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NeoGeo Interactive Toy That Teaches Kids Cognitive Skills

NeoGeo Interactive Toy, Future Game gadget
Has your little tike being fling things around not sure just what to play with? Does he or she age between four and six years? Well, here’s a new toy for your child to play with, that’ll help the little one play and learn. Designed by J. C. Frinsel, the NeoGeo is an interactive play set that helps develops the cognitive skills of children. This design also won the Broos van Erp award and is a concept developed for an assignment for Jegro. Manufactured by Serious Toys and renamed the Tiktegel, this sure is the best way to have your child learn and play at the same time.

So quit letting your little ones try playing with just anything within reach, and give them something better to indulge in.
Designer: J. C. Frinsel

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