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starts ringing Pendant Phone By Josie Baker

Pendant Phone, Future Gadget, By Josie Baker
It gets a little difficult to carry your phone while doing household work or gardening. If the phone starts ringing and your hands are already engaged, forget the slightest chance of answering the call. To make sure, you don’t miss even a single phone call while doing household chores Josie Baker has designed the Pendant Phone.

Pendant Phone, Future Device, By Josie Baker
The amazingly cute gadget will prove to be a blessing for females and will blend perfectly with their petite personality. Clip the phone on your top and drop all worries of running towards one every time it tinkles. The gadget has been given a simple appearance and will make a user stay away from unnecessary complications. It has a button to answer a call and 0-9 digits for dialing a number. Simply, press the button and whiff a sweet Hello! The hands free gadget can be clipped on the clothes without much effort. All you have to do is twist the flap over your outfit and the magnets will stick together. When these magnets are not connected, the pendant will bear a flat look.
Pendant mobile Phone, Future Gadget, By Josie Baker
Charging Pendant is same as we do for normal cell phones. The gadget can be picked from a hue of colors according the shade that best defines a user’s personality. If you get bored gawking at the same shade, swap it with a different silicone case and add a vibrant streak. Pendant Phone is an ingenious invention and understands the needs of a house worker. It makes sure you don’t miss any important calls and stay connected with your loved ones all the time.
Pendant cellPhone, Future Gadget, By Josie Baker
Pendant Phone, Future trend, By Josie Baker
Pendant Phone, Future device, By Josie Baker
Pendant Phone, Future technology trend, By Josie Baker
Designer: Josie Baker

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