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Fujitsu Lifebook

Fujitsu Lifebook, Future Laptop
German designers Patrick Decker and Florian Langer, of Formboten, have won one of the judge’s special awards in the recent competition ‘A Life with Future Computing’. A collaboration between designboom, Fujitsu and Design Association Japan, the international industrial design competition aimed to find next-generation computing products for future lifestyles.

Fujitsu Lifebook, Future Computer
The Lifebook Frame Series by Decker and Langer was one of seven designs to receive the judge’s special award, chosen from over 3000 entries. It features an integrated device that can be used as a number pad or touch pad and can be detached and used as a smartphone. The technical components such as the battery and memory are exchangeable for easy maintenance. The transparent duralumin frame houses the three key units; the 3:1 wide screen touch monitor, the keyboard and hardware, and the LifeGear mobile device.
Designer: Patrick Decker, Florian Langer

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