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Seven unique music stands to ensure a standout performance

Posted: 29 Oct 2011 05:39 AM PDT

Gita Kalyanraman:

unique music stands
unique music standsunique music stands

Music stands come in a wide range of materials as well as shapes. Each has its own distinctive style and functionality. Though all of them come with adjustable heights and desks that tilt keeping the comfort of the musician in mind, the designs and colors are highly individualistic and give the musician a wide choice.

1) The Winged Music Stand

Winged Music Stand
Winged Music StandWinged Music Stand adjusts to the musicians height

The Winged Music Stand is a wooden one, using ash or cherry with an oil or varnish finish.The inlay is entirely made using walnut wood. Though it is of wooden make, it has a sleek look that gives it elegance and class. The height of the stand has also been made flexible for Musicians which can be adjusted from a minimum of 1070 mm to a maximum of 1290 mm. This can be done by moving a plunger which is delrin tipped. The tray is wide (65mm) and can hold an open music sheet. It can be adjusted to a sitting or standing posture and has its viewing angle also adjustable. It is priced at $ 3600.

2) The Music Stand C1900

Music Stand C1900
Music Stand C1900Music Stand C1900

The Music Stand C1900 is a classy antique piece. Made from brass and steel, this delightful stand has a four-legged steel base mounted on castor wheels. The tray is made of the finest mahogany and is circular in shape.The music sheet holder is a large square which is supported by a levered steel stand to adjust the height and angle for any posture (sitting or standing) of the musician. This is available for $ 771.73

3) The Beautiful Music Stand

beautiful music stand
beautiful music standbeautiful music stand

The Beautiful Music Stand comes in different heights, ranging from 30″ to 34″, 38″, 42″ and 46″. This measurement is taken from the lower edge of the music sheet and can be further adjusted up to 6″. The brass screw and plate system lets the stand tilt to a 45 degree angle and is a single-handed adjustment. The base of the stand is just 12″ thus, very compact and space-saving. The stand is made entirely of cherry and curly maple wood with little violin pegs in ebony, that can be used to make the head and neck adjustments. The whole stand is beautifully hand-crafted and laminated. The curve of the staff suggests a musical flow and the lines and spaces of a musical sheet are delightfully echoed in the wavy cherry and straight maple strips. The head of the stand is styled out to look like a stringed musical instrument, with a lip at the base for keeping a baton or pencil. A lot of input has been collected from musicians for over two years to match all their needs. The result of which is this beautiful music stand.

4) Helstrom music stand

Helstrom music stand
Helstrom music standHelstrom music stand

Helstrom music stand is for firmly standing your instrument, be it a guitar, mandolin or banjo. It comes with a fine, quality leather strap for securing the instrument and an f-hole design that is traditional. There is option for cherry and maple finish which are priced at $ 79, $ 89 only.

5) Music in steel

Music in steel
Music in steelMusic in steel

For musicians who would like a unique and personalized music stand, which would be a one of a kind and a tailor-made one, Joe Brown an artist blacksmith of Brown View Forge could be the answer. As he himself is a music-lover, he brings out pieces weaving musical themes in them (like the one illustrated above). The stands are made out of forged steel and are adjustable in height. The sheet holder can accommodate a full chart. As the stand is customized, it is used by individuals as well as choir groups in churches and symphonies.

6) Yamaha MS1OOO Folding Music Stand

Yamaha MS1000 Folding Music Stand
Yamaha MS1000 Folding Music StandYamaha MS1000 Folding Music Stand

A modern and elegant music stand that can be folded and stored easily, is very stylish and functional. ‘The base is a tripod measuring 21″ across, with a double sectioned shaft with a trigger that is spring-loaded. This can be used to lower or heighten the shaft from 26″ to 4O”, for any sitting or standing posture and locked with a cam-clutch. The music sheet holder which is 9″, is hinged and can fold as well as tilt. The whole music stand has a black powder finish and can be folded and kept in a gig bag which is also provided along with the stand, to make it portable. It is widely used for class-rooms as well as homes.

7) Wooden Music Stand

Wooden Music Stand
Wooden Music StandWooden Music Stand

This is a decorative stand made of solid wood. The base is a tripod which is also wooden. The height can be adjusted from 33″ to 48″. The head has its own design which is distinct and intricate. The head can also be tilted to a comfortable angle and is lipped at the bottom edge for sheets to stay secure. The wood is walnut colored with five different heads and can also be used as a decorative piece in any room. It is priced at $ 245.

Five digital dining tables for modern geeks

Posted: 29 Oct 2011 05:37 AM PDT

Sourish Karmakar:

Digital dining tables
Digital dining tablesCool digital dining tables for modern geeks

Dining table is an important part of the daily experience. After a weary day, dinner at your favorite dining table makes things comfortable. Most of the time dining table comes in exquisite design. However, exquisiteness does not define the modern human. Modern human being is all about technology. What if the technology can be merged with your dining experience? Digital dining table is one such extraordinary innovation that can bring that technology right at your dinner table. You can use the features of table and enjoy your dining. If you are indeed looking for digital dining table, then you need to look at the best designs to suit your need. Here is the list of five such digital dining tables to enhance your dining experience.

1. Assistant digital dining table

Assistant digital dining table
Assistant digital dining tableThe digital dining table by Sang Hoon Lee

The Assistant digital dining table is designed by Sang Hoon Lee as part of adding hi tech experience to your living room. The cool designed furniture not only ensures wonderful dining experience but it also functions as refrigeration and warming unit for your dinner. The temperature can be set to temperature that you like, so that you can be served with a hot meal whenever you want to have. However, that is not it as the dining table even has a TV installed in the middle. Having such a wonderful table, you will have to neither reach for your fridge nor microwave for the food nor have you to dine on your couch to catch your favorite dinnertime TV episodes.

2. Scroll Dining Table

Scroll Dining Table
Scroll Dining TableThe Scroll Dining Table

Nobody & Co. designed this wonderful table to accentuate Italian design's merger with modern technology. The design is called Scroll table to correctly represent the changing motifs of the table. The removable handle in the table can shift it to seven different motifs. You can choose the digital mode or you can go for Timorous Beasties painted design series. If you want a plain look then you can choose white cotton or grey linen on it. The structure of the table is laser cut to give the smooth edges with powder coating to enhance the design.

3. Hi-tech integrated dining table by Petr Kubik

Hi-tech integrated dining table by Petr Kubik
Hi-tech integrated dining table by Petr KubikHi-tech integrated dining table by Petr Kubik that has a refrigerator

Petr Kubik has a streak of surprising people with his innovative products. The table has an integrated refrigerator, electrical goods and even internet connection. It allows you to dine and do things sitting at same place. The table has a 200-liter freezer installed beneath the table surface that turn transparent with touch of a button to reveal out the refrigerator's content. There are separate compartments for storing groceries. The standout feature includes the space for installation of eight different electrical appliances with a dishwasher, Bread-toaster, coffee machine and even a mini microwave already installed. The OLED display screen installed with a changeable top give access to the internet. It is a table that defines luxury with comfort.

4. Induc table

Induc table
Induc tableInduc table hi tech dining table

InducTable is definitely a user friendly dining table. This dining table is innovation and high end product that can turn the dining experience into a full comfort. The futuristic table is installed with real technological devices such as thermal sensors and heat sensitive ceramic surface. The high-end technology with the glamorous design will make your home décor interesting and modern. The built-in sensors of this table can detect the position of the objects and allows the adjustment of the same with the touch screen remote making it highly user friendly. The InducTable dining table can even warm the food with the thermochromic glass ceramic surface. Now you never have to move away from your favorite table to heat up your food or you do not have to feel the cold shock when you touch the table. Having this table, you will surely raise your comfort level to a new height.

5. Friendlyway Imagine 32

Friendlyway Imagine 32
Friendlyway Imagine 32Friendlyway Digital Dining Table

The design from Microsoft surface merged the interactive features and designing to give a wonderful piece of furniture The Friendlyway Imagine 32 is a digital table that has an integrated 32'' TFT flat-screen display, a state of art touch-sensitive screen with a compact high-performance computer incorporated into the dinner table. The dinner table brings home the office experience right at your home. Now you can work and eat at the same time. The idea of 'working and dining' is spoiling, but the modern human beings do not have time for themselves due to their busy schedule. Therefore, having such a table will not only ease up the load but also allow nutrition to reach the body instead of only work.

How to make your own steampunk iPhone dock

Posted: 29 Oct 2011 05:36 AM PDT

Manhardeep Singh:

Steampunk iPhone dock
Steampunk iPhone dockHow to make your own Steampunk iPhone dock

Apple with its recently launched model iPhone 4S has been buzzing around all over the world with its features and capabilities. With the high volume of sales of the new phone, its accessories manufacturers are trying all their efforts to make their product stand out of the competition as the accessories such as an iPhone dock is a necessary accessory.

But, you do not require to go out in the market and search for all the sleek designed iPhone dock accessory when you yourself can make a unique steampunk iPhone dock with the help of this post.

In this post you will come to know about the difficulty level of making your own iPhone dock, the time required to make one, resources you will need, a step-by-step instructions for a hassle-free process, answers to some frequently asked questions, some quick tips and things to watch out for so that you do not injure yourself.

Difficulty level: Moderately challenging, which means you may require some expertise in some specific area in the process.

Time required: It varies from person to person depending upon the skill and the speed.

Resources required:

1. Valves

2. Pipes

3. Gauges

4. Tanks

5. Whistles

6. Governors

7. Rivets

8. Wood


Step 1: Building the base

In the very first step you need to make the base of the design which you will create as the iPhone dock. You can use wood, as it can be shaped very easily, approximately 150 mm in length. You can use coin to mark the circles where you want the steam pipe to go. You can also use incense cones for making the dock so that it also gives an amazing fragrance while your phone charges. You can also plan to make a drawer in the design itself to keep the incense cones so that you do not have to run around the house to find one.

Step 2: Making the drawer

In this step, you can create a drawer where you can keep the incense cones in the design. To do so, you need to hollow out the wood. You can do this by drilling the wood a bit with the help of a drill and then giving it a fine finish using a chisel or dremel.

Step 3: The tanks

You will also need tanks on your dock to look it a real steampunk machine. You can use cans if you have some. You can use lathe to give cylindrical shape to wood which can work good as a tank on your steampunk design. If you want that the boiler in the design should also smoke, then you need to make the large tank hollowed out from the inside.

Step 4: The basic parts

Now you have finished making the basic parts which you would require for your steampunk designed iPhone dock. You have got a base, a drawer, a large tank and a small one. Apart from this, you can decorate the design with any design you would like to have.

Step 5: Adding the hole for the cable

The measure of the adapter is 6 mm, so you can use a 6 mm drill bit to drill out the desired measure of wood to make it a slot for the cable. You can use dremel to give a finishing touch to the hole made. Now you can test the cable so that it can fit tightly. After the cable fits fine, you can create a channel from the hole towards the back of the base from where the cable will be coming out of the design. You can again give it a fine finish using the dremel.

Step 6: Adding some rivets

In this step you can add rivets to your design’s base so that it looks real. You may need to drill pilot holes in the base if the pins split the wood. After you have added the rivets, you can glue all the basic parts into the place and let them dry.

Step 7: The crucible

In this step we will create stuff which can hold the incense cones in the place in the boiler. You can make use of some off cuts of pipe and a 22 mm end cap. We will use them to create a crucible. Flatten the off cut of pipe to make it the handle and file the end so that it fit snugs against the end cap. You can solder them together. Now test the rack with a incense cone so that it holds the cone securely.

Step 8: Painting and other details

In order to give the design a real steampunk look, you need to paint everything black. At this point you can also add pipes to your design to give it a real look. You can bend the pipes using pliers. Also make the holes in the design so that the pipes fit it. After drying the design, mix silver and gold paint and paint the design with the same. You can paint the pipes with gold color. To give a good look to the pressure gauges, you can also take print out of them and paste on it to give it a real look.

Step 9: Fit the cable

In this last step you just need to fit the cable where your iPhone will be resting. Bingo! you have made your own steampunk iPhone dock.

Frequently asked questions

1. I am not good at soldering. What else can I do to make the crucible?

Ans: You can use a strong glue to make the crucible.

2. Can I add some more details to the design?

Ans: It totally depends upon you. If you feel you want to add or remove something, you can do so.

Quick tips

1. Be sure that you have knowledge about how to use tools as well as the dangers associated with each tool.

2. You need to have patience while letting the glue as well as the paint dry.

Things to watch out for

1. Make sure to cover your place with newspapers or old cloth while painting the design.

2. Be careful while using the tools.

Five creative scooter designs to move the physically challenged

Posted: 29 Oct 2011 05:33 AM PDT

Gurdeep Singh:

Mobility Enhancer
Mobility EnhancerMobility Enhancer For Elderly & Physically Challenged.

Taking a step forward and moving around may not seem to be even the slightest of effort and can easily go unnoticed but even standing up on their feet can be a great challenge for the one who is physically challenged. Just imagine what activities you perform that requires walking and moving around? Almost every! Giving the power of motion to the physically challenged can solve many challenges of movement and help them perform their day-to-day work. Many researchers have come up with useful designs of uniquely innovated scooters that assist the physically challenged to commute and perform their activities without trouble.

Following are the five such innovative scooter designs that work perfectly well for the physically challenged.

1. Amigo mobility scooter

Amigo Scooter
Amigo ScooterAmigo Mobility Scooter, The Modern Wheelchair.

In the year 1881, the first wheelchair rolled out in Europe that became a boon for those who were physically challenged. Now they were able to move around on their own by using their hands to rotate the wheels. With the advancement in technology, this wheel chair was electrified to offer more power and easy mobility options to the physically challenged, geriatric and critically ill patients. One such device is the Amigo mobility scooter that comprises a backrest, a seat and the foot support area to offer a comfortable sitting on the move. Due to its joystick driven vehicle, the person can exert his/her energies more on the other useful activities than driving the wheelchair and maintaining a comfortable sitting position. The armrest helps the person relax when needed. The important feature of the scooter is it is anatomically contoured seating area and the backrest that offers enough space to accommodate the person of any size with comfort. This is mainly designed to move indoors with comfort although new designs are also emerging that offer outdoor mobility, too.

2. Universal electric scooter

Electric Scooter
Electric ScooterUniversal Electric Scooter by Ji-Hoon Hong.

One of the best in its class the universal electric scooter, designed by Ji-Hoon Hong is the scooter designed for the elderly and the physically challenged. This electric powered scooter comes with fully adjustable seat which can be rotated horizontally to help the person perform any task being seated on the sideways, too. The wheels are so designed to prevent skidding and are useful for indoor as well as outdoor mobility. The joystick operated levers give better control on the scooter with all the energies conserved for other useful works than driving the scooter. There are the front and rear indicators indicating the turn of the scooter that offers universal safety to the driver. The sleek design adds attraction to the design.

3. Miracle mobility vehicle

Miracle mobility
Miracle mobilityMiracle mobility by Israeli designer Ayelet Kit

Designed by an Israeli designer Ayelet Kit for Tzora Company this is the perfect mobility vehicle that is easily foldable and can be carried in the car trunk. This is a rechargeable battery powered four wheeled scooter that has a comfortable adjustable seat. The seat can be rotated to offer easy and comfortable getting on and off the seat for the user. Due to its comfortable seating arrangement and easy to grab handle this scooter makes it the better choice for the elderly and the physically disabled people.

4. Mobility enhancer

Mobility Enhancer
Mobility EnhancerMobility Enhancer For Elderly & Physically Challenged.

With the advent of technology, we have made almost all of our tasks easy and more efficient. Technology also helped the physically challenged to cross their limitations and perform at their best. This mobility enhancer is the brainchild of a mom of two who faced the trouble of holding her kids, her umbrella and variety of other items, grocery, etc. This motivated her to design a scooter with a bag (patented to her) on its front side to hold the umbrella which she called the 'Brella Bag'. This simple innovation solved the problem of mobility with the ease of carrying things such as keys, wallet, cell phone, etc. This also helps the elderly or the physically challenged to steer around freely with their belongings in the brella bag. The steady brella bag is strong enough to hold the umbrella in the windy conditions and large enough to carry water bottles, too. A comfortable seating chair with sidewise movement helps the person move easily on and from the seats to continue his/her daily chores.

5. Electrical wheelchairs and power mobility scooters

power mobility scooters
power mobility scootersPower mobility scooters for Handicapped.

This is one such scooter that offers power with convenience. For those who have difficulty moving indoors and perform their daily activities, the electrical wheelchair is the option that offers flexible mobility to the elderly and the physically challenged. This is a six-wheel power chair that can maneuver easily in the small places of the home and can move with efficiency. This is a joystick driven electric wheelchair that is easy to handle and requires very less trouble driving it.

10 radio alarm clocks for a melodic morning

Posted: 29 Oct 2011 05:31 AM PDT

Sai Kiran Kandhari:

Radio alarm clock
Radio alarm clockRadio alarm clocks for a melodic morning

We all have alarms so that we can wake up at the desired time. But the irritating part of those necessary alarms is the harsh sound that they make. Those harsh sounds are going to be something of the past. Now we have radio alarm clocks with special features. They will wake you up by their soothing sound. Here we are with a list of 10 radio alarm clocks for a melodic morning. Have a look!

1. MIR Radio alarm clocks

MIR Radio Alarm Clock
MIR Radio Alarm ClockMIR by designer Klaus Rosburg

It looks like a space satellite with gold finishing and also has an LCD display to view the time and a radio with speakers, designed by Klaus Rosberg. This is a solar powered device designed for those who want to listen the latest discoveries of the NASA. The MIR Radio alarm has two wings which can rotate and which take the solar energy to run the device. It has an FM which is to make your morning melodious, and this clock is to kept near windows so that it can take the solar energy and work even when the sun sets.

2. Our Glass

Our Glass
Our GlassDesigned by Swedish designer Filip von Hauswolff

Inspired by the ‘Hour Glass’, Swedish designer Filip Von Hauswolff designed this device named ‘Our Glass’. It has a spherical shape and also has low center of gravity. Our Glass has a playful format which allows the users to interact and it always stands upright to rock the user with its music. After setting the alarm, to wake up with your favorite audio track, the user has to just give a gentle spin to direct the speakers.

3. The Batman alarm clock radio

The Batman Alarm Clock Radio
The Batman Alarm Clock Radiobased on Batman movie and allows you to wake up to music or alarm buzzer

It is named so because it can produce the sound of a bat with the alarm in your room. The key features of this Batman alarm clock radio are; AM/FM tuner, displays calender with month, date and time, has 12 or 24 hour display mode, 8 different melodies and snooze timer that can be adjusted,180 degree rotation arm for front and back projection. When the alarm is snoozed it shows up a batman logo which will fade out after a few seconds. It is priced at $20.

4. AI Digital alarm clock

AI Digital alarm clock
AI Digital alarm clockdesigned by Andrew Suhatam

A radio clock not only to wake you, but also to keep you updated about the happenings in the world. It has a neat and simple look of an old type alarm, having two horns on the top where the right side part is used to set the radio with pressing or turning it in clockwise or anti clockwise direction and the left side part is used to set the alarm. The clock has a display showing day, date and time and also the radio frequency used.

5. YORX alarm clock radio

YORX Alarm Clock Radio
YORX Alarm Clock RadioYORX Fully Featured Alarm Clock Radio

Its body is made of wood grain and has a super rad vantage tuner display with balanced array of knobs which are arranged simple and easy to use. The speakers are mounted on its side with separate volume adjustments for them which makes it sound better and the way one wants. It also features a dimmer switch which is the good feature and this radio clock has 9 volt battery back up, which a lot of vantage clocks lack. The user can adjust the alarm tone, tune the radio or alarm clock just at a single touch. The price of this alarm clock is $55.

6. Sustainable radio alarm clock

Sustainable Radio Alarm Clock
Sustainable Radio Alarm ClockIdea by Oliver Craig

This eco friendly Sustainable radio alarm clock is designed by Oliver Craig. The casing of this radio clock is done with laser cut layered card, and it has an organic touchscreen which makes it eco friendly without using any chemical at all. The battery is connected to a USB to charge and there is no need to replace the battery in this radio clock, and the battery is also chemical free. The display shows time and radio station currently used. This is a huge hit among green lovers as it is completely chemical free.

7. Mint BMP#2

Mint BMP#2
Mint BMP#2Inspired from the design of a taxi meter, designed by Jongchul Kim

The Mint BMP#2 is basically a taximeter featuring bedroom functions like radio, alarm and time. It has two panels where the upper part displays the time and the lower part shows the fare amount. The remaining mesh like appearance is to let out the audio and the upper tuner on the right side to set the time and the lower one is to set the radio frequency. On the upper tuner, in the middle there is a green colored button which is to on/off the alarm. And finally when the alarm rings, there is wake up board which pops up from the backside. This makes it a funny and good alarm clock.

8. Radio Eglence

Radio Eglence
Radio EglenceDesigned by Serdar Sisman

This stylish radio alarm clock is designed by Serdar Sisman. The Eglence has a transparent touch screen which displays the date time and the radio station being played. This radio clock has motion sensors where the radio gets activated when anyone passes through it. This radio clock can be used as an alarm clock and the favorite radio channel can be set as your alarm tune for a musical morning.

9. Mr. Clock radio alarm clock

Mr. Clock Radio alarm clock
Mr. Clock Radio alarm clockMr. Clock Radio alarm clock comes with 30 pre-programmed voices

If you think you really need something extra to wake up, then the Mr. Clock radio alarm clock is the perfect one. It has 30 different ways and different styles from gentle wakening to commanding to wake you up, it can tell fortunes, read the time loudly, reacts to motion and light, and plays music from AM/FM and even form an iPod or an MP3. This little Mr. Robot costs $80.

10. iLuv’s iNT170 Radio Clock

iLuv's iNT170 radio clock
iLuv’s iNT170 radio clockiNT170 internet radio-alarm clock from iLuv

The special feature of this radio is that it can be connected to a network. The user will never run out of music with this many connections and the user can switch on to different stations instantly, and this radio can also be connected to the local airwaves also. From this alarm system, you can choose your favorite track which will wake you up. It is available at $200.

How to convert an old hard drive into a speaker

Posted: 29 Oct 2011 05:30 AM PDT

Manhardeep Singh:

hard drive into a speaker
hard drive into a speakerConverting hard drive into a speaker.

Why do you want to buy new speakers when you already have one? “Where?” you may ask. This post will explain you where. Now no more expenditure on the new speakers when you can convert an old hard drive of your computer into a speaker. Yes, you read it right, you can convert an old hard drive into a speaker

This post will tell you about the difficulty level of the task, resources required in converting an old hard drive into a speaker, an estimate cost and time the project will require, a detailed guide explaining every step required to complete the project, answers to some questions which may come into the mind and precautions you need to take while working on the project.

Difficulty level

Moderate easy - which means anyone can do it, even the first timers but you should have some knowledge about hard drive.

Time required

The time required to convert an old hard drive into speaker totally depends upon the skill and speed of the person. A highly skilled person can complete the task much earlier than a novice.

Resources required

1. ) An old hard drive

2. ) Solder wire

3. ) Speaker or amplifier

4. ) Screw driver ( including torx screw driver)

Estimate cost

The cost of the project depends upon the availability, quantity and quality of the resources listed in the ” resources required ” section earlier in this post.


1: Collect and gather the resources

The very first step is to collect and gather all the material listed in the ” resources required ” section earlier in the post. This step is important and is kept at first so that you get all the material at first otherwise, you will keep going here and there searching for stuff which will do nothing but waste your precious time.

2: Open the hard drive

After collecting all the stuff in Step - 1, now you can take the old hard drive which you want to convert into a speaker. You can open it using a normal screwdriver if the hard drive is held together by normal screws. If there are torx screws then you can use torx wrench.

After opening the hard drive you need to use a hacksaw to cut the parts between the arm and the platters of the hard drive. To cut the metal under the arms of the hard drive, you can use dremel.

3: Soldering the wires

After cutting the hard drive according to the instructions, you need to cut the arms away from the platters of the hard drive. After this, you can solder wires to the voice coil tips (it is where they were soldered earlier while you cut the hard drive in Step - 2).

4: Play the music

One you have soldered the wires to the voice coil, you need to hook the wires to the stereo /audio amplifier (whatever you are using) and test by playing some music. Use a music with a lot of treble than a lot of bass to test your hard drive speakers. The speakers will work if they are resting on a stable surface. If you are holding it in your hands, it will not work.

Frequently asked questions

I have never opened a hard drive, can I do it?

The difficulty level of converting an old hard drive into a speaker is moderate easy, which means even a first timer can also do. But you need to have some basic knowledge about the components of hard drive.

Can a non - working hard drive be converted into speaker?

Yes, but only if there is no damage to the top magnet and the arms of the hard drive.

Quick tips

1. ) If you do not have a torx wrench to open the torx screws of the hard drive, then you can use a drill press to drill into the screw heads.

2. ) You can also remove the top magnet to get a better access for soldering the wires.

Things to watch out for

1. ) Be extra cautious while using tools such as screwdrivers and drill. Make sure you know how to use the tools and are aware of the dangers associated with each tool.

2. ) Make sure you do not damage the arms or the magnet of the hard drive, otherwise all the efforts may go in vain.

Seven personal gyms to help you stay in a good shape

Posted: 29 Oct 2011 05:28 AM PDT

Shahnawaz Naaz:

Personal gyms
Personal gymsPersonal gyms to help you stay in a good shape

We all should make efforts to remain fit and one of our top priorities should be to exercise daily. But the modern, fast-paced life has made it tough for us to take time out of our busy schedule. The lack of exercising affects our fitness much, but we can overcome this problem by installing personal gyms at our home. The idea of having a personal gym is fast catching pace because it saves our time and also keeps us healthy and fit.

Here is the list of seven personal gyms to help you stay in a good shape

1. 4Fitness

4Fitness4Fitness, Home Gym Modular Structure.

It is a personal gym perfect for those city dwellers who find it tough to remain fit. This fitness gym can be installed in little space which will definitely suit those who do not have enough space in their home to install large personal gym. 4Fitness was an official entry for James Dyson Design Awards in 2009. This personal gym is foldable and it can be hung on a wall after folding. This personal gym is divided into separate sections including sections for strength training, endurance, balance and agility. One of the important features of 4Fitness is that the users can add new modules as per their requirements.

2. The Access

The Access
The AccessThe Access, a handicap-friendly fitness center.

The Access is a handicap friendly personal gym which was an official entry at the 2009 James Dyson Award competition. This fitness machine can be used by both a wheelchair-bound personal and a fully fit individual. This innovative personal gym is perfect for those who want to remain fit and healthy by exercising regularly within the confines of their homes. The central tower of this personal gym features two arms which can independently rotate at 180 degrees. These arms can also be extended laterally. This fitness machine allows the use to exercise as per the needs. The height and weight can be adjusted using the touch points present in the central tower. The price of this innovative personal gym is still unknown.

3. Tuff Stuff

Tuff stuff
Tuff stuffTuff stuff Apollo 7400 4-Stack modular gym.

Priced at around $9,999.00, Tuff Stuff's Apollo 7400 4-Stack Modular Gym is an innovative personal gym which can be used by those fitness freaks who do not have enough time to visit the fitness center. Tuff Stuff claims that they have manufactured this personal for use by three generations and it is made of high quality items. The Apollo 7400 4-stack gym unit can be used by four users at a time. This fitness center has Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Multi Press and Leg Press Station. The frame of this personal gym is made of tubular steel of 11-gauge. The gym looks stylish and attractive because it has Platinum Sparkle and Catheral Gray finish.

4. Kinesis gym

kinesisKinesis Personal Furniture Gym For Your Home.

Many of us forget to follow our gym routine regularly and some of us do not prefer to visit the nearby fitness center to keep ourselves in shape. A personal gym is best option for those who want to remain in shape but did not do it due to one reason or the other. Kinesis Gym is the perfect thing for them because this personal gym can be installed in one corner of the house. Tehcnogym has manufactured this innovative fitness center. The Kinesis Gym features a full-gravity movement system which is tri-dimensional. You can try as much as 200 different positions of exercising using the tensile pulleys system. This personal is available in two models: Vision and Heritage.

5. Ferrari Unica gym

ferrari unica gym
ferrari unica gymFerrari Unica gym is inspired from Ferrari cars.

Priced at around $20,290, the Ferrari Unica gym is a sleek and stylish personal gym manufactured jointly by Ferrari and Technogym. This personal gym is adorned with the Prancing Horse colors of the Ferrari and it seems that the design of this personal gym is completely inspired from cool Ferrari cars. This gym allows the user to remain fit by following 25 different exercises of arms, dorsals, shoulders, legs, abs and calf muscles. A key card comes with the package which stores the physical data of the user.

6. Technogym’s Kinesis home gym

technogymTechnogym by Antonio Cittero

You must have seen golf plated cars, TVs, motorcycles, mobile phones, cameras etc but have you ever seen a gold plated gym? If not then Kinesis gold gym is for you. The company has manufactured limited edition of this one-of-a-kind fitness center which allows the users to practice 200 different exercises. This personal gym uses under one square meter of the area. Milan-based designer Antonio Cittero deserves credit for designing the gold gym. This gym is worth 10,000 euros.

7. Xfit

XfitXfit fits your home gym into a stylish closet.

Manufactured by Carpam Sport & Tumidei, the Xfit is a personal gym with dimensions of 90×60x160h centimeters. Priced at $6,332, this personal gym features 1 Drill rest, 1 motor-driven treadmill, 2 sets of rubber bands, and 2 dumbbells of 2kg each. The Xfit has 19″ LCD TV integrated in it with DVD/CD player. This personal gym is available in 11 different colors.

How to create your own water powered clock

Posted: 28 Oct 2011 11:14 PM PDT

Satyajit Bera:

Water powered clock
Water powered clockCreating your own water powered clock

DIY battery cells are very exciting to make at home. It becomes more interesting if the raw materials are easily available and cheap to your wallet. In this project we will use water as the electro-chemical solution in which the electrodes will remain immersed. This cell works on the principle of ion exchange between the water and the metal electrodes. The salts and acids present in tap water migrates to the electrodes causing the flow of electron particles, thus yielding electrical power. Though the output voltage of this cell is too small, it is sufficient to drive a low voltage digital clock.

Difficulty level: Moderate. You may require basic knowledge.

Time required: The maximum time required for this project is 1 hour.

Resources required:

1. Two empty bottles or jars to store the water (capacity - 1 liter)

2. Connecting wires (one red colored, one black colored and the last one of any other color)

3. A low voltage digital display clock

4. Two copper leads

5. Two zinc leads

6. A thick needle to punch holes

7. A soldering iron

8. Transparent adhesive tape

Estimate cost: The average cost involved in this project is about $1-$2 (if you buy the copper and zinc leads).


  1. First, make the electrodes of the water cell. Connect the red wire, that is the positive terminal to a copper lead and the black wire or negative terminal to a zinc lead.
  2. Now use the left wire of any other color to connect the rest two pieces of leads. This interconnected electrode assembly is used to connect the two water cells in series in order to double the output voltage.
  3. Next, fill two bottles or containers with tap water and place them side by side. Punch two holes (with the needle) in each of the bottle caps for fixing the metallic electrodes inside the bottles.
  4. Now, insert the positive copper lead inside the left bottle and the negative zinc terminal inside the right bottle. Thereafter, put the zinc lead of the interconnected electrodes assembly into the left bottle (having a copper lead already) and the copper lead into the right bottle (having a zinc lead already).
  5. Take out the dead battery from the digital display clock and identify the positive and negative terminals very carefully.
  6. Next, connect the positive (red wire) and negative (black wire) terminals from the water cell to the corresponding points in the clock with the help of a soldering iron.
  7. Fix the clock to the bottles or any fixed support with the help of the transparent adhesive tape.
  8. You have completed making a digital clock powered by the electro-chemical energy of water. As soon as you connect the terminals, the display will flash up and show you time (you will have to adjust the time for the first time).

Frequently asked questions

1. How long will this water powered cell work?

Well, this one is going to work satisfactorily up to 1 month or so without affecting the display. However, if the water used bears more salt (varies from place to place), the cell will work effectively for a longer time. After that just change the water of the two bottles to recharge the cell.

2. How can I make this clock look attractive?

You can make use of a box, cut a hole in the front to mount the clock, place the bottles inside and color the outer surface to make it look stylish and beautiful.

Quick tips

1. Always use a low voltage digital clock for this project. It is because the output voltage of the water cell used here is very minimum. Thus, you should use a clock which uses very less power to run.

2. Change the water in the bottles at least once in a month to get best results.

3. Don’t use thick wires for the connections. This will cause the voltage to drop as a result of which your clock may not turn on.

Things to watch out for

1. Make sure that you don’t short the positive and negative terminals in any part of the entire circuit. This may damage the internal circuitry of the watch and ruin it.

2. Make sure that there is no leakage of water from the bottles, or they will flood your table.

3. Identify the positive and negative terminals at the back of the clock very carefully. Never connect the wrong wire to the wrong terminal.

4. Don’t forget to maintain the color code of the wires as described above. This will help you avoid any confusions. Always connect the red wire (positive terminal) to the copper lead and the black wire (negative terminal) to the zinc lead.

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