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MediEase Stretcher System is lightweight and portable

Posted: 23 Nov 2011 04:36 AM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

MediEase Stretcher System
MediEase Stretcher SystemMediEase Stretcher System by Wan Xuan Lim

Emergency can strike anytime and it can leave many people helpless in no time at all. Dealing with such disasters requires the need of certain medical equipments that makes sure the wounded or needy can reach a safe place. Wan Xuan Lim has designed a stretcher system keeping all these things in mind that will prove to be of great help in case of an emergency. Christened the MediEase Stretcher System, it promises for a better well-being and will prove to be very user-friendly.

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MediEase Stretcher System
MediEase Stretcher System by Wan Xuan Lim

The system comprises of a medical carrying and a portable stretcher that is very light in weight. Its lightweight trait will make it easy to use even in rough terrains and locations that can't be accessed easily. It has been designed in an ingenious way that will unfurl an enhanced casualty movement, thanks to the design's better mobility that makes it possible to carry it from one place to the other in an effortless way.

The MediEase Stretcher System provides medical supplies in a more rapid way and much more efficiently. The system makes sure that it provides the much needed support to rescue personnel and ensures total well being. The handles of this system can be easily extended that will let a rescue operator carry it for long periods without feeling fatigued. It features a modular system that will provide a supple as well as firm support, which will in turn make the overall rescue operation well-organized. This also makes the same stretcher capable of being used in different kind of situations because of the support that it unfurls.

MediEase is a stackable system that will allow stacking of various stretchers together. This will prove to be very useful when it comes to storing and transporting it to various places. The vest in the design will be very useful in case of a very big casualty as it provides instant access to first aid immediately and the mobile way. The improved system's vest consists of a intubation kit, iv module and a drug module that will help provide temporary relief and the much required first aid. The MediEase Stretcher System lends all the security that injured need as it has sides that are soft and manage to inject an elevated sense of safety.

The MediEase Stretcher System will help deal with causalities in a better way and will easily tackle with all the mobility problems that one may face in case of an emergency. The design is light in weight, collapsible, stackable, ensures much better well-being and comfortable. All these features make it a winner and a much needed system when dealing with an emergency.

Via: Behance/Coroflot

Blindspot - A concept that can change the world of visually handicapped

Posted: 22 Nov 2011 03:54 PM PST


BlindspotBlindspot is a smart white cane that helps visually handicapped people

In this post, we will talk about a unique device that allows visually handicapped people to explore unknown places and socialize with people around them. Developed by Selene Chew, the concept known as Blindspot looks like a white cane but comprises a mobile phone, Bluetooth earpiece and detects low hanging objects through ultra sonic technology. She developed the smart device as a final year thesis project at National University of Singapore and seized the runner up James Dyson award with $3,200 as a prize.

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Blindspot is a smart white cane that helps visually handicapped people

Blindspot informs the user whenever a family member or friend is nearby and helps to reach them. The device does not have a screen anywhere; users navigate the menu with a tactile GPS navigator and listen the instructions through a Bluetooth earpiece. Navigator is actually a horizontally moving ball on the cane handle that points in the direction where the person is located; you just have to follow it. The cane also features a mobile phone, which can be detached from it and can be used as a normal mobile.

Blindspot locates the position of the user’s friends using geographical apps like Four Square and communicates the same to the user through a Bluetooth earpiece. After knowing that a friend is nearby, users can even call them using the integrated phone in the white cane. In addition, there are ultra sonic sensors on the cane that detect hanging objects and give warning to the user via earpiece. Sensors detect low hanging objects from 5 to 6.5 feet away and warn the user. This allows visually handicapped people to walk comfortably anywhere without any danger.

Both the phone and Bluetooth earpiece can be charged wirelessly. Like any latest smartphone, Blindspot has built in Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS connectivity. Overall, you can say this is a smart cane.

We are seeing this concept because of an incident that happened with Selene. Once she was going somewhere with some of her friends and one of her friends was unable to board the bus because of motion sickness. This incident triggered her that visually handicapped people face difficulties to reach their destinations as well as they are unable to initiate any conversation with their friends because they cannot see them at all. Then, she decided to design something that focuses on their needs and desires, and not just on their handicap. Things like entertainment and sharing things that are easily accessible to us but not to them. She conducted several interviews with visually impaired people to know what they want and what their needs are. The possibility to know that their friends are nearby got them excited.

The 23-year-old graduate is not going to commercialize the product right now, but she is looking for a suitable company that can further develop this project.

Via: Jamesdysonaward

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