti-Sleep Driving Alarm
Anti-Sleep Driving AlarmAnti-Sleep Driving Alarm Shuns Tilted Heads

It is worn around the ear and gives out an alarm if the head tilts 30 degrees or more. This is essential if you are already tired and sleepy when you start driving. It was originally designed for long distance truck drivers, running the risk of falling asleep behind the wheels. It is lightweight, with a dimension of 67×23x18 mm and ergonomically designed. It is a great safety device and comes in a pair.

5. Delphi rear and side detection system

Delphi Rear and Side Detection System
Delphi Rear and Side Detection SystemDelphi Rear and Side Detection System

This system enables drivers to detect on coming vehicles during lane changing and turns. It alerts the driver when it enters a blind spot, which cannot be detected on the side mirror. It has better Doppler discrimination, wider band switch, smaller RF window by using 76 GHz single beam mono pulse radar. It has superior range, accuracy, quality target discrimination, longer range capability and simple vehicle integration. It relays its signal with chimes or visual indicator and audible alerts which is deactivated automatically while turn signal is being used. It is a great system for reducing potential accidents and damage.

6. Rear parking assistance

Rear Parking Assistance
Rear Parking AssistanceRear Parking Assistance system

This parking system assists drivers to detect objects otherwise not visible in the rear view mirror. With its ultrasonic system it helps to determine how close the vehicle is to the impending object, by bouncing high frequency sound waves off objects. These sound waves are measured by the sensors to determine the proximity level of the object from the rear bumper. It also has LEDs displayed on the dashboard or rear head to complement a visual effect with the audible warning. It also uses a camera mounted in the rear for wide range view of the vicinity and displayed on the dashboard or instrument panel.

7. Rearview camera

Rearview camera
Rearview cameraRearview camera to check the surrounding

This camera is mounted on the dashboard and is chargeable from the car battery or a 12 V adapter. It has a small holder for the monitor which is a 2.5 LCD wireless color monitor. It is a back eye for drivers with normal and mirror images.

8. Real time traffic information

Real-time traffic information
Real-time traffic informationReal-time traffic information

This was developed by ConnectDrive and covers country roads, motorways, inter city links, and major roads. It has updated features like detailed information and re-routing recommendations. The SIM which has been integrated in the vehicle and the cellular networks transmits information.

Passing Cloud gives the glimpse of futuristic transportation

Posted: 11 Nov 2011 09:20 PM PST

Ravi Kumar:

Passing Cloud
Passing CloudConceptual transport from Tiago Barros

Passing Clouds has given a new horizon to the transport system. The transportation has been confined up to bus, train, plane and more so by now, but this new invention has added a new chapter in the syllabus of the same. It is a man-made artificial cloud shape vessel that takes you in a trip to sky with no definite destination and an arrival or a departure time.

The designer of the Passing Clouds is very much fascinating with the birds as they travel in the air, and sky is the limit for them. He conceptualized to invent a machine that doesn't affect the environment and give the same feeling to fly. He started working and researched a lot to materialize the concept and finally did it.

The concept

It is predicted that soon in the near future, unlike an aircraft, people will be able to move in the air in artificial balloons. The unique transportation will be operated in the principles of air as the cloud doesn't know where the blowing wind will take him. Similarly, people who will travel or board the Passing Cloud, a man-made cloud will also be flying into the unknown i.e. unknown direction. This massive steel structure is an innovative and environmentally friendly means of transportation. It is made up of spherical balloons put in a sequence forming the cloud like structure. It doesn't require expensive steel material. In the inner membrane stainless steel is covered with nylon fabric. It offers floating sensation to its passengers. The transportation will meet all the required National Ground.

The inspiration

Tiagro Barros, an architect based in New York has compelled us to forget the dreamliner as it is very much thrilling, exciting and greener way to flight and monitor the skies having a close view. He has suggested a novel method to travel in the air though that is slower than that ordinary modern airline but gives rejuvenating experience and leave no footprint. It floats you to your peak destination of inflatable clouds. The concept of Passing Cloud is incurred from the network of spherical balloons that too from a cloud shape. Wherever the wind takes passengers, they would hop onto a moving cloud and whisked of their final point. It would lead you to cloud nine not only leave you quite literally and end up at your destination. Barros showed us a far fetched idea that gives a glimpse for the future travel. The inventor of the concept participated in a competition conducted by New York City's Department of Cultural Affairs and submitted his concept and spell bound the mentors as they were hoping for a high speed rail concept entries.

Where we are now

The concept Passing Cloud has been recently come into light as the project was submitted in a international competition. When we think of traveling, a lot of home work is required as where we are up to and how long it will take in reaching there. However this is a floating device that travels around the whole USA vicinity as per current predominant winds. It is not time bound traveling as depends on speed of wind and leaves no human trace behind. Being a revival of traveling United Stated envisions a distinct approach. It is seen that everything is pre-decided and running in its speed. We need to reconsider it and start enjoying the traveling act. It gives us the feeling of floating in the atmosphere even on the zenith of a cloud. Unknowing the final destination it takes us in an open schedule. The journey becomes your destiny leaving traveling sensation behind.

What makes it stand out

The designer and author of the amazing concept of transportation-in-future Tiago Barros belongs to Portugal. He conceived the most adventurous idea to flight on Passing Cloud. He fancied it before starting the journey that it is going to give a promising experience of traveling with loads of surprises. The Passing Cloud is a man made massive steel structure that is manufactured with the help of several balloons and nylon fabric to make it look it like 'Passing Cloud transportation'. The structure of the device is more or less like an airship that is driven by the wind and moving on the air direction too. Though the concept of flying in the air on Passing Cloud seems to be weird, of course, but nobody knows where our science and technology would be after two-three decades.

Picture Gallery
Tiago Barros
Conceptual transport from Tiago Barros

Where do we go from here

As the greener way of lifestyle is being promoted everywhere across the world to escape from the ill effects of ultra-violet and infra-red rays, the transportation is not an exception. The concept of Passing Cloud is the unique idea for environment friendly transportation in the near future. The energy or so called fuel is provided by the wind to this set-up. Moreover the journey gets started without knowing the destination is the cool, attractive and adventurous part of the traveling in it. If everything goes well, it might be the mode of your prime choice and will prove most beautiful medium. One would love flying in it again and again, once achieve an experience of getting into it. The best part of the journey will be that the passenger would not know where he will land and how he will get back to his place and that too after how long.

People believe this to be a new hope in coming future as there will soon be a huge crisis of the mineral petroleum products. Then, there will be a good scope for this. So, be prepared to experience this innovation soon.

Top 10 Sleek and stylish gadgets you can actually buy

Posted: 11 Nov 2011 08:13 AM PST

Akshata Hegde:

Sleek and stylish gadgets
Sleek and stylish gadgetsSleek and stylish gadgets you can actually buy

Technology cannot be same all the time, it always keeps advancing. With the advancement of technology, comes new gadgets that have better function to make our work easier. In today's world where everyone has become slave to technology, it becomes difficult for us to even think of a life without technology. We all strive to be in touch with all the latest gadgets in market but we also want them to be worth enough the price they come in. If you are a tech savvy person, who is always looking for the latest stuffs and at the same time considering your budget; then here is a list of some such sleek and stylish gadgets for you that won't bother you shelling out penny on.

1. Zikmu Parrot Speakers

Parrot Zikmu Speakers
Parrot Zikmu SpeakersParrot Zikmu Speakers by Philippe Starck

These speakers have minimalistic designs as well as required curves that make it stand out and look different. The Zikmu Parrot speakers are a demonstration to advancing portfolio of technology’s designer gadgets. You can find these speakers in various colors, including black, yellow as well as red and buy a pair of them at around £1,000. Zikmu Parrot speakers not only looks awesome but also has 360-degree sound along with wi-fi capability, that leaves no space for compromise against these 30" speakers.

Cost: £1,000

2. Pierre Cardin Tablet

Pierre Cardin tablet
Pierre Cardin tabletThe Pierre Cardin tablet

This is one of the most recent offering that comes from a tie-up of fashion as well as technology in the shape of the Pierre Cardin tablet. The tablet has attained a seal of consent from one of prominent labels from France. It is one amongst the cheaper tablets available in the market with a price of £225. With a bulky and modest 7" screen, the tablet comes with an included leather case that has Pierre Cardin’s P emblem.

Cost: £225

3. Dyson AM02

Dyson AM02
Dyson AM02Dyson AM02 floor-standing version of the fan

Get rid of your raucous blade-reliant fans and bring in some style and class to your home's décor with Dyson’s bladeless fan. It comes with full remote control as well as 90 degree swinging. With a height around 40-inches, the fan has a shiny silver framework which makes it look even classic. This sleek stylish fan might burn a hole in your pocket with a price of £300, but ensures to keep you cool so is worth the price you pay.

Cost: £300

4. Edition 8 limited headphones by Ultrasone

When it comes to music none of us would like to compromise with quality. We always look out for the best quality headphones to enjoy every bit of the music to the fullest. If you are a music buff then Ultrasone's Edition 8 headphones are just for you. Every part of these ear phones scream luxury, with its crystal-clear excellence in sound and the comfortable ear pads that are leather-laden make it a must buy gadget. They come in a lavish leather case and will cost you around £1,199 - £1,799. But you need to hurry as only 888 pieces are available around the world.

Cost: £1,199 - £1,799

5. Monitor Audio i-deck 100

i-Deck 100
i-Deck 100Monitor Audio i-deck 100

Have a look at this iPod dock with a flame-like shape. This is i-deck iPod dock by Monitor Audio that is designed in a way to become the focal part of the room. It has stunning as well as sturdy frame made of stainless steel and not to forget an equally powerful plus curvaceous remote used to boot it. This iPod Dock is an important fixture for the living room with a top notch sound quality.

Cost: £299

6. MacBook Air 13-inch 2011 model

Apple MacBook Air
Apple MacBook AirMacBook Air 13-inch 2011 model

If you are a MacBook user you would be having an idea of spending around £900 for its basic model. Now you can also get your hands on the Apple’s most recent MacBook Air laptop. Nevertheless it is a winner of critical acclamation from the fashion-conscious technophiles around the world; the credit goes to its wafer-thin curvy design. The laptop is not only great in looks, but has the latest Thunderbolt port as well as Apple’s most recent MAC OS X Lion operating system, which Is fabulous as well.

Value: starting from £849

7. Sonoro cuboDock

Sonoro cuboDock bamboo
Sonoro cuboDock bambooSonoro cuboDock bamboo with powerful sound, handcrafted, curved-corner wood housing in a stylish design

If you are looking for a stylish speaker for your iPod, then have a look at this stylish Sonoro cuboDock. Available in a numerous vibrant colors; the docking speaker pumps out all your favorite tracks with awesome sound quality. Sonoro cuboDock includes features that charges your iPod device or your iPhone and comes with a complete remote control at the same time. It includes Bluetooth to offer wireless connection.

Cost: £250

8. Samsung Galaxy S II

samsung Galaxy SII
samsung Galaxy SIIsleek and stylish gadgets

The Samsung’s most recent Smartphone; Samsung Galaxy S II now comes in an elegant white appearance. This is an ultra thin as well as lightweight handset with 8.49 mm breadth. Despite of releasing in May, it has become one of the successful selling devices, with over 10 million pieces sold around the world. Samsung Galaxy S II is a sleek device sporting a Super AMOLED screen of 4.5 inches and the most recent 2.3.3 Gingerbread Android Operating System.

Cost: The price of Samsung Galaxy S II varies

9. Sony Tablet S

Sony Tablet S
Sony Tablet SSleek beautiful and powerful Sony Tablet S

Sony is introducing yet another tablet to set free an attack on the rising competitive tablet market. Sony Tablet S features a curvy back on its upper front and an extremely thin bottom. You would have a great time typing on this new Android-touting device that sports a polished glossy cover to offer an ideal finishing touch. You can find its 16GB as well as 32GB models at a price starting from £399.

Cost: £399 onwards

10. Samsung UE55D8000

Samsung UE55D8000
Samsung UE55D8000Samsung UE55D8000 LED LCD 3D TV

How can you not remember Samsung TV, which displays astonishing 3-D images and comes with loads of applications, including LOVEFILM, Skype, Facebook and also Twitter. The 5 mm thick TV is also Wi-Fi enabled and one cannot just stop appreciating its sleek and explicitly striking 55 " screen that oozes sophistication and class.

Cost: £2,500

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