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Pendulum Color Clock By Kar Hao Tan

Pendulum Color Clock, Kar Hao Tan
How about a pendulum wall clock that even serves as a table lamp? Pendulum Color Clock would just serve that purpose of yours. It is not a normal pendulum clock, this particular Pendulum clock has been designed in such a way that shows the time of the day according to the approximate color of the skylight. For instance, the day starts in the clock with light yellow and ends with dark blue.

Future Clock, Kar Hao Tan
The clock, designed by a Singaporean designer Kar Hao Tan, with its colorful design stands apart from the normal clocks. The designing of the clock seems futuristic but the concept is still easy to relate. The different colors that the clock sport is an innovative concept. The different colors emitted by the clock vary between the different shades of the rainbow. The vibrant colors would also bring brightness and color to the room.
Futuristic Clock, Kar Hao Tan
So, if the concept ever comes into existence, you won’t have to shell out huge bucks for a make shift table lamp!
Pendulum Color Clock, Future Home gadget, Kar Hao Tan
Pendulum Color Clock, Future Home interior, Kar Hao Tan
Designer: Kar Hao Tan
Source:  Design BUZZ

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  1. All I can say is BEAUTIFUL .. I love the simplicity of it. White clock on dark walls will look gorgeous.


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