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Luna Robot By SchultzeWORKS

Luna Robot By SchultzeWORKS
SchultzeWORKS designstudio is proud to announce a breakthrough in robot design. Commissioned by RoboDynamics of Santa Monica, CA, ‘Luna’ is the world’s first personal robot integrating three unique feature sets : Luna is completely expandable via expansion ports, fully programmable with open standards and, above all, affordable.

Luna, Future Robot By SchultzeWORKS
The industrial design work for Luna addressed dual and conflicting demands between design and engineering. The engineering challenge was to incorporate the client’s existing and proven TiLR robot hardware, firmware, and drive train. The design challenge was to create an original and compelling techno-beauty that would engage users and invite interaction.
Luna, Futuristic Robot, SchultzeWORKS
Luna, Unique Robot, SchultzeWORKS
Luna, Innovation Robot, SchultzeWORKS

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