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Gran Marlin 46 to counter the most challenging sea routes with ease

Posted: 23 Jan 2012 04:48 AM PST

Kamlesh Kandasamy:

If airplanes are considered as the king of airways, yachts are the queen of seaways. Similar to automobiles and air-crafts, yachts and boats have their own advantages and limitations. In general, these three modes of transport can be analyzed together, because the basics of these machines are very similar in terms of working conditions and technologies. The difference arises in its design and the external influences on the vehicle. As yachts travel on the seas, they have to overcome the drag force created by the stable or flowing water as well as the drag force created by air in the atmosphere.The renowned yacht maker in Italy, Key Frame Studio (KFS), has revealed its latest yacht design. This incredible vessel is titled as Gran Marlin 46.

KFS Yacht
KFS Yacht

Picture Gallery
KFS Yacht
KFS Gran Marlin 46 Luxury Yacht

The number 46 in its name represents the length of the vessel which is obviously 46 meters. This vessel is exceptionally designed with enormous capabilities to face some of the most challenging situations of ocean travels. The vessel offers sophisticated comfort and mind-boggling facilities for the travelers. Whether it’s a holiday trip or a destined travel, people could relish the world from a different and beautiful point of view by traveling in this yacht.

The Gran Marlin’s design has also grabbed the first prize in MYDA competition, for its incredible crafting. This vessel is propelled by a Caterpillar C32 Acert engine that has a powerful capacity of about 1800 horsepower. Gran Marlin could cruise up to 15 knots in the ocean waters. The lower deck of the vessel offers sophisticated accommodation facilities and lounge area for the passengers with an incredible vantage point and access to the rear platform. To mention, Gran Marlin has sufficient capacity to carry jet-skis and zodiac boats in their tender garage. The vessel’s extra-ordinary design and awe-inspiring majesty makes it a better choice to own one.

Via: Diseno Art

Seven sustainable tents to enjoy the Nature

Posted: 23 Jan 2012 04:44 AM PST

Shahnawaz Naaz:

Want to get out of your daily, boring routine? Go for camping. It is not only fun and adventurous but also allows us to get closer to nature and shows us new facets and aspects. But camping has some negative effects also because it causes pollution and leads to dumping caused due to human settlements. The idea of using “green” tents come to the fore here because these tents are more environment friendly than the normal, synthetic tents. Here is a list of seven eco friendly tents for your camping needs.

Sinteza Washbasin kicks ceramic sinks to the kerb

Posted: 23 Jan 2012 03:42 AM PST

Asmita Prasad:

In a world where acrylic and resin have replaced more traditional furniture materials like wood and wrought iron, bathroom sinks made from stainless steel and ceramic can appear outdated and stick out like a sore thumb. Having a fashionable wash basin becomes particularly important for establishments like nightclubs, high end restaurants and hotels and even art galleries since they invest an insane amount of money on jazzing up their decor. So, why should their bathrooms be lined with boring old ceramic washbasins? With that thought in mind designer Vladimir Petrovic came up with the Sinteza Washbasin line.

Sinteza washbasin
Sinteza washbasin

Picture Gallery
Sinteza washbasin
Sinteza washbasin by Vladimir Petrovic

The outstanding product satisfies the style requirements of high end décor and it can be streamlined to meet decors of all budgets. Combining all sorts of material and forms, the Sinteza bath line combines aesthetics and economy without compromising on functionality and fashion. The line allows users to make their bathrooms more personalized and unique.

The different textures and materials used in the bath line are grasped from the simplicity and emotional states of nature and art. The line features attractive motifs and colors that make each sink look like a framed work of art right from a gallery which could be perfect for folks looking to jazz up their bathrooms with a splash of vibrant colors.

Source: Vladimir Petrovic

Veld stove combines traditional and contemporary styles seamlessly

Posted: 23 Jan 2012 03:40 AM PST

Radhicka S Saxena:

A classic design from the bygone days has been brought to life again but in a modernistic seem. This is quite a creative rendering of a traditional design. It takes you back to the times when homes were heated using wood-fire stoves. The piece will surely trigger off nostalgia, especially among those who really miss the good old days. The stove is neat to look at and can be set up in any corner of your home. It will look great in kitchens, parlors, dining rooms or any space that you use as a hang out zone.


Picture Gallery
Veld wood stove

The good looking piece termed as Veld stove, blends in a lot of practical functions. The stove is available in two different varieties; NATURAL and AIR. The heating mechanism that the NATURAL version applies is very simple. The heat emanating from the stove is distributed evenly due to natural convection. There is also an optional kit available if you want to give a boost to the heating. To speed up heating and make it more effective, one can go for the AIR version that uses forced ventilation to release heat into the surroundings. The stove fits in the Oyster technology that pulls in air from outside but does not use oxygen present in the room. Thus, the product can easily be used in passive and insulated homes. Also, the one control lever makes it easier to manage the incineration process.

The piece has been put together by Emo design in alliance with MCZ. The top surface of the stove is made out of cast iron while the sides are spawned from ceramic. The idea of the spring handle has been borrowed from the old-age stoves. Alutec has been used to build the heater, which has a high alumina content. This helps to deflect heat outwards and also brightens the flame of the fire lit up in the stove. The design has been streamlined to remove the flue pipe from view providing a fume outlet only at the back. Another extra accessory that you can buy with this device is the air humidifier in which fragrances and scents to perfume the house can be added. The stove is available in four different colors; white, bordeaux, warm grey and black. The stove has a sleek built with clean straight lines.

Via: Emo Design

iConvert Scanner for iPad lets you scan documents on the go

Posted: 23 Jan 2012 03:37 AM PST

Dakshina Thakur:

You may have caught a glimpse over numerous music-oriented accessories that wend their way to Apple devices. However, the latest addition vows to stand at variance. The new iConvert Scanner for iPad could rather be a unique, useful tool for business professionals who need portable scanning for an enriched experience. As its name gives a cue, the device transforms users' sleek tablet into an efficient scanner on the go.

iConvert Scanner
iConvert Scanner

Enclosed in a compact form factor, the portable accessory enables users to seamlessly scan crucial hard copies to JPEG files which are directly stockpiled in the gallery. The sleek iConvert Scanner comes equipped with a feeder tray to insert paper and an attractive dock for housing an iPad.

Perfect for users who are constantly on the move, the device also allows users to adjust the size of the front feeder. However, this can be done only from 2 inches to 8.5 inches wide, which will ensure that photos and documents of varied sizes are conveniently fitted into it. Besides this, users will also be offered an instant access to e-copies of their important documents. Strengthens the performance factor, doesn't it?

Well, the pleasant looking accessory touts to put forth crisp, sharp JPEG images with a high resolution of 300dpi. The integrated support for scanning almost all sorts of paper articles furthermore enhances the experience. Users will be enabled to scan their old photos, greeting cards, meeting notes, signed contracts, business cards and a lot more.

The new iConvert Scanner for Apple iPad can now be pre-ordered online through Brookstone's official website. Tagged at $150, the device will start shipping somewhere in the first week of February. Not to slip by, there will be one year limited warranty as well that comes accompanied with the product.

iConvert ScannerThe iConvert Scanner for iPad is the very definition of simplicity

Via: Dvice

Apple iBooks 2 to transform the textbook experience of kids

Posted: 23 Jan 2012 03:35 AM PST

Abdul Vahid V:

Apple is all set to revolutionize the textbook market with its new iBooks 2 for iPad tablets. Apple's SVP of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller has announced iBooks 2 certainly a move to reinvent the textbook industry. The new version of iBooks will bring huge change in the way iPad is used in classrooms. As of now, millions of schools and other educational institutes make use of iPad. With iBooks 2, iPad will go more functional both for students and teachers.

Apple iBooks 2 textbook
Apple iBooks 2 textbook

Picture Gallery
Apple iBooks 2 textbook
Apple’s new interactive textbooks

Apple intends to realize a more comfortable platform for kids to learn. "Kids are really going to love to learn with iBooks," says Shriller, while announcing iBooks 2 at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Handling textbooks on iBook 2 is a largely more interactive, searchable, portable and durable experience, says Apple. The app features huge count of textbooks with highly interactive features.

On iBooks 2, students have lots of high-end facilities. Apple iPad's multi-touch gesture, portable size and good display are intelligently used to design iBooks 2 for a mesmeric textbook experience for kids. They can pinch to zoom images, watch videos related with textbooks, play useful games and do many other interactive activities.

There are advanced searching facilities as well on iBook 2, which can be downloaded for free of cost. To refer to dictionary, you just have to tap on a word. Apple also brought down the price of books to $14.99 or less to shun the long criticism of high price. Indeed, it will let student community have a highly interactive experience with their textbooks.

Via: Engadget

Solar-powered OLED sun roof to brighten up car's interior

Posted: 23 Jan 2012 03:22 AM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

OLED technology is widely used in televisions and is responsible for power efficient as well as bright displays. How about using the same technology while designing the roof of a car? Philips joined hands with BASF (a chemical company) to come up with a roof archetype for cars, which will comprise of transparent solar cells and OLED panels.

Solar-powered OLED sun roof
Solar-powered OLED sun roof

The OLEDs are transparent when switched off and provide light inside the vehicle when switched on. The roof is transparent and because of the presence of solar cells, will harness energy from the sun when it is bright outside. Apart from this, it will also let in natural light during daytime. The energy stored from sun rays will be used by transparent OLED panels to brighten up the inside of the car when dusk sets in. This means that sun rays will solve two purposes by providing energy to the panels that act as a car light and at the same time offer enough natural light during the day.

The solar panels will be directly smothered on the transparent OLED, which is a novel idea. The OLED in this case will be used to illuminate the car interiors and not act like a screen or display like it is used in many cars. The car roof is definitely unique and will act like a ceiling window. The concept is a breakthrough in OLED technology and gives an all new approach to automotive engineering. It will give the feel of open space and will also put up a clear outside view. So, use the solar-powered OLED sun roof as a source of light during night and like a window savor clear blue skies during the day.

Via: Theverge

Sydnee: A smart charger that can juice up four iOS devices simultaneously

Posted: 23 Jan 2012 02:59 AM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

Here is a piece of great news for all Apple gadget owners, which will make sure all the charging woes are dealt with utmost style. Sydnee, a smart charger has been designed that will help keep not one but four iOS devices juiced up at the same time. It will cut down cable clutter that arises when multiple devices have to be charged.


Sydnee smart charger will let recharge four Apple products or iOS devices at the same time. Quick charging is made possible because of the presence of individual USB ports that pump 2.1 Amps of power each. The attention grabbing central charging station will provide optimum power and will shut off automatically when the charging is complete.

Picture Gallery
Sydnee the Smart Charger

The cables will remain nicely concealed, making sure you don’t get entangled with the presence of multiple cables. The impressive design can hold 3 iPads and an iPhone at the same time. The design will blend well with a contemporary setup and can be placed anywhere in the house, from a living room to a bedroom. Sydnee smart charger is aesthetically appealing despite its plain looks.

The compact unit has been designed keeping modern day needs in mind. It can be used at various places like schools, corporate offices, retail stores, conference rooms and research labs, to name a few. Simply, plug the charger to a power outlet and it will be ready to juice up your most loved gadgets. It won't consume much space, while the smart charger accommodates multiple devices. Sydnee is sleek and comes injected with a lot of attitude. The smart charger is available in two color: black and white.

Via: Satelliteid

MIseeTX Micro-Computer fulfils all your computing requirements

Posted: 22 Jan 2012 11:07 PM PST

Jaimin Bhavsar:

CTX presented a complete microcomputer incorporating a netbook, a touch screen, a mini-projector and a laser keyboard in one mode, at CES 2012. Named as MIseeTX, this microcomputer incorporates all virtual input and output devices and runs on Windows 7 platform which is the newest operating system.


CTX has found a complete package that integrates a nettop, a mini-projector and a laser projection keyboard within a cubical shaped all-in-one MIseeTX. It has 4.3 inch touch screen. Pico projector has ability to show images up to 88 inches and it has got Virtual laser keyboard. MlseeTx is designed with a web cam, HDMI input, microSD/MMC slot, Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, LiOn Battery, audio Jack, Speaker and Microphone. It could also be equipped with either a 16GB or 32GB solid-state disk. Watch the video to get more ideas about this product.

MIseeTXCTX MIseeTX Micro-Computer

MIseeTX comes with an Atom Z650 processor to 1,2 GHz con Windows 7, 2 GB of RAM and has got a virtual laser keyboard that works on similar technology as seen in the Magic Cube Celluon.

MIseeTX is an ultimate minuscule computer with compact size. It is fully efficient with all its Input/output components built right in. It comes equipped with the facility to establish connections with many external interfaces. It can function with different groupings of computer, projection and LCD giving customer the choice to use or turn off features as per the requirement. The details about its worldwide release are not available yet but it is expected to be priced at 600 dollars.

Via: Ubergizmo

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