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What does height have to do with finding love

She Says vs. He Says: What's Height Got to Do With Love?

Agreeing on the "right height"
for a healthy relationship has been a hot topic since before Darwin tried to explain why both genders finally stood up. In this debate, authors Christine Hassler and Jason Ryan Dorsey attempt to demystify what each gender thinks about height and its impact on dating. This discussion is particularly important for single people who want to improve their chances of finding a date online by adjusting their personal height stats.

SHE SAYS: When it comes to initial attraction, height matters. A woman wants to look up to a man, both literally and figuratively. Now I know a lot of women may disagree with me here and say it's all about equality, but when it comes to height, many women aren't drawn to a level playing field. I don't know if it's feeling a taller man can better protect us or simply look good on holiday postcards, but short guys definitely have to work harder to stand out in a crowd.

But here is the thing, if you take the time to get beyond the superficial stuff and see someone for who they are, then height doesn't matter at all. When it comes to love, physical attraction may spark a relationship but it rarely sustains one. And, hey, as a woman, I know that there's a lot a guy has to offer when he is not standing. The things that matter when it comes to love are whether or not your values, life goals, priorities, and communication skills align -- not whether you can see over him when you wear your favorite stiletto heels.

HE SAYS: As a guy who is vertically mediocre, I don't think height is the deciding factor when it comes to falling in love -- unless you want your future children to play college basketball on scholarship. However, when a short guy shows up at a restaurant on a date with a much taller woman you know that some of the other guys in the place are thinking, "What does he do?" That particular situation has never happened to me, but it sure sounds cool. What I do know is that love doesn't come with a minimum height requirement like a ride at Six Flags. Sometimes the one you end up falling head over 3-inch heels for doesn't necessarily fit your "type," but then maybe she is exactly your type after all. I mean you may not end up seeing eye-to-eye on your wedding day, but that shouldn't matter because you can always PhotoShop the pictures. I did.

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