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Revolutio Watch By Mickael Chrost

Revolutio Watch, Mickael Chrost
The Revolutio Watch by Mickael Chrost is modern, simple and unique. Especially in its somewhat invisible design, you wouldn’t know where to look to tell the time but it definitely has you looking.

Revolutio, Futuristic Watch, Mickael Chrost
The faceless watch consists of a wrist band and circular plate on the front but a clear-cut hole in the center makes you wondering how to tell the time of day. Looking closely at it, you will noticed that within the circular piece, the rings surrounding it measures the minutes and hours of the day, displayed as little ticks of light. It is powered by a standard watch engine and has a magnetic locking system in the minimalist band.
Revolutio, Future Watch, Mickael Chrost
The Revolutio Watch by Mickael Chrost may look like it’s missing a significant piece of a typical time-teller but definitely doesn’t miss the mark in creative design.
Revolutio, Fantastic Watch, Mickael Chrost
Revolutio, Innovation Watch, Mickael Chrost
Revolutio, Unique Watch, Mickael Chrost
Designer: Mickael Chrost

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