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10 Best autonomous vehicles for a safe, comfy ride

Posted: 23 Dec 2011 04:27 AM PST

Dakshina Thakur:

There's no ambiguity pertaining to the fact that this world has indeed been swamped with some really avant garde vehicles that aim at cutting the frills from our lifestyles. If some set their sights on imbuing premium components for elegance admirers, so some would endeavor to uplift the comfort factor for users seeking convenience. Although manufacturers have made us fly high by integrating the much-needed combination of style and comfort, there's probably a lot more to witness from the automobile industry. To give you a glimpse over the upcoming entrants that are sure to transmogrify the way we ride, we are listing down the ten best futuristic autonomous vehicle concepts – that are anticipated to evolve the entire user experience without changing the existing resources.

Seven Bluetooth bracelets for the trendy

Posted: 23 Dec 2011 02:08 AM PST

Jharna Bhattacharya:

While the whole world is getting a technological up-gradation and makeover, why will your jewelry lag behind? Thus, some of the most futuristic bracelets are being made that serve as astounding jewelry pieces on one hand and Bluetooth devices on the other hand. So, stay connected with the world as you flaunt your hi-tech bracelet this fashion season. These bracelets are worth your money and you will surely fall in love. Have a look at them:

Magnetic Resonance Helmet comes with an integrated multimedia entertainment suite

Posted: 23 Dec 2011 12:54 AM PST

Asmita Prasad:

Winner of the Red Dot award for best Design Concept in the Life Science category, the Magnetic Resonance Helmet was created by a team comprising of Hans Georg Kloster, Dr. Andreas Peter, Dr. Stefan Schonhardt and Sebastian Rieger. Used by neurologists, this Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FMRI) helmet would be able to monitor a patient’s brain cortex and diagnose the prevalent neuron-signaling patterns. To enable a new level of spatial resolution, the helmet will feature 500 unique sensors that will work in tandem to clearly establish these critical and minuscule patterns.

Magnetic Resonance Helmet
Magnetic Resonance Helmet

Magnetic Resonance Helmet
Magnetic Resonance Helmet

The helmet is not only built to offer serious medical diagnosis but also comes with a unique built-in entertainment function that enables this device to keep the patient as calm, during the procedure, as possible. Maintaining a high level of patient comfort is quintessential when patients with brain disorders or diseases such as epilepsy need to be analyzed. Since it can be very difficult for the medical practitioner to discover the exact cause of their ailments, these patients often get misdiagnosed. And since the treatment of these ailments essentially depends on correct diagnosis, the Magnetic Resonance Helmet can be of tremendous help.

During an event of malfunction, discovering the exact patterns of brain signals would be an ideal way to diagnose the problem.The helmet allows doctors to develop therapies suited for each individual and observe their effect by constant monitoring . The FMRI is one of the best methods of observing the brain as it functions. The Magnetic Resonance Helmet eliminates problems such as temporal resolution which leaves frames too far apart to show a signal traveling through the brain or spatial resolution when the voxels or pixels are too large. These deficiencies have resulted in long scanning times which subjects ailing patients to high noise levels and claustrophobia. Patients often experience a lot of discomfort as they need to keep still during a scan.

With the advantage of being non-invasive, the Magnetic Resonance Helmet addresses and eliminates all of the problems discussed above. By providing flawless imaging detail without temporal and spatial distortions, the 500 individual MRI sensors Magnetic Resonance Helmet are operated as a phased array. This drastically reduces the time period that a patient is required to sit through to get a complete scan.

Apart from the improved image quality, what also helps indirectly improve the quality of scans is the multimedia service which can comfort and distract patients, thus allowing doctors to obtain more information during each scan. What helps the patient reach a further level of comfort are the integrated headphones. Also, the cradling and soft design of the helmet relaxes them during the process.

Via: Red Dot

TabStrummer: The real keytar

Posted: 22 Dec 2011 07:39 PM PST

Deepon Mitra:

Guitar Hero is perhaps one of the most popular games on gaming consoles from around the world. But time and again gamers have wished that the controls of the game were a bit more simpler. This is where TabStrummer Guitar comes in that lets the user play whole chords just by pressing one single key. This wonderful piece of equipment virtually lets you play the guitar with one finger. The TabStrummer Guitar can also double up as a standalone instrument so you can play with it and let the creativity just flow and come up with amazing tunes of your own imagination.

Picture Gallery
Tabstrummer is a stand-alone programmable MIDI controller

The TabStrummer has a total of 12 keys or buttons, which can be programmed or are preprogrammed to play any chord of its standard acoustic or electric counterpart. All the user needs to do is press the particular chord button at the right time and voila, music. The controls are extremely responsive and user friendly and can spew out a wide variety of strum patterns. The chord concept does make soloing on this instrument harder, but there isn't anything that practice can't fix. You may always check out videos or tutorials to perfect your method.

Forget about the painful way of learning the guitar, where one has to repeatedly play the same note over and over again to perfect it and bleed from the fingers to do it. The TabStrummer takes it all away. This amazing invention will let you progress from simple strumming to advanced chord patterns without having to memorize each and every chord. However, it must be known that though the TabStrummer guitar is quite intuitive and functional, it is not going to replace a standard guitar anywhere in the near future. If you secretly dream to be a cyber punk rock star without having to invest countless hours on guitar practice, then you should definitely go for the TabStrummer Guitar.

Source: TabStrummer

Assembly: BUI coat reacts to movement

Posted: 22 Dec 2011 03:35 PM PST

Christina Pinto:

Interacting with our mobile phones either by touch or voice is a pleasure many enjoy. The advancements of the technological age have allowed us to communicate with our small devices with ease. This technology is constantly changing with new innovations reshaping the interaction between people and their phones. The new BUI (Bodily User Interface) is the latest development that lends a whole new dimension to user interaction. The technology also includes the latest in fashion wear wherein with the help of an advanced coat, you can use your entire upper body to perform certain tasks on your mobile.


It is an idea hypothesized by Lorea Sinclaire, a student from Emily Carr University. She created a system of delicate machinery woven into the prototype garment to receive and respond to the stimulus that the wearer provides. Named the Assembly, it is a union of haptic feedback technology and a network that functions on proximity.

Picture Gallery
Assembly, the New BUI by Emily Carr University

The prototype utilizes conductive threading which is weaved through electronic modules that are detachable. The sewing snaps on the electronic modules classify them as removable. It is a good feature as the garment can be washed without risking damage to the sensitive circuits. If the wearer would like to change her outfit, then she has the option of attaching the system to another garment of a similar shape. Moreover, the flexible modules containing the main parts of the technology can be serviced, replaced or upgraded easily.

The embedded haptic motors are able to produce a pulse and vibration. A very handy feature that offers a lot of possibilities. If a user receives feedback from people in a close radius, the pulse will indicate the volume of friends present nearby- a strong pulse for a large group or if there are few, a weak pulse. Additionally, the intensity of the vibrations from the motors signals the priority of the notification received from someone. It is one of the interesting aspects of this student's project, studying haptic feedback as a kind of notification. Once alerted, the wearer can view the high priority notification on their mobile as written text.

Now, let's explore the heart of the innovative project. The garment equips the wearer with a reactive interface that enables them to perform tasks by means of different gestures. Doing up a button will send out signals identifying your present location. The conductive threading acts as touch sensors and an integrated GPS module is responsible for releasing the signals.

Other exciting features wearers are sure to love- stroking the lining of the hem translates into calling a friend while two hands simultaneously swiping the outer arms activate a distress call. The design of the technology is quite amazing and very practical to modern society. If there is going to be fashion show on the very best of BUI outfits, I will definitely be attending.

Via: fashioningtech

Soft Pet mobile phone for the visually impaired responds when its name is called

Posted: 22 Dec 2011 08:43 AM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

Visually impaired need special gadgets that can cater to all their needs. Keeping this in mind, a mobile phone has been designed by Zhao Cheng, Liu Xiangcheng, Li Hui, Feng Lu, Yan Hong and Wen Hualiang. Christened the Soft Pet, this mobile phone will live to its name and respond just like a pet does.

Soft Pet
Soft Pet

Soft Pet comes wedged with a variety of new features apart from the usual functions like speech input and Braille buttons. A special feature of the phone is the call-and-respond naming capability, which will prove to be very beneficial. A user can give their Soft Pet mobile phone a name just like they would when they get a pet home. When the user calls the phone's name, the mobile gadget will respond in return. This will make it easy for the visually impaired to locate the cellular phone in case it gets misplaced or they are unable to locate it. The phone has an impressive facade and is soft to touch. It comes draped in soft and smooth silicone that will make Soft Pet comfortable to hold.

Soft Pet
Soft Pet

The ingenious device can also sense the presence of a user's contacts. If any of the contacts is nearby the phone will describe the distance with the help of its speech function. It has an emergency SOS button that will prove to be of utmost help in case the user faces any trouble. The attention-grabbing phone will be accompanied by a tray or cradle, which will act as a wireless charger to juice up the gadget. Simply drop the phone into the tray and it will automatically get charged without the need of connecting it to wires. This tray will make sure that users don't get intertwined with black cables that are also an ugly sight.

Soft Pet will prove to be a blessing for visually impaired, thanks to the useful features that it comes embedded with. The soft and comfortable phone is easy to use and charge, while making sure that visually challenged don't have to stay dependent on others when it comes to using modern-day gadgets.

Via: Red-dot

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