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ENLACE Modular Bicycle By Lim Zheng Wei

ENLACE, Modular Bicycle, Lim Zheng Wei
Riding a bicycle is always a pleasant experience especially with a group of friends. But at times it becomes a little difficult to ride parallel to each other and there is always a fear of smashing into each other while talking. Also the same color of the bicycle can be quite a dull sight every single day. Changing all such notions is ENLACE designed by Lim Zheng Wei which will make sure that your trips on a bicycle are interesting enough.

ENLACE, Modular Bike, Lim Zheng Wei
The bicycle comes with an outer casing that can be changed when desired. If someday you want your bike to look red or blue, simply change the outer case and give it a fresh look. Coordinate it with your outfit or according your mood, the colors will always make your bike look smart. Exploiting the shaft technology is this modular bike which can be easily coupled with a second bicycle. For a great and secure tandum side-by-side manner the bicycles can be fixed together with three main joints: the front steering, the back joint which is sited at the back wheel of the inner frame and the front joint that is positioned at the front of the outer frame. With the tandum side-by-side mode, you can talk to your friends endlessly without the fear of colliding into each other.
ENLACE, Future Bicycle, Lim Zheng Wei
ENLACE will make bicycle rides enjoyable and also make sure you don’t get bored with the same skin color of the bike.
ENLACE, Futuristic Bicycle, Lim Zheng Wei
ENLACE, Innovation Bicycle, Lim Zheng Wei
ENLACE, Modular Bicycle Concept, Lim Zheng Wei
Designer: Lim Zheng Wei
Source: Design BUZZ

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