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Ergonomic Notebook By Marcio Meireles

Ergonomic Notebook, future laptop, Marcio Meireles
Laptops are meant to be designed with a lot of though given to ergonomics. They’re meant to be compact and space saving. They also are meant to be easily portable. Owing to all this, at times usability is compromised on. All laptops have their screens attached to the keyboard, which at times can be a setback. Here’s a design by Marcio Meireles for a laptop with an adjustable screen. Using a simple sliding technique, the screen can be adjusted away from the keyboard to suit your preferences. It can also open up like a normal laptop, screen and keyboard attached.

Indeed innovative, giving users a better computing experience when using laptops on table-top, this design by Meireles would work great for those who spend hours working on their computers.
Designer: Marcio Meireles

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