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Eight artistically unique rim designs for your vehicle

Posted: 15 Nov 2011 04:16 AM PST

Usha Rani:

unique rim designs
unique rim designsArtistically unique rim designs for your vehicle.

For their exotic features and effective use, the cars are considered one of the greatest discoveries of men. The cars were earlier considered a source of transportation and traveling but now they have also become a sign of style and comfort with a touch of luxury. The cars exterior adds to the beauty of the car and the rims enhance the exteriors to a large extent. The rims these days have completely changed from what they were back in 70’s and now these rims have been transformed into completely cool and stylish designs. There are plenty of such cool and exotic rim designs in market these days and few out of them are so beautiful that you will really find it hard to take your eyes off them. Here is a list of eight cool artistically unique rim designs for your vehicle, which are creating a buzz around in the automobile industry.

1. Asanti's rim cars coated genuine diamond

Diamond rim
Diamond rimAsanti's diamond-encrusted 22 inch Jewel Wheels.

This is something for all the luxurious people who want everything in their stock with a touch of luxury and comfort. These exotic rims are completely made of diamonds and consist of 22″ rim set with diamonds attached all over it. This rim is one of the most expensive rims made until date and is so exotic that you will be driven crazy by the design of this rim.

2. Pimpstars for high tech spinners

LEDs Rim
LEDs RimLEDs Rim, Pimpstars the high tech Spinners.

This cool and exotic rim named pimpstars is especially made for all the hi-tech geeks out there. These rims are produced and manufactured by the brand Customwheels and are a rage all over for their exotic and ultra cool design. It comes along with completely programmable LEDs and glows when you particularly want them to.

3. Wooden wagon wheel

Wooden wheel
Wooden wheelWooden Wagon Wheel as Special Hummer Tuning.

The wooden wheels are back into fashion and this particular wooden wheel is completely changing the definition of rims. In addition, the wheels are completely eco friendly. The rim is provided with the traditional looks along with plenty of spokes in it. These are quite durable and can last for a long period.

4. Pacman car rims

Pacman rim
Pacman rimPimped Out Pacman Car

The Pacman fever is hard to go and the products inspired by Pacman are pretty famous and exotic. The Pacman rims are the next big thing inspired from the Pacman designs and these rims are beautifully made and perfectly finished. These rims come along with the various Pacman poses imprinted on the rims.

5. Glow In the dark wheels

dark wheels
dark wheelsGlow In The Dark Wheels.

There is nothing practically better that can beat these rims in terms of style and design. These are one of the most exotic rims ever made and are so popular among the night freaks. These come along with LEDs and neon lights, which glow in the night. The various colors produced by the lights really look gorgeous and add to the beauty of the car.

6. Forgiato Radurra glass wheels

Forgiato Radurra
Forgiato RadurraForgiato Radurra Glass Wheels.

The glass spinners are the next awesome thing after the most appealing LED spinners. These glass rims are featured with a glass plate outside the rim, thus covering it completely. The interior rim design looks like four openings made towards the glass and the dotted stainless steel prints look gorgeous. These exotic rims are priced at $5000 per wheel.

7. Roulette car rims

Roulette rim
Roulette rimVegas - the roulette wheel

The Las Vegas is famous for the casinos and there is nothing better than these casino inspired rim, which are made especially to add the ultimate beauty to the car. These rims are ultra gorgeous and are so exotic in design that you will find it hard to ignore them. It consists of a high-class stainless steel rim, which is incorporated with various numbers on it adding completely to the beauty of the rim.

8. Golden Wheels: 22'' OG gold wheels

OG Gold Wheels
OG Gold WheelsBling Bling- 22″ Gold spoke wheels.

The gold is the latest trend in the market and even rims nowadays are incorporated with gold stuffs. These gold rims not only look awesome but also are so trendy and elegant that they completely beautify the vehicle you own. These gold rims are available in market and are priced at $3200 per piece.

How to make a display light from old photocopiers and scanners

Posted: 15 Nov 2011 04:14 AM PST

Ashish Chugh:

Display Light
Display LightMaking a display light from old photocopiers and scanners

These days Display light is of great use. Moreover if they are capable of running over normal batteries then they cut your electricity costs to a great extent. Other battery run display lights are available in the market but some of them are really costly and others are not battery efficient. So here we comes with another display light that can be better than any other display light and it can be made at home from your wasted copy scanners or photo copiers. The materials that we use in this are almost got from the garbage. And moreover making it is much easier than we thought. All you need is some connection making skills.

In this article we will make a display light from the Kodak scanner by following these steps.

Difficulty level

This is a moderate task so you need not to worry about having any extra efficient technical skills but you must have some basic knowledge for making some connection of wires.

Time required

Making a display light almost needs 2- 3 hours depending on your speed to work and make connections.

Resources required

Here is the list of the things that are required to make a display light from the Kodak scanner.

1. A waste scanner (we need only his light tube)

2. Batteries of 9v to use it as a power supplier.

3. Connectors to connect the batteries of 9v.

4. A single switch.

5. A plastic tube that has diameter more than the display tube so that we can put our display light inside it.

6. A power circuit.

7. A box so that you can put your setup in a safe place and making it portable.

8. Some tools that helps in making our display light.

Instructions to follow for building a Display light

Here are the instructions now that you must follow in order to build your own display light.

Step1. Getting the light tube from the Kodak scanner

Open the top part of the scanner by unscrewing the screws on the upper part. Remove the mirror above it. Now remove its upper components and now you will see a scanner circuit inside it. There is a thing to be noted down that many of the scanners have scanner circuit and power circuit built together over a single chip and from them you only need to get positive and negative built circuit. And from there you can get your light circuit that is required further in order to make our display light you just have to collect. Now collect these circuit chip and display light from the scanner. This light tube must be removed very calmly and softly because it is possible that you might break it while collecting it from the scanner so hold patience and collect these parts very gently and place it aside. These are the component that we require from the circuit.

Step2. Assembling the power circuit for making our display light work

Now this needs some skills to make the power circuit. For assembling the power circuits you need to find the positive and negative sides of the circuit and that can be easily found by removing all the power circuit power wires.

Now we are going to connect our 9v battery to this power circuit. Once you find the negative and positive side of the circuit then you can connect the battery with this power circuit with the help of wires.

First join one end of the wire to the positive side of the battery and other end to the positive side of the circuit. Similarly, join negative side of the battery with the negative side of the circuit with the help of another wire. Now the circuit is assembled.

Now connect the remaining two wires of the battery connectors to a switch that will help you in switching the display light on and off.

Step3. Assembling the light tube in a proper manner

These tubes are very much delicate to handle so if it get a soft shot then it will easily break into pieces and that's why we must put it to a safe packing so that it might not break.

Though it is pre connected with the circuit so we need to detach it from the wires so that we could put into a tube that we have so that it will be safe and we could use it anywhere we want.

Now carefully remove the plastic caps from the both ends of the display tube and unsolder the connected wires from both the end of the tubes.

Put the display light in the plastic tube that have diameter more than it and again solder the wires to both the ends of the tube and cover the both end of the tubes with the plastic caps that we had removed first to unsolder it.

Now the connection between the circuit and display tube is made.

Step4. Test your connection

As we are done with the connections now it's the time to check our connections. But before switching it on check that all the connections are tightly held and if anything is loose then tighten it. Now switch on the light through the switch we had connected to it. And hope your light is working properly. Switch it on and off again for several times to make you sure that it is working properly.

Step5. The final assembly of your display light

Now carefully place your display light and tube in a box that could hold the power circuits, batteries and display tube in a better way. This box will allow you to carry it anywhere you want and use it when there is no electricity at home or dark places.

Frequently asked questions

1. Does it work with the batteries more than 9V or less then it?

Answer: Though it depends on the power circuit that how much Volts it can hold and if battery more than that is used then it could damage the power circuit and your display light. And if battery less than 9V are used then your light will not work perfectly.

2. Is it necessary to put the display light in the tube?

Answer: yes, it is necessary to put it in tube because the display lights are very much delicate to handle. So, for its protection it is necessary.

Quick tips

In order to save time follow these quick tips:

1. Use a perfect tool box.

2. Must have extra pieces of wires.

3. Always switch on the solder before you begin your work.

4. Never put the tube on the floor.

Things to look for

1. Always check the power circuits.

2. Handle the battery with care.

3. The display tube must be handled delicately.

Seven sensitive gadgets for the hearing impaired

Posted: 14 Nov 2011 11:12 PM PST

Bijender Singh Dahiya:

Gadgets for the hearing impaired
Gadgets for the hearing impairedSensibly sensitive gadgets for the hearing impaired

The world is beautiful if you are able to see it and hear it. But, this world is completely black and silent for many of the people out there. It is said that everything has a sound and if you can hear it then you can live it. Hearing impaired are unable to enjoy the sound out there. But, the technology has never comprised on anything and has always tried to bring out some cool and awesome gadget that could help out the hearing impaired people. There are plenty of such technological improved gadgets in the market. Some of them are freaking effective and worth keeping in stock for what they deliver. Here we are with a list of seven ultra-cool sensibly sensitive gadgets for the hearing impaired.

1. Soft Touch

Soft Touch
Soft TouchAlerts the hearing impaired against the oncoming danger

This is the ultimate gadget in the industry which is technologically improved and advanced. It can allow the deaf people to hear pretty nicely. This device is not only effective but is also so stylish that you can hardly ignore it for what it delivers. Designed by an artist from the University of Derby, this cool gadget comes along with an alarm and also with modern-technology sensors that alerts the user about the incoming danger. It can easily be connected to the household devices like telephone, doorbell, etc.

2. Ictus

IctusDesigned by Fredrik Hylten, Isabelle Olsson and Maria Johansson

Now this is what is known as perfect creativity. The designers Fredrik Hylten, Isabelle Olsson and Maria Johansson have come up with an awesome idea to help out the hearing impaired people out there. They made this awesome device named Ictus which is capable of bringing back the world of sound for all the hearing impaired people. This is actually a seating cushion that will let you hear the sound of things around you. You can now easily enjoy the movies and also the gaming experience to the core.

3. Sign-Voice Language-Translator

Sign-Voice Language-Translator
Sign-Voice Language-TranslatorDesigned by Han-na Lee & Sang Hyeon

This is the perfect device for all the hearing impaired people out there. It is actually a language translator which comes along with cool sensors and technology that allows you to hear the people and the things around you. Not only this, the cool design and awesome structure of the device completely add to the beauty of the device. It can translate majority of the languages in a single go.

4. Tactile Music

Tactile Music
Tactile MusicDesigned by MadeByMakers

The world of music is not limited to the hearing people alone. This revolutionary device allows the hearing impaired people to enjoy music. This awesome device comes along with a music device and is attached with a cool gorgeous white ball. When the music is played in the device, the ball starts producing rhythms and vibrations which can be easily understood by the deaf people and they can easily make out the music out of the rhythm.

5. Deaf alarm table

Deaf alarm table
Deaf alarm tableDesigned by Chinese designer Jianjian Gao

This is the gadget for all the hearing impaired people out there who don’t want to depend on others for their usual stuffs. This is an alarm table which is not only gorgeous and adorable but is also worth using for its smart and cool technology. It comes along with alarm gadget that can be worn on hands or can be kept on table. It produces rhythm and vibrations whenever you want it to. Also, the stylish strap it comes along with is beautiful.

6. Shake-Up

Shake-UpThe brainchild of designer Pierre-Antoine Bouzard

Now here is another device made for the hearing impaired people out there to enjoy the music to the core. Designed by the artist Pierre-Antoine Bouzard, this cool gadget is capable of producing music, so the deaf people can also enjoy the world of music. The concept is pretty simple and is based on feeling the music. All you have to do is plug these awesome headphones into your ears and feel the music at its best level.

7. Communicaid

CommunicaidDesigned by Jae Pyung Lee

The wait is over and the new technology device is here which is especially made to make a communication between the normal people and the deaf people out there. This awesome device is capable of doing this miracle and is especially designed for this purpose alone. This device can be used indoor and outdoor. This cool device catches up all the visual and sounds from the surrounding and the environment and brings them to the hearing impaired people visually. This device uses the most advanced MEMS microphones to capture the surrounding stuffs.

jumpStart: An e-piggy bank for young adults and teenagers

Posted: 14 Nov 2011 03:57 PM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

jumpStart e-piggy bank
jumpStart e-piggy bankIts a design that motivates young teens to manage their money.

It's very important to teach teenagers about the value of money in this fast paced world. Managing money is not easy and can do wonders if this habit is inculcated early in a child's life. Normally, teens love to splurge without thinking much and need to be motivated to manage money they get. Timmy Lee has come up with an ingenious tool, realizing the importance of effective management of money.

Picture Gallery
jumpStart e-piggy bank
This e-piggy bank is designed by Timmy Lee.

Piggy banks have existed since ages and have just got infected by the technology fever in the form of jumpStart. It is an e-piggy bank that will offer a perfect platform for inculcating healthy habits in terms of finances and will also keep parents actively involved in the whole process. Managing finances is nothing less than a task and many people, especially college students and teenagers, face a lot of difficulties doing it effectively. So, it becomes necessary to develop the right mind set at an early age to make sure these healthy habits are carried by teenagers as they grow old. The design consists of an e-piggy handheld and e-piggy bank.

The e-piggy handheld is a product that has a UI platform on top. It looks like a smart phone and is an educational finance video game. It consists of a wish list schedule, expense register and camera bar code scanner. This will help an individual to track the expenses and also let them make a list of things that they would like to own later in life with the money they save. The list will be a constant reminder of the amount of money they need to save to own a certain item. It has a stylus for easy operation and has touch screen module.

On the other hand, an e-piggy bank will keep all the savings secure. It has been blessed with great features that make the overall usage fun and interesting. This e-piggy bank comprises of a digital readout reminder and a UI platform at the top, which is a handheld dock. The front has been fitted with a bill receiver and coin slot that have been separated by a vault. The back of the design has been embedded with a USB component that can be connected to a PC or AC.

jumpStart is a great way to educate youngsters about the value of money. It will teach them to manage expenses in a well-organized manner at a young age, which will prove to be beneficial as they grow up. jumpStart will help children keep a record of their expenses and make them value money.

Via: Coroflot

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