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DISCOVERY Mini Projector & VidCam By Bach Nguyen

DISCOVERY, Mini Projector, VidCam, Bach Nguyen
Inventiveness in terms of technology knows no bounds. When a latest product is launched, we think that humans can’t come up with anything better, but we are happily proved wrong always. Bach Nguyen has clubbed a handy projector and video camera in a device named Discovery with a touchscreen facility.

DISCOVERY, Mini Projector, VidCam, Bach Nguyen
It will give you the pleasure of owning a handheld camera as well as a mini video projector. You can easily stream online videos and watch your favorite movies on various websites. The camera will allow you to capture all the precious moments of life. At the same time the advanced mini-projector that comes embedded in the device will make sure you can play videos, movies, pictures, etc, without much difficulty. The projector has a range of 10 feet and a 10X14 screen.
DISCOVERY, Mini Projector, VidCam, Bach Nguyen
A product of UMI, the Discovery has a battery life of 5 hours which can be easily charged after you take out the battery and plug it into the charger provided. But what if the battery starts dwindling while you are watching your favorite video on the projector? The Discovery comes with a charging pad that has been provided by Nixon. So, without any added worries, simply place Discovery on the charging pad and forget about your battery running out of life. You can easily insert your movie card in it and watch whatever you want to.
DISCOVERY, Mini Projector, VidCam, Bach Nguyen
Normally when a new product with a better hardware/software is launched, we conveniently put aside the device even if it is in a sparkling new condition. But then there is no other way. Well, that is what we thought till date but after what you will read ahead, I bet such notions will take a backseat. The motherboard of this device is replaceable and instead of purchasing a new piece of equipment the customer can only buy upgraded technology.
Discovery has been elegantly designed with all the functionality and efficiency intact with a pledge to fulfill all your entertainment needs.
Designer: Bach Nguyen

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