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Spherical Clock By Pawel Krawczugo

Spherical Clock, Pawel Krawczugo
Well, we hardly ever guessed this one to be a clock, leave aside trying to figure out just how to read the time. Now, most clocks are meant to be devices that tell you the time at first look, to ironically save time. This one though will keep you busy and will waste a few precious minutes of your schedule while trying to figure out how to read it! Maybe it isn’t really meant to be just a clock, more of a piece of art like it should be. Keeping aside its usability as a clock, the Spherical clock by Pawel Krawczugo is indeed a beautifully and well crafted piece of art with a really complex time reading interface. Each of the sphere’s layers are for different time functions, like seconds, minutes, hours, one for the gyroscope mechanism and the counterweight.

A great device to have on the desk of a psychologist, keeping visitors and patients busy, we’ll stick to our wrist watches for now!
Designer: Pawel Krawczugo

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