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Amazing Three Beautiful Gadgets And Future Tecnologies

Posted: 24 Sep 2011 09:26 PM PDT
Megha Gurung:
Wood Music speaker
Wood Music speakerWood Music speaker
Technology keeps growing every day and with the passage of time new inventions are made. Everybody loves gadgets that are the outcome of new technology. Now, wooden gadgets are also being made to help us become environment friendly and conscious about our surroundings. Here we have a collection of serene and splendid wooden gadgets to stun you all.
1. Wooden watches
Wooden watches
Wooden watchesWooden watches
Watch is the most common gadget used by almost everyone. Wooden watches are rarely visible but WeWood has designed wooden watches with extraordinary looks and features. The wood is nicely molded and blended to enhance its beauty. All the external part of the watch which includes - strap, the face and the hands - is made of high quality wood. It is enclosed in a case that is also made of wood. Well, this sizzling watch will cost you $ 119 and it worth it.
2. MP3 wooden speakers

iDeariDear Wooden Fruit (Apple) Portable Speaker for iPhone, iPod and MP3 Player and more (100% Handcraft)
The amazing MP3 wooden speakers are small sized and measure less than 1 cubic inch. These speakers are made up of natural hardwoods and are designed in a trendy manner. The speakers are embedded with built-in rechargeable battery that is charged by USB and works for around five hours. It is a 1.5 watts speaker with a sweet sound. This awesome speaker will cost you around $ 45.
3. Wooden radio
Wooden radio
Wooden radiowooden radio
Wooden radio was created in the forests of Indonesia and is made of java ebony, mahogany and pine trees. This awesome radio gives high quality sound with good reception of AM and FM. The radio is embedded with wooden knobs, wooden port and an 18-inch-long antenna. This splendid wooden radio has polished and stainless body. To increase its shine, teak or pine oil may be added. The wooden radio is equipped with four AA batteries and volt AC adapter. The price of this simple yet stylish radio is $ 199.95
4. Wooden stand
Wooden stand
Wooden standWooden stand
This simple wooden stand is specially made to hold up Apple iPhone 4 4G. It is made of real wood and is notched to hold the device from different angles and directions. This two-piece stand has fast mobility. This can be kept anywhere, on the desk, book case, etc., and can be adjusted comfortably towards the eye level. This amazing stand will cost you just $ 2.21.
5. iDear
iDeariDear Wooden Fruit (Apple) Portable Speaker for iPhone, iPod and MP3 Player and more (100% Handcraft)
iDear is a small wooden speaker that can be used with iPhone, MP3 player, laptop and other electronic devices and produces rich sound. The small speaker is made of apricots and is a handcraft product. This speaker is embedded with built in rechargeable lithium polymer battery which works for around 5 hours. It also includes USB connector and standard jack of 3.5mm. iDear will cost you just $ 29.99.
6. Wood music speaker dock
Wood Music speaker
Wood Music speakerWood Music speaker
Wood music speaker is stylish and eco friendly dock and will add up to your decor. Wood music speaker is made of timber and the holes are carved in the log to fit the speakers and other electronics. It is an awesome sustainable gadget with unique design to charm the music lovers.
7. Plywood headphones
Plywood headphones
Plywood headphonesPlywood headphones
David Burel created plywood headphone and is available at Milan. This special headphone is made of nine layers of plywood. Each layer embedded in the headphone is produced by the form meeting technology. This stylish headphone will be loved by the music lovers as it is eco friendly and is trendy with modern looks. This sizzling piece is a unique item of varnished plywood.

Posted: 24 Sep 2011 03:18 PM PDT
Varun Mishra:
artistic lamps
artistic lampsawesome designs and unique concepts
A lamp is a very essential part of any home’s interior decor. These artistic and creative lamps are great to look at and allow you to not just add on to the view of your room, desk or hall, but also provides additional utility in the form of a luminous artifact which is really good to look at. Once you have installed one of these lamps in your home, be rest assured that visitors would be forced to turn their heads at the novel choice of your lamp. 20 of really cool artistic lamps are listed here, that would certainly make you want them in your home to let your home reflect your cool choice.
1. The Reading Lamp
reading lamp
reading lampa lamp with a place for your books in its heart!
It’s a unique lamp in the sense that it has the capacity to hold a book in its midst, and hence the name. It is a great way to illuminate your desk or cupboard, to reflect your love for books. The lamp is made up of Perspex and steel, and comes in the dimensions of 25×25x25cm. It is available in the bureau-de-bank interior decor stores in Netherlands.
2. The Rafael Morgan Lamp
rafael morgan lamp
rafael morgan lampits not a tap oozing light
This Lamp is designed to look like a tap that is oozing light, showing you the importance of every drop of water in your life. It looks really cool and would certainly add a unique quotient to your interior. The fact that you can actually use the tap for controlling the amount of light emitted by the lamp is a great asset if you are one of those who constantly wish to vary the amount of lightening in your room according to the mood and situation. Price of the lamp is not yet known.
3. The ‘I can see you’ Lamp
i can see you lamp
i can see you lampfor those who wish to be in the limelight!
Specially designed for those who are shy to come in the light. This wide roof lamp leaves little to hide and allows the shyness to take a back seat and the person to be more confident under the bright light. This unique lamp is designed to have a diameter of over 185cm and creates a really cool effect in your room. This unique lamp is available in multiple colors and is priced at $1,000.
4. The Nemo Chain Lamp
nemo chain lamp
nemo chain lampstretch it for more light shut it for less
This lamp is a special design and is really artistic and also very useful for those who have to work in cramped spaces. You can unfold it use it and then again fold it back after use to utilize the space for something else. Priced at $595, this unique lamp is perfect for your work table making full usage of the four white LED lights.
5. The Mushroom Lamp
mushroom lamps
mushroom lampsperfect for your kid’s room
The Mushroom Lamp has taken its inspiration from the world famous game of Mario Brothers and once you look at them you can yourself relate to the amazing similarity of design to the mushrooms of the Marion game. It is a really cute lamp, and perfect for your kid’s room. The children would love its soft looks and it can also serve as a decor piece.Priced at $12, this lamp is a great asset to add a comfortable environment to your child’s room.
6. The Memento Lamp
memento lamp
memento lamplooks really cool
This lamp originated in Japan and is used to cast wonderful and ever changing shadows on the walls for a mesmerizing effect. It is great for a drawing room that has low light conditions. If you wish to purchase this lamp however, you would have to wait for it to be released in the US or have a friend in Japan parcel it to you, because this lamp is yet to be released outside Japan.
7. The Torn Lighting Walls
lighting walls
lighting wallsseems like your walls are emitting light
The Torn Lighting Walls is something that would have every visitor wonder how come light is seeping out of your walls. It is a very unique design and can add splendid interior effects to your home’s rooms, specially your drawing rooms. Still in the conceptual stage, this lamp is ready to set your home walls to a new high in decor and design. The most unique concept used in this lamp is that it has a number of shapes and sizes you can choose from and can be obtained in the same color that of your home wall, so that no one notices it. The price of these lamps are variable depending upon the size and color or texture that you wish to buy and install.
8. NOD Bedside Lamp
lang nod bedside light
lang nod bedside lightfeel the luxury of this bed side lamp
This lamp is great to have on your bedside for a bed side reading experience. It is a wall mounted lamp with some additional space in between for you to keep any item and keep your bed tidy. Priced at $220, this unique lamp is specially created for those who wish to have extra utilities in everything they purchase.
9. The Rock Lamp
the Pebble lamp
the Pebble lamppile up the pebbles…and light the lamp
Mount one pebble over another and mount a lamp over them all. This one looks just like it has been made in the stone age! Its a cool lamp to have in your home and can compliment your interiors in its own unique fashion. Priced at $119, it a cool lamp to buy if you wish to add a touch of nature to your interiors.
10. The Hurdle Lighting
hurdle lighting
hurdle lightingfold or unfold as per your need and wish
If you wish for your light to be localized yet not centrally focused and flexible as per your need then this artistic lamp is just the thing for you. The lamp is perfect for those who wish to have a flexible bed side lamp. It was one of the most acclaimed designs of 2007 in the bed side lamp category.
11. The Grenade Lamp
grenade lamp
grenade lampdon’t pull the plug….its a grenade!!!
Don’t worry, this grenade won’t explode on you when you switch it on. A great design to have at home as a lamp. This extremely unconventional design is specially created to blow your mind. Specially designed to add a twist to your interiors, this lamp would make you poorer by $139.
12. Goodnight Eileen
goodnight eileen
goodnight eileenits not a coffee cup…but a lamp
This portable lamp is another Japanese creation that is compact and unique in its looks. The amount of light emitted is low but the style quotient of this LED lamp is really high. This is a very fine example of induction electric lamp and there is no wire connection between the lamp and the base. It is a good choice, if you wish to hold a lamp and travel to any dark corner of your house at night.
13. Fiat Lux- Let There be Light
the Fiat Lux
the Fiat Luxa really nice way to illuminate and decorate your desk
The soon to be launched lamp is great for those who wish to read themselves to sleep. It is a perfect bed side lamp, which is not too bright, and is equipped with a holder to hold your favorite bed side books. The lamp, however, is still in the designing stage and is yet to be launched in the market. The price has not yet been declared.
14. Enpieza Lamp
enpieza lamp
enpieza lampthe hangman lamp…a nice design
A unique design for the dark hearted to have at your home as a drawing room lamp, more for its dark style or dark humor, than for light. If you have still decided to purchase this lamp, the be prepared to shell out $500 for this rather tasteless lamp.
15. The Coin Lamp
Coin Lamp
Coin Lampdeposit your coins in your lamp
This is one greedy lamp that would only work when you feed coins to it. The timing of the lamp can be set, and you can also use it to save some pennies! The lamp concept has been created by Jethro Macey and would soon be released in to the market. The concept at present is fairly new and is one of the very first in line of a number of future products based on the concept of reward and values. This product is also a unique way to create awareness in the minds of the users about the value of every service rendered to them by any device or person. The price of the lamp has not yet been declared.
16. The Nymph (Bugs) Lamp
The Bugs Lamp
The Bugs Lampbeware of this caterpillar….it emits light!
This one looks like a caterpillar, a cool lamp for those who like to have a feel of nature around themselves. If you are a nature lover and have decided to purchase this lamp then before you place your order, please take a look at the price that is $2,600. Oops did that hurt!
17. The Book of Light
The Book of Light
The Book of Lightbeautiful to look at, a great add on to your interiors
Surprise others by opening a normal looking book that turns out to be a functional lamp. a great design piece. Takeshi Ishuguro’s design is for those who love compact designs and are fond of surprising others. The price is supposed to be some where around the $100 mark.
18. Alvarez Lamp
Alvarez lamp
Alvarez lampadd serenity to your drawing room
A great alternate usage of Italian tiles (glass) in the form of a designer must have lamp! This lamp is a novel way to creatively use Glass Tiles in the Lamp designing, created by Artulo Alvarez, this is a great way to add a cool style quotient to your interior decor. There are two versions of this lamps that are being launched in the market. One is the Glass version and the other is the Pure Gold version. This is a great lamp for those who wish to have the best available luxury in their homes and have a uniformity of design in their interior decor. Price of these lamps is in the range of $100-$10,000, depending up on the design and model selected.
19. Abyss LED Lamp
Abyss LED lamp
Abyss LED lampan interesting yet unique design for a lamp
This odd shaped lamp is surprisingly good to look at and can add a really artistic tinge to your interior decor. The unique thing about this lamp is that its design is such that it adds a lot of flexibility to the lamp and you can easily mold it to suit any design wish that you may have in your mind. It can thus serve as a cool outlet for the hidden creativity inside you. Designer poly carbonates give the LEDs a great finish and the light is eco-friendly and thus is great for the environment conscious. Priced at $500, this lamp is a little bit steep in price but then there is no price for creativity.
20. The Alien Abduction Lamp
cow abduction lamp
cow abduction lampUnique design lamp perfect for interior decor
This one is specially for the sci-fi fans. Imagine a cow being abducted by a flying soccer! This lamp has a real metal UFO on the top and creates a really cool environment. The beam of the light shown to emit from the UFO is made up of Solid Glass that is also luminous and adds an overall effect of cool light on the surroundings. Lasse Klein has created a fantastic concept of design in this lamp, and this lamp is sure to be a best seller in the market. Overall its a fun lamp to have at your desk, just that you have to wait for its mass production to begin, as the idea is still conceptual. The price has not yet been declared.

Posted: 24 Sep 2011 10:00 AM PDT
Jaspreet Kaur Walia:
LEGO Star Wars designs
LEGO Star Wars designsAwe inspiring LEGO Star Wars designs
LEGO bricks sell like hot cakes and bring out the creative end like nothing else. Over the years, LEGO has done an incredible job in terms of fashioning sets for Star Wars that are ultimate in terms of fine craftsmanship. But, nothing can beat the homemade creations by Star Wars fans that have fetched a lot of inspiration from the official LEGO UCB sets for Star Wars. Seeing the undying love the sheer craze to craft such amazing pieces of art at home seems inevitable. Here is a list of seven awe-inspiring LEGO Star Wars designs that will force onlookers to tilt their heads in surprise.
1. LEGO Droid control ship
LEGO Droid Control Ship
LEGO Droid Control ShipBuilt from over 30,000 pieces, Completed by Paul Yperman
LEGO Droid Control Ship has been made by Paul Yperman. It took the creator 30,000 Lego parts and a span of 2 years to complete this awe-inspiring work of art. Paul derived the much needed inspiration from Thomas Benedict's work that resulted in this marvelous creation. He got hooked to Star War Droid Ship while going through a Star Wars Cross section book and decided to make one using LEGO bricks. It is one of the finest creations in terms of design and build.
2. LEGO Speederbike
LEGO Speederbike
LEGO Speederbikeperfect LEGO Speederbike , created by Guybrush
The only tool used to make this bike was LEGO bricks. One of the favorite Star Wars vehicles, the Speeder Bike has got another UCS (Ultimate Collectors Series) model in the form of LEGO Speeder Bike by Guybrush that is nothing less than perfect. The astounding creation by a Star Wars fan is worth a glance. It is intricately built and looks quite impressive. The creator followed the outline of a Hasbro toy version and referred to it while making the Speeder Bike. The model is small but come caked with a lot of details. It can be easily made at home by following simple instructions that the creator has made for further reference if in case the model got smashed.
3. LEGO Militarized X-Wing
LEGO Militarized X-Wing
LEGO Militarized X-WingLEGO Militarized X-Wing is built by Zane Houston,
LEGO Militarized X-Wing is an awe-inspiring piece of LEGO modeling that has won many accolades. It has been designed by Zane Houston and has fetched heavy inspiration from the modern military aircraft. The Militarized X-Wing by Houston does not make use of thousands of LEGO bricks, which means that amazing art forms can also be created using minimum material. It has been carefully executed by using great ideas and a lot of focus. This particular X-Wing also features landing gear and folding wings. It is an excellent version of one of the best Star Wars ships.
4. Lego Star Wars PC
Lego Star Wars PC
Lego Star Wars PCA perfect Start to your Childs Gaming Spree
If you are addicted to the gaming world and also have the Star Wars fever in your system, then the Lego Star Wars PC is the answer to all your fantasizes. One can easily swap mechanical trash lying in the house into a technically advanced Lego Star Wars PC, which will attract a lot attention. The creation will leave kids in a wheezing state with the presence of cockpit, hull, and wings. It will drive children crazy as they get transported to an altogether different planet, thanks to the attention-grabbing and unique PC. So, if you want to surprise your kids with an out of this world creation then go through the instructions and build one right inside the comfort of your house that too without shelling a lot of money.
5. LEGO Sandcrawler
LEGO Sandcrawler
LEGO SandcrawlerLego Star Wars Sandcrawler by Marshal Banana
The implausible LEGO Sandcrawler is an ingenious creation by Marshall Banana. The 3 foot version of the Jawa Sandcrawler has been meticulously constructed by Banana over a period of 9 months. It features a lot of RC parts apart from 10,000 LEGO bricks. The stunning model is totally remote controlled and features a motorized crane, fully functional threads and numerous lights that make it twinkle like a precious gem. It is a symbol of true craftsmanship, which is not only restricted to the facade but even seeps inside its skin. The inside is fully functional and also features a conveyer belt with more sci-fi traits. It can move backward and forward, while the front ramp can be raised and lowered with the help of a remote.
6. LEGO Jedi Steamfighter
LEGO Jedi Starfighter
LEGO Jedi StarfighterLEGO Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Booster Ring
The LEGO Jedi Steamfighter has been inspired by the Jedi Starfighter that was seen in the Attack of the Clones. Its time when the Star Wars Starfighter collided head on with steampunk that too in the form of LEGO blocks. The Jedi Starfighter has been given an amazing facelift and the result is simply awesome. The connection base has been used to make sure that the hyperdrive ring fits well.
7. Lego Star Wars Foosball Table
lego star wars foosball table
lego star wars foosball tableThis incredible Foosball table was made by Austrian Star Wars and LEGO nut 2×4
Here is a creation for all you Foosball fans that will make you jump up till the roof with happiness if you even happen to be a diehard fan of Star Wars. Lego Star Wars Foosball table has been entirely made using Lego bricks and features Star Wars characters that will be a part of your team. The foosmen have been swapped by Star Wars figures and the complete table with the figures is nothing but Lego parts. The fully operational table is pretty impressive and will make foosball challenges all the more fun.

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