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Spore Wireless Speaker

Spore, Wireless Speaker
“Spore” is a pair of wireless and Bluetooth connected speakers which is designed and made by Ronpoon, Hong Kong. Spore can be connected to any phone via Bluetooth. You can distribute these spores in different corners of your home to create an elaborate music system in your home.

Spore, Future Speaker
The spore consists of a hemispherical body and embedded speakers. The texture of the “Spore” resembles the craters on the moon, but it also reminds us the magnified image of a spore. The spore has a white body, with black craters embedded on them acting as speakers. These craters are irregular in shape. The Spore is so cute and small that no one can judge whether it is a showpiece, speaker or anything else.
Spore, Bluetooth Speaker
Interestingly, the Spore also has a microphone so that if anyone calls us, we do not need to pick the phone, but can directly speak on the mic and hear on the speaker. When Spore is connected to the phone, all the “listen and speak” functionalities on the phone become hands free.

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