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AUDI Trimaran Yacht By Stephanie Behringera

This fantastic concept was designed as part of a graduate project and is the brainchild of German designer Stephanie Behringer, and was completed under the supervision of AUDI, in Munich, Germany. The design is based on AUDI’s core brand values – progressive, sportive and premium.
AUDI Trimaran, Future Yacht, Stephanie Behringera
The AUDI Trimaran Yacht will be powered by two AUDI TDI (turbo-charged injection) diesel engines, and the integrated jet skis are electric-powered. The boat can reach as much as 6 knots while being driven in slow speed. However, if the speed exceeds 30 knots the yacht automatically switches to diesel engines.
AUDI Trimaran, Futuristic Yacht, Stephanie Behringera
When this yacht runs on diesel, it is equally supported by electric power. It can cruise at high speeds without using too much fuel; at the same time, the diesel engine recharges the batteries of the jet boats.
AUDI Yacht, Futuristic Trimaran, Stephanie Behringera
The Trimaran’s overall length is 15 meters, and due to its slender center hull, measures only 6.4 meters in width. Though the deck can accommodate only 12 people, you can make room for more in the berths located below. All you need to do is flip down a saloon table located in one of the lower decks.
AUDI Trimaran, Luxury Yacht, Stephanie Behringera
The AUDI Trimaran Yacht comes with a huge panoramic glass roof that serves as a shield against head winds and direct sunlight.
Designer: Stephanie Behringera

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