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Turn Rotary Dial Faucet By Eun Ji Byeon

Turn Rotary Dial Faucet, Eun Ji Byeon
Do you remember, as a kid, seeing those environmental commercials telling you to conserve water, or having your parents yell at you for having left the kitchen faucet running? Unfortunately, wasting water seems to one of society’s hardest habits to break. However, a neat little invention called the Turn Rotary Dial Faucet might help compensate for all those water wasters out there.

Future Faucet, Eun Ji Byeon
Designed by Eun ji Byeon, the Turn Rotary Dial Faucet works through a timing system. You simply turn the dial to the time you think is most sufficient to complete your task, for example, 30 seconds to wash your hands. This device finds the perfect balance between standard fixtures and those annoying public washroom taps that give you only a burst of water.
Futuristic Faucet, Eun Ji Byeon
Designer: Eun Ji Byeon
Source: Trend Hunter

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