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Eight self-sustaining products to ensure a green lifestyle

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 06:00 AM PDT

Abhinav Shrivastava:

Self-sustaining products
Self-sustaining productsSelf-sustaining products to ensure a green lifestyle

These days people have begun to realize the importance of sustainable products to reduce carbon footprint and to have better, greener pastures in life. Therefore, designers these days have been trying to create and design innovative products that are eco friendly, sustainable, marketable, affordable and most importantly, functional. Check out this list of 8 products that are not just sustainable but also cool and amazing, providing pleasure to make your life green.

1. Solaris

SolarisPowers your electronics even where there is no electricity.

Solaris is a great technology table that combines sustainability, utility and rigidity. Designer Lulius Lucaci has created this product for all techie users who are constantly troubled by the discharged batteries. Therefore, you can work on your laptop even if it's not charged. The product contains photovoltaic solar panels consisting of amorphous cells that can generate energy. It also contains four plugs and USB connections. A green bumper is specially designed to protect the edges of the project. As this is made from bamboo, it is not too heavy but at the same time it is extremely durable. A wise choice, isn't it?

2. Solar Over Door PIR Light

Solar Over Door PIR Light
Solar Over Door PIR LightThe light switches on the light when it senses motion

This is an eco friendly modern technology lighting that switches itself on whenever it senses motions. It doesn't require any batteries of main supply to function. It has solar power panels that harness solar energy and convert it into light. It safely lights the doorways and has no hassles of wires. The good thing is that this product won't burn a hole in your pocket and charges barely £24.95. Surely, a budget friendly way to be eco friendly!

3. Wind driven boot dryer

Wind-driven boot dryer
Wind-driven boot dryerWind Driven Boot Dryer by John Lee

This one doesn't require electricity or solar energy. It efficiently utilizes wind, a basic renewable source of energy and dries wet boots. It directs air into the boot which in turn increases the rate of evaporation of moisture. This is a highly functional product if you live in areas of high humidity or high rainfall. The award winning technology comes handy during troubling times when you need to go out and your gum boots are wet. Buy this eco friendly product for comfort.

4. Love Pot Humidifiers

Love Pot Humidifiers
Love Pot HumidifiersDesigned by Sangmin Bae & ID+IM Design Lab

This simple, elegant looking product can fill your home with aromatic smells. If you are living in an area where there are high levels of humidity, this one is surely a good option to buy. This humidifier is made of tissue ball and wool that reduces humidity by absorbing water content from the air. It has no bacteria and doesn't require electricity or batteries to function. The pot isn't very costly at $30 and all the profits are provided to a charitable organization. This is a design for eco friendly individuals. So, enchant yourself in Love Pot's aroma and let a lesser humid air envelop you.

5. Eco shower

Eco Shower
Eco ShowerSelf-powered ‘Eco Shower’ saves energy and water

This one saves on energy and water. Designed by Paul Frigout, this shower minimizes the use of energy. A turbine integrated to the shower produces electricity upon water contact and this electricity in turn heats the water. The pressure blocks at the bottom of the shower pump water to the showerhead for energy synthesis. Thereby, the process also regulates water flow. At the same time, it uses water and recycles it for further usage. Moreover, no ceramic has been used in its structure. The show is made from Ice stone which is a recycled product from glass and steel.

6. Breeze

BreezeBreeze" by Korean designer Jin Hwan Jeong

Are eco friendly products compromising with the classy interiors of your home? Not anymore, because Breeze is an eco friendly, sustainable product that makes your home look even more elegant and sophisticated. Designed by Korean Jin Hwan Jeong, this product has energy efficiency and uses solar energy for its main supply. The user can easily decide the number of lights required through selection of light stems. This stylish product gives a subtle glow to your home with an on/off button in the middle of aluminum stem that allows you to use it as per your needs.

7. UVonion onion-shaped lamp

UVonion onion-shaped lamp
UVonion onion-shaped lampSolar-powered lamp utilizes the sun to sterilize your home's interiors.

This is a thing of beauty. This lamp has solar panels that receive their charge using sun's energy. It also captures the positivity of ultraviolet light and sunlight and uses it to sterilize your home. Although you cannot get sunlight at every corner of your room, you can use this lamp to bring light to every section of your home. It has LED lighting and therefore doesn't emit any heat, making it possible to be placed anywhere in the house.

8. Everchanging Wallnado

Everchanging Wallnado
Everchanging WallnadoDesigned by Amirko aka Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov

This product has been designed to lend a colorful, fun touch to your interiors. This wall changes its color. As seen in the picture, the wall has several designs and different range of colors that gives the cool look. Designer Amirko made this product to lend a full blast to your living room. There are rainbow colors, the soothing white and big black to accommodate your room. Design the colors in a way to reflect your thoughts.

Eight trendy e-readers to read your digital books anywhere, anytime

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 05:18 AM PDT

Saifudheen MS:

eReaderRead your digital books anywhere, anytime

Today there are millions of readers who regularly read e-books or something else to gain knowledge. By seeing the growing number of internet readers, there are plenty of e-book readers coming to the market. E-book readers makes reading task much easier. It is a special feel to read e-books on reader devices. Here is list of eight trendy e-readers to read your digital books anywhere, anytime. have a look!

1. Biblio leaf

Biblio Leaf
Biblio LeafBiblio Leaf is the world’s first solar-powered eReader

It is a wonderful e-reader device introduced by Toshiba and the interesting thing is that it is running by utilizing solar energy. It is also entitled as the first solar powered e-reader in the world. It is a Wi-Fi gadget and has a stylish 6 inches display. It is also enriched with 3G connectivity and has a built in memory of 2GB. The memory can be expanded by micro SD card. It will be available for $20 per month 3G contract and has the capacity of storing 3000 books.

2. Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1BC

Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1BC
Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1BCThe Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1 is a compact and lightweight touch-screen e-book reader

It is a light weight model of e-reader with touch sensitive screen. You can read any kind of e-books or magazines from that are available online at Sony store. It also provides the access to e-books from other stores that uses Adobe DRM format. If the Wi-Fi is turned off, the battery will remain up to 5 weeks with a single charge. The memory can be expanded using microSD. The cost may be a dream to someone as it is available at $149 but the truth is that it is reasonable.

3. Amazon Kindle 3G

Amazon Kindle 3G
Amazon Kindle 3GAmazon Kindle 3G has no wireless setup requirement

There is no requirement for wireless set up for this product. The reader uses the same signals using by mobile phones. One of the interesting product features is that you don't need to pay monthly payments. You can use it even when you are not able to find a Wi-Fi spot. Amazon Kindle 3G is best fro travelers as it provide access in more than hundreds of countries. The design of the e-reader is fine and has a stylish shape for buttons. Without wireless usage, the battery will be last for one month in a single charge.

4. Barnes & Noble Nook Color

Barnes & Noble Nook Color
Barnes & Noble Nook ColorNook Color eReader with a beautiful 7-inch touch screen

Actually it is a multi media device that is powered with Android. More than an e-reader, it provides high quality video-audio playback. The e-reader has many facilities with many supportive types of files. The reading will be interesting by its colored stylish screen. Also it allows the sharing of documents to the web. It comes with 7 inches touch sensitive screen and Wi-Fi connectivity. It has 8GB built in memory and it can be expanded also. Above all, it has a stylish design.

5. Kobo eReader Touch Edition

Kobo eReader Touch Edition
Kobo eReader Touch EditionThe Kobo eReader Touch Edition is a compact, lightweight, and affordable e-ink e-reader

It is a light weight e-reader which has a stylish design. It comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. The memory is expandable with SD slot available. The battery life will be up to one month if the wireless is turned off. But, one down side is that it does not support audio. It enables a web browser. Kobo e-book store is already integrated to the device.

6. Iriver Story HD

Iriver Story HD
Iriver Story HDThe Iriver Story HD has a higher-resolution display

One of the interesting features of Iriver Story HD is it has a high resolution screen with 768 X 1024 pixels. Google Books is already integrated to the device. The memory is expandable just like others. It has a built in Wi-Fi connectivity and the battery life will last for 30 days in a single charge if the usage is limited and the wireless is turned off. It has no touch sensitive screen and social media integrations. It is perfect for Google Books fans but the price may be a problem even it has no touch sensitive screen.

7. Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1WC

Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1WC
Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1WCThe Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1 is a compact and lightweight touch-screen e-book reader

It is a light weight e-reader with touch sensitive screen. It provides the access to large collection of e-books through Sony's online store and many other online stores. It provides additional audio features than PRS-T1BC model. The design is fine. But, it does not support social media integration.

8. Pandigital Novel e-reader

Pandigital Novel eReader
Pandigital Novel eReaderE-book reader featuring color touch screen,built-in Wi-Fi

It comes up with fine touch sensitive screen of 800 x 480 pixels screen resolution. It also provides a stylus and is attached at the bottom corner of the device. It enables the users to download many e-books with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity. Facebook, calendar, audio and video play back, slideshows and much more facilities makes the Novel e-reader special. It operates by Android and in addition you can install other e-book reader apps. It has 1GB built in memory and the battery life is just 6 hours when it is in reading mode.

Seven hi-tech USB wristwatches for style conscious geeks

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 05:17 AM PDT

Balasubramanya Subbarao:

USB wristwatches
USB wristwatchesUSB wristwatches for style conscious geeks

Out of the box ideas keep popping up so often nowadays. The latest such ‘pop up’ has been the USB watch! Imagine a stylish wristband that doubles up as a watch and a data storage device at the same time! That is what these designers from around the world are promising.

Here is a list of seven Hi-tech USB wrist watches.

1. iRiver USB Watch

iRiver USB Watch
iRiver USB WatchiRiver Gave New Meaning to USB Watch.

iRiver has come close to making their amazing concept a reality. Improving upon their own existing S10 MP3 player, iRiver has embedded a MP3 player too in the watch. The watch design is cool and sleek. The watch sits well on the wrists of modern, trendy youth. It also has the features needed to attract it. Plug out the strap and you have a neat USB cable that you can use to transfer data. The built in MP3 player can stream music into your wireless headphones via the embedded Bluetooth. The wristband comes in different colors too.

2. USB watch flash drive 2GB

Flash Drive 2GB (SNW005)
Flash Drive 2GB (SNW005)USB Watch Flash Drive 2GB (SNW005)

Skypole Electronic Technology Company Ltd. is an IT manufacturing company based in China. They have arrived in the market with a watch that has the USB plug. A small tug beside the strap and the USB drive opens up. Right now, the memory capacity is 2 GB but knowing the speed and skill with which the Chinese adapt, we will not be surprised to find higher capacity varieties flooding the market soon. The company promises shipping to any part of the world and responds within 24 hours of placing an order. The price for the watch varies based on the quantity ordered.

3. Watch with built in USB flash drive

Hidden USB flash drive
Hidden USB flash driveWatch with built - in hidden USB Flash Drive.

The world leader in electronics, Japan, has not been left behind in this race for developing USB watches. The watch in itself is well crafted. It has a black polyurethane strap, stainless steel base with a silver finish, a mineral glass cover and is controlled by Japanese quartz. Just below the winding knob is a secret compartment which houses a tiny 38 x 13 x 6 mm USB drive. Let not its size fool you for the drive is capable of holding up to 4GB of data. It is available for an economic price of $60.

4. SWAP rebel phone watch GPS

Rebel Phone Watch GPS
Rebel Phone Watch GPSThe swap Rebel USB Wrist Watch Phone with GPS

SWAP rebel is another USB watch that has a fantastic USP - it is GPS enabled! It sits on your wrist like any other wristwatch but has a 1.5 ” touchscreen for navigation. It comes with a built-in MP3 player which plays music in all possible formats. Hold your breath as you discover that the watch also has an embedded camera to take pictures and record videos. It has ample storage of 8GB and you can always use another memory card in case you need more. With Bluetooth, speakers, and FM radio, this watch is a real blessing for any teen. Its GPS capabilities would have made it a perfect spy watch if not for its bright and showy colors! The watch is priced at $189 which is a fair price for a watch loaded with features.

5. USB Watch, for the Eccentric

timeless watch
timeless watchTimeless Watch, USB Watch

Here is another neat innovation. When you are anyway plugging the watch into the computer via the USB, why not charge the watch by the same method? This has been dubbed as the ‘timeless’ watch for it has no mechanical parts to operate it. It runs on the power that it derives when connected to a desktop. The USB strap connects to the watch via a freakish mechanism and is sure to catch eyeballs.

6. 1GB MP4/MP3 USB wrist watch

1GB MP4, MP3 USB1GB MP4/MP3 USB Wrist Watch.

Another watch with USB as its USP! This digital wrist watch has a 1.5-inch OLED true color screen with 260K resolution. It supports different audio and photo formats. It is available as a sleek black design and has 1GB memory capacity.

7. Mr. Gadget 1GB USB watch

Mr.Gadget watch
Mr.Gadget watchMr.Gadget 1GB USB 2.0 Executive Watch

The best is always reserved for the end. No wonder it is called the ultimate piece! This executive watch that has been named, “Mr. Gadget”, has all the features and dials of a modern wristwatch. It also has a 1GB storage accessible through USB. It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS and arrives with a 2 year warranty. The watch has a robust construction and the mechanisms within are all of high precision.

Eight innovative wallet designs to hold your money intact

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 05:15 AM PDT

Swapnica Jain:

Innovative wallet designs
Innovative wallet designsInnovative wallet designs to hold your money intact

Wallets have been our personal carriers of cash for decades. They no longer need to be just that. Nowadays, wallets define us. They define our hobbies, intellect, interests and even recycling ethics! So forget that boring piece of drab leather and choose a trendy style statement wallet instead. It can be geeky, it can be colorful, it can boost your E (environment) quotient or the sight of it can simply cheer you up. It is your pocket-partner, which tags along with you everywhere, so it just has to be YOU. Here are eight super-cool, geeky and innovative wallets guaranteed to hold your head high as well as hold your money tight:

1. LEGO wallets

LEGO Wallets
LEGO WalletsDesigned by ColorByNumbers

Miss those building blocks back from your childhood days? LEGO brings you a wallet which is just built for you. Literally, it is built for you by you! Hand-made to order, the LEGO wallets have a base plate built right into its design. With its shipment accompanies your favorite colorful blocks. All you have to do is make your own brick design with your own color choice. Who says you can't have your childhood back?

2. Cassette wallets

Cassette wallets
Cassette walletsCassette Wallets by Marcella Foschi

Remember those old cassettes lying forgotten in your attic? Italian designer Marcella Foschi has found the perfect use for them in his chic retro neon bright cassette wallets. These wallets debuted at the Tokyo Designboom 2006 and have gained a lot of popularity since then. Made from real Italian cassette tapes set on bright colored bases, these wallets are really cool!

3. Can made wallet

Can made wallet
Can made walletHandmade from recycled Coca Cola cans.

These ultra-innovative wallets are not only trendy to look at but also have a very noble background. Made from recycled cans, the can made wallets are manufactured by a family-owned business which has given employment opportunities to the Vietnam working class, including extended family and neighbors since the past 10 years. These handmade 4×3.5 wallets cost a nominal $9.95 each. Choose your favorite cola can quickly and make it your pocket-partner soon!

4. Duct Tape wallet

Duct Tape Wallet
Duct Tape WalletDuct Tape Wallet by ducti

This is super-cool, super-durable wallets made from Super Duct Tape. So, obviously they are super! Designed as to not stick, peel off, lift or smell, the wallets have no 'duct tapeness' left in them. Instead these are soft and smooth with no sharp corners at all and hence very gentle and comfortable for you to carry around. There are two designs available; bi-fold (dimensions 4.25″ x 3.75″) and tri-fold (dimensions 4″ x 3.25″). Who thought duct tape would go this far!

5. NES controller wallet

NES controller wallet
NES controller walletReinvention of this gaming classic…

Looking to boost your machismo? The NES controller wallet may be the perfect solution. This is one solid and hefty-looking cash-bag! And what's best is that making one for yourself barely needs any sewing or special skills. A disposable NES controller, a zipper and super-strong glue is all you need and your macho wallet is ready! Not a wallet with a lot of storage space, this is all about the looks!

6. Air Mail wallet

Air Mail Wallet
Air Mail WalletIt features tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable and, most importantly, recyclable

Air Mail envelopes are usually made of Tyvex, a tear-resistant, water-resistant and expandable material. You can recycle them into handy Air Mail wallets. Millions of interwoven fibers give your wallet the indestructible immortality. As they say, money comes and goes but at least now you know that your wallet will stay with you forever!

7. The Walluminate

The Walluminate
The WalluminateThe "Walluminate" - a wallet that glows in the dark.

Can't find your money in the dark? Illuminated wallets are just for you. The LED lights automatically switch on when the wallet is open, enabling you to see the contents of your wallet and switch off when the wallet is closed. Powered by lithium batteries, the illumination of your Walluminate has a pretty long life before you change the batteries next. And in spite of housing an entire electrical circuit, the wallets are not bulky at all. In fact, they are surprisingly thin and light! This wallet has light and is light! The Walluminate is enlightening indeed.

8. Crossword wallet

Crossword Wallet
Crossword WalletMeasures 4"x4.5" folded

Love exercising your brain wherever you go? Carry your special private crossword puzzle along with you in your pocket! The Crossword wallet is tastefully adorned with a cool crossword on its cover. Looking super-sophisticated and trendy, the wallet is sure to keep you thinking. Let's hope you don't solve the clues quickly, because that puzzle isn't going to change!

Seven creative chair designs to revive your living area

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 05:13 AM PDT

Lata Dar:

Creative chair design
Creative chair designCreative chair designs to revive your living area

If you are wondering as to how a chair can actually change the entire atmosphere of a room then it actually is very much possible with the listed chair collections that will make you wonder as to how your room turns more brighter and attractive. Some of these chairs are ergonomically designed and many can fit around any corner of your space and even the garden area too.

1. Surf Chair

Surf Chair
Surf ChairSurf Chair is an ergonomically designed work station

This is an ergonomically designed station meant for work which is perfect for those who have a hectic job that requires them to sit around their computers for extended hours. This therefore fills the need of a relaxing and cozy workplace. This chair won the best product award in the Scandinavian Furniture Fair. This chair is nothing less than a dream for those who undertake long computer sessions.

2. Vasa intestina

Vasa Intestina
Vasa IntestinaVasa Intestina was created by Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones created the first version of this chair back in 2007. This piece of furniture is a part of the Symbiosis series of chairs. Though it doesn’t entail the comfort level that most others have on this list but it surely is a unique piece of art with an absolutely stunning design. It simply is great artwork. These capillary chairs are designed so that people can admire them rather than sit on them.

3. Cabbage Chair

Cabbage Chair
Cabbage ChairCabbage Chair was created by Nendo

This unique piece was designed and created by Nendo and is crafted out of industrial paper which is fancy as well as eco friendly. The main idea behind the creation of cabbage chair was to challenge the concept of contemporary pieces. The cabbage chair makes use of various products that are dumped and recycled so many by products are used in the manufacturing process. The cabbage chair is like a roll of compact paper that opens up and can be peeled back layer by layer in order to create a resilient enclosure around the soft body. Resins that are mixed to the paper during the process of production actually endow this chair with a lot of strength and the pleats hence become elastic and springy. This chair is a practical and poetic transformation of various waste products. The pod like skin of this chair reveals expansive and luxuriant interiors that requires no finishing, hardware and assembly.

4. Alphasphere

AlphaSphereAlphaSphere is lounger which stimulates and connects your senses

This is the super lounger which connects with your senses and stimulates the entire resting session. AlphaSphere makes use of color, shape and light along with varied combination’s of sound, warmth and vibration that let the occupier drown into an ultra deep phase of relaxation. The complete concept is based on the vision of an artist who created the Alpha lounger, alpha Room and also the entire AlphaProgramme. This perception ritual serves to activate all the senses that are absolutely interwoven together.

With this unique lounger, people can get out of their everyday routine and take a dive into aesthetic perceptions. During the entire process one’s deep archaic levels of consciousness are activated and the the time effect gets transcended. With these effects, AlphaSphere is much more developed then the overall art domain. Various perception levels combine to deliver the tangible experience that AlphaSphere is all about. The primary factors that play a part in attaining this state include:

Colour- The Lounger radiates mystical blue beams that add an element of serenity

Shape- The design of this lounger is perfect for the body and its wing shaped structure uplifts and embraces the frame well.

Sound- To add to the entire experience an audio setup has been fixed to it for a three dimensional cloud like effect.

Light- A cocoon of sensorial light envelops around the lounge occupier.

Warmth- The lounge surface has warming features that comforts and pampers the body.

Vibration- The lounger has very mild vibration which softly eases your body for absolute rest.

Breathing- With every breath you take your body swings gently to your own breathing rhythm.

5. Four Chaise Lounger

4 chaise lounger
4 chaise lounger4 chaise lounger from Home of Unusual Luxury, United Kingdom

This classic four chaise lounger is one great piece of furniture that is marked with unusual luxury and comfort. It is extremely comfortable both appearance wise and feel wise. This beautiful lounger has four specific lounge positions that help relax and enjoy a great view.

6. One Line Chaise

One Line Chaise
One Line ChaiseOne Line Chaise designed by Stefan Heiliger

One Line Chaise is an impressive lounger that can definitely grab the attention of your guests within the first sight. This lounger can be converted into two different seating styles by simply manipulating the backrest.

7. The hanging chairs

Hanging chairs
Hanging chairsHanging chairs designed by Raw Studio

These hanging chairs are a product of Raw Studios and are designed out of sustainable sources like FSC exterior grade birch ply. These hanging chairs are designed to fulfill utter simplicity marked with style. Although these chairs fit well in a garden but they can also be applied to the interior decor.

How to make your own LED projector lamp

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 05:06 AM PDT

Sunny Goel:

LED Projector Lamp
LED Projector LampMaking LED Projector Lamp.

In an LED projector lamp, an LED is used instead of the filament based bulb which is used in standard digital projector lamp, also known as UHP (Ultra High Performance) lamp. The LED lamps come with a long list of merits in comparison with the UHP lamps. The most remarkable quality of an LED lamp is that it is far more durable than a UHP lamp. An LED lamp has a consistent, stable and distinguished color output throughout its lifetime. On the other hand, the color output of a UHP lamp diminishes as the time passes.

UHP lamps demand very high maintenance expenses because the bulbs which are used in them are not very durable. They are very expensive to replace. On the contrary, LED lamps does not require frequent changing of LEDs. Due to their qualities like small size and their capacity to work at a lower temperature, LED lamps can be designed to be extremely small, light in weight and above all portable. That is why these lamps are also mentioned as micro or pico projectors. However, LED lamps do not offer good brightness in comparison with UHP lamps. The lumen production in UHP lamps ranges from 2000- 5000 lumen or more. LED lamps which produce only 50- 500 lumen.

Let us see how to make your own LED projector lamp at home or in your lab.

Difficulty Level:


One need to perform steps like soldering and gluing. Good knowledge of circuits is also required.

Time Required:

1- 2 hours approx.

All the essential parts and components need to be kept ready at hand.

Resources Required:

1. A Project Box

2. Powerful LED

3. A Slide Projector Lens

4. A Power Supply Unit (PSU)

5. Small Fan

6. Power connector

7. Magnified/ Fresnel Lens

8. Condenser lens

9. MP4 Player with a LCD screen of at least 2 inches

10. Some cables

11. Hot Glue Gun

12. Soldering Gun

13. Some Screws

14. Heat sink

Estimated Cost:

$120 approx.

To lower the cost, certain equipment can be rented, borrowed or bought second hand.


1. Take the MP4 player apart and then carefully disconnect or separate the LCD from the circuit.

2. Remove the LCD and backlight from the casing.

3. Cut a piece of something rigid where the LCD is going to be.

4. Fit the LED to the heat sink. Take a drill and make two holes on the heat sink to attach the LED firmly on it with screws.

5. Wire the cables and make connections.

6. The most important and crucial step is to place the LED, the condenser lens, the Fresnel/ Magnifying lens,the LCD and the slide projector lens in a line. Make sure that the center of these objects must be in a straight line. You have to shuffle these objects many times to get the right distance and desired results.

7. Once you are done with finding proper distance between all these objects you can decide the size of box required for this purpose.

8. Now put the fans near the LED so that the heat generated can be reduced.

9. Check the projector in a dark room just like in a theater to test whether the projector is properly or not. This way, you can find out problems with its functioning, if any.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I am not happy with the results of my LED projector. The LED which I am using generates 750 lumen. Should I go for a more powerful LED?

Ans: Yes, because the picture will become clearer and brighter with increase in the luminosity of the LED. So, if you want better results, you should go for an LED that generates more than 1000 lumen.

2. What things should I do to make the picture more clear?

Ans: Go for a more powerful LED. Secondly, the Fresnel lens, condenser lens and the slide projector lens should be of high quality. Lastly, make sure that all of them are placed in the right order and at right proper distance.

3. Where can I get the resources needed for making of an LED Projector Lamp?

Ans: You can get the LED and the box at any radio shack or electronics components store or hardware store. The rest you can order online like on eBay. You can buy new components or you can go for second hand products depending on your budget and requirements.

Quick tips:

1. If you want a good picture quality then always opt for a powerful LED, good quality of Fresnel lens, condenser lens,slide projector lens and LCD.

2. To avoid any confusion, get the material together and follow the steps one by one.

3. For better results you have to try many combinations of distances between the LED, the different lenses, the slide projector and the LCD. You can either get it right by trial and error or you may calculate the distances by drawing an optical diagram.

4. While fitting LCD make sure that the image shown is upside down so that the image projected by it will be straight.

Things to watch out for:

1. Make sure to align the centers of the LED and the lenses.

2. Pay proper attention while doing electric work like making connections of wires and placing the components in order.

4. To reduce the heat generated, use of heat sink and fans is absolutely essential.

5. Removal of LCD from its panel should be done carefully to avoid any kind of damage to it.

Seven notebook cooling concepts for those extended work sessions

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 04:56 AM PDT

Jancy James:

notebook cooling concepts
notebook cooling conceptsNotebook cooling concepts for extended work sessions

Notebooks and laptops have become gadgets that we cannot live with. Whether it is for work, browsing the web or carrying the work home, they have become part and parcel of your lifestyle. But, portable systems have cooling procedures that do not keep up with their usage and many a time we are left with overheated gadgets that can even lead to a crash. Cooling systems have become imperative and going by the trend, many companies have come out with wonderful versions that are worth taking a look at.

1. Water cooled notebook stand

Water-cooled notebook stand
Water-cooled notebook standWater-cooled notebook stand for extended work sessions

For the techno crowd who works 24×7, the scorching heat that their notebooks and laptops generate could be a lifestyle. Here is a novel way to keep those gadgets cool all throughout your work. The water cooled notebook stand is a product from Son Date which prevents overheating of your laptop and improves efficiency as well. It has an aluminum body and a USB powered stand. The stand has a water pump, water circuit, heat dissipater and a fan which keeps the laptop cool all throughout.

2. Thermaltake Tai-Chi Notebook Cooler

Thermaltake Tai-Chi Notebook Cooler
Thermaltake Tai-Chi Notebook CoolerThermaltake Tai-Chi Notebook Cooler

This passive notebook cooler form Thermaltake Tai-Chi has a narrow aluminum body which has hollow aluminum extraction tunnels through which cold air is fanned inwards to cool the laptop. The hot air exhaust which is located on top effectively dissipates the heat which does away with the need for a fan. The whole system works on the tunnel effect. It is also designed with a tilt dynamic from the top to the base. The elevated design helps in fast heat exhaust and also removes the discomfort of typing and eye strain.

3. Antec Notebook Cooler

Antec Notebook Cooler
Antec Notebook CoolerAntec Notebook Cooler works with both PC's and MAC's.

The ergonomic design of the Antec notebook cooler helps in releasing and dispersing the heat and reducing the temperature of the notebook considerably. It has an aluminum surface and a heat sink which removes the heat from the bottom of the laptop. The fans that are located underneath the notebook cooler are very efficient and quiet and disperse the heat completely. The device does not need a battery or an adaptor and can be plugged into the USB port of your laptop. It also consumes less power which adds to its merits. It is available for $16.00.

4. Notebook cooling base

Notebook Cooling Base
Notebook Cooling BaseNotebook Cooling Base by Microsoft.

This stylish cooling base for your notebook comes from Microsoft and is a must have for all techies. The base has a design that is suited for placing on the lap as well as a desk. With elevation on one side and an in built fan, it provides an efficient cooling channel and a great typing angle as well. The Notebook cooling base is a bit expensive and comes for $39.95.

5. Belking cooling strip

Belking Cooling Strip
Belking Cooling StripBelkin Laptop Cooling Strip.

Another cool solution for keeping your laptops cool, the Belking cooling strip is a simple spiky strip that can be placed underneath your laptop to disperse the heat effectively. The strips are made of rubber and hence offer a sturdy base for your laptop without sliding it down. This is one of the basic models of cooling systems and comes just for $9.99.

6. Handstands cool lift notebook pad

Handstands-cool-lift-notebook-padHandstands Notebook Cooling Stand
by Handstands.

The Handstands cool life pad is a small pad that is designed cleverly and creatively to promote flow of air at the bottom of the laptop. The design has a flat base on which there are angles mounts that help keep the laptop elevated. The design also prevents wrist problems while typing and is constructed ergonomically as well for comfortable working. Again, a cheap cooling system which is affordable for all and sundry. Comes for $8.99.

7. Targus Lap Chill Mat

Targus Lap Chill Mat
Targus Lap Chill MatAllows fans to run quietly for smooth air flow.

A comfortable space for keeping your laptop, whether it is on the table or on your lap, the Targus Lap Chill Mat is made of neoprene which gives a cushion to your gadget. All you need to do is to connect the chill mat to the USB port and the cooling action will be activated. The elevated design allows the ergonomic comfort of comfortable typing and the open design helps in the smooth flow of air.

10 high-tech gloves to enjoy that super-sensitive touch

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 04:53 AM PDT

Ava Nandy:

Hi-tech gloves
Hi-tech glovesHi-tech gloves to enjoy that super-sensitive touch

Normally glove has been used for safety of our hands against frost, cold, fire, etc. It is true that gloves can protect our hands from various injuries too. If we make these gloves with extended functions, they can be more effective. Thus, many designers have been creating several hi-tech gloves which can protect our hand as well as work in specialized ways too. This article will provide you information on 10 such hi-tech gloves which have added advantages in our regular life.

1. Portable idea creator

Portable idea creator
Portable idea creatorDesigned by Petr Hampl

This is one of the most hi-tech gloves by which you can compose and record your own music, anywhere and everywhere. Designer Petr Hampl has created this portable music creator and recorder, which consists of a recorder in the glove and a pair of headphones. These gloves generate a wide range of tones when tapped on various surfaces. Once you are satisfied with the new tones, you can simply record this tone via the recorder which is already attached to your gloves. This recorder can capture all the sounds recorded and you can listen the tunes by the wireless headphones.

2. Beat on the block

Beat on the Block
Beat on the BlockCreates surround sound of a full drum kit anytime, anywhere

This unique gloves have been developed by a bunch of students from the Artesis University College of Antwerp. It is the drum gloves concept which can create surround sound of full drum kit any time. If you want to produce music, you just have to tap the musical gloves on the flat surface, which are connected to the specifically designed speaker. These will create the sound. You can use these gloves while you are involved with some other works too as it allows to create rhythms together with other works too.

3. Experience recorder

Experience Recorder
Experience RecorderDesigned by Valeria Fuso

If you are fascinated by the high-tech multipurpose products, experience recorder is the best choice for you. This unique item has been designed by Valeria Fuso. These gloves offer activities like capturing video, photos, making sound, finding temperature, all of which are then attached to the wireless computer connection. The best feature of this device is that you can record the function on the auto mode as well as manual mode too. If you are in active auto mode, it can automatically recorded all the information and if you are in active the manual mode, you need to activate the recorder through sensors in the fingers of the gloves. You can find a view finder by which you can see the preview of the entire recorded item before you finally accept the images. You can carry this recorder very comfortably anywhere due to light weight.

4. Fiber optic light glove

Fiber optic light glove
Fiber optic light gloveDesigned by Tilen Sepic of Slovenia

These fiber optic light gloves provide you shadowless lightning by which you can do work without any disturbance. Slovenia based designer, Sepic has invented these unique, light gloves. The gloves come with white LED lamp and can be worn around the wrist. These are powered by an in built battery pack. You can find the optical fibers in the specific location on the gloves and the LED lamp attached on the index finger which can indicate the spot light. The best part of these fiber optical light gloves is that it can also reduce the formation of shadow on the working area.


SensoGloveDeveloped by German company Sensosolutions

A perfect grip and natural swing is very important for every golf player. Keeping these in mind a Germany based company, Senso Solution has developed these digital gloves which are probably the first digital golf gloves in the world. SensoGlove is a digital glove which can measure the level of grip pressure. You can find a half inches, in-built computerized monitor on the back of these gloves which displays the readings of the pressure of your grip. All the user of these gloves may insert their targeted pressure on a scale before playing the same. The gloves read and display the pressure. If the pressure of the grip is tight or loose than what is required, the digital alarm warns the user, so that user can rectify their pressure. In this way they can swing the ball perfectly.

6. Frontline gloves

Frontline Gloves
Frontline GlovesDeveloped by interaction designers ashwin rajan and kevin cannon,

These gloves are made for those who work as a firefighter. Designers Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon have developed these unique gloves which helps the firefighter to communicate with each other. It is known as network gloves too. It is made from electronics equipments and sensors that can sense the hand position of other users and transmit all the necessary information. The glowing ultra bright LED display which is fitted into the gloves indicates specific instruction. Usually the firefighters work in very dangerous situations where they need to communicate with each other very frequently. But, communication with radio or other devices is quite difficult during certain situations. These front line gloves help the firefighters to establish communication.

7. BEARTek gloves

BEARTek Gloves
BEARTek GlovesWorks on Bluetooth technology and is perfect for audio-controller and cellphone navigation.

In the recent time everything is getting computerized and so are the gloves too. A sport biker, Wille has transformed his thought into reality. He has invented these stylish electronic gloves which are known as BEARTek Gloves. These have has multiple activities. You can find audio controller and cell phone steering by which you can switch on the music. Simultaneously, you can answer a phone call by touching your thumb with your fingertips. All these are possible due to Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth module is fixed at the back of these gloves.

8. The Vie

The Vie
The VieDesigned by Mr. Du Tran Nguyen

Designer Du Tran Nguyen has designed this remarkable product which is known as Vie. He has also enrolled this product for the Australian design award. It is a single handed glove which can work as an boundary between you and your safety zone. You can operate these gloves by moving your finger up and down. You can check all the actions, along with your finger movements in the E like screen which is fixed onto the gloves. It can also work as your personal guide and trainer while you perform jogging or trekking. You can find Bluetooth facility and GPS technology too in these gloves. Thus, you can receive all the massages and send out urgent messages too in times of emergency. You can also utilize this glove as your organizer which will remind you of your meetings and the important appointments.

9. Robogloves

RoboglovesNew high-tech ‘robogloves’ help detect illicit guns

It is one of the most high-tech gloves that can detect every hidden metallic objects simply when you run your hands over a suspicious body or point a finger to something while you wear these gloves. It is made from Kevlar, a specialized material and you can find battery operated devices inside them, which can vibrate to alert the user once the gloves discover any metal. Hence, you also use these gloves as metal detectors.

10. GX-1 Bluetooth skiing gloves

GX-1 Bluetooth Skiing Gloves
GX-1 Bluetooth Skiing Glovesyou can take a call without your hands having to freeze

This is another high-tech gloves which works on Bluetooth technology. The best feature of these gloves is that you can receive any call without moving your hand. You can also receive and send all the information though the Bluetooth messenger. These gloves are specially made for people who work as secret agents. These Bluetooth skiing gloves have been made with great insulation and are available either in black or red color only.

How to make your own portable Guitar Amp

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 04:51 AM PDT

Aravind Balasubramanya:

portable Guitar Amp
portable Guitar AmpMaking your own portable Guitar Amp.

The guitar is a wonderful musical instrument which is capable of providing both melody and rhythm. However, every guitar player would have experienced the problem of low volume. The guitar is rarely heard unless the surroundings are absolutely quiet! To solve this problem, the guitar amp is often employed. If you have some knowledge in reading circuit diagrams, this tutorial will guide you to make your very own portable guitar amp.

Difficulty level: Moderate. This project requires some expertise in reading and making circuits.

Time required: This project will require about 3-4 hours to complete. You can make many more customized improvements and that will take an hour or more.

Resources required:

1. 12.5 VDC wall transformer - DCTX-1285

2. Coax power jack, 2.1 mm - DCJ-21

3. Coax power plug, 2.1 mm - DCSID

4. 1/4″ Mono jack - PHJ-S

5. Perf board - PC-1

6. Black plastic case - 1951-MSBK

7. 9 Volt battery snaps - BST-3

8. SPDT toggle switch - MTS-542

9. 9v 250 mah NiMh battery - NMH-925

10. Miniature full range speaker - SK-408

11. 500 ohm trim pot - TPS-500

12. LM386 amp - LM386N

13. LM317 volt regulator - LM317T

14. BC327 transistor or an equivalent

15. Resistors of 10 ohm, 240 ohm, 470 ohm, 1.5K ohm, 10K ohm, 1.5M ohm

16. MPF102 transistor

17. Capacitors - 0.22 uf, 10uf 16V (x2), 100 uf 16V, 0.05 uf, 1000uf 25V

18. Case for the charger circuit

19. Hookup wire

20. Strong glue

21. Sanding drum

22. Small heat sinks

23. Ammeter

Estimated cost: The cost here depends entirely on what you will have to purchase, what you already have and what you manage to scavenge. Hence, it is totally variable.


1. Let us first make the enclosure box. Drill a 1/4″ hole on one side of the box for the input jack.

2. Drill two holes of the same size on the other side for the charging jack and the switch.

3. Drill another hole in the back to fit the clip too.

4. Drill more holes on the narrow end of the enclosure and a few more on the adjacent sides to act as the ports for the speaker.

5. Place the speaker face down on top of the enclosure and trace a circle of its size.

6. Drill out the center of this circle and then use a sanding drum to dremel this hole.

7. Fit the speaker and use glue to stick it in place.

8. Now built the circuit that is necessary. Instead of going into the details of explaining the circuit, we present the circuit diagram below. Follow it to the hilt.

The schematics
The schematicsFollow the schematics carefully and that will be a major task accomplished
  1. Place the circuit that you have built inside the enclosure. The battery is at one end and the two jacks are opposite to each other.
  2. Mount the switch and amplifier circuit below the speaker.
  3. Add two small heat sinks above the amplifier clips.
  4. Add the clip from an old tape measure behind the amp so that it can be clipped on to the strap of the guitar.
  5. Glue a 1/4″ diameter white tubing along the borders of the speaker cone.
  6. Cover the front of the amp with grill cloth. Stretch it completely so that there are no creases running across.
  7. Use hot glue to stick the cloth behind to the cover of the enclosure.
  8. It is now time to make the charger. The schematics for assembling the charger are giver below. Follow it carefully.
    Schematics for the charger
    Schematics for the chargerThis should be pretty easy to follow and make

9. Hook the positive end of the charger to one terminal of an ammeter. The other terminal is connected to the positive end of the battery. Connect the negative end of the battery with the negative end of the charger.

10. Increase the trimpot on the charger till the current displayed in about 30mA.

11. Mark the trimpot to this point and keep it fixed there.

12. Mount the charger too in an enclosure and add heat sinks to it.

13. Now your guitar amp is ready for use.

Frequently asked questions

1) You have mentioned the SK-408 speaker. Can I use any other speaker for the project?
Ans: The speaker that has been suggested here has a resistance of 8 ohms and can thus handle about 3 Watts of power. It is also shallow in its depth and makes it possible to insert heat sinks. These specifications are important for the project and it would be better to stick to the above mentioned speaker unless you can obtain another one with the same specifications. Different speakers will also give different performances. Experiment at your own risk.

2) What are heat sinks and where do I get them?

Ans: Heat sinks help to dissipate the heat that is formed in the circuit. Too much heating can harm the circuit. The heat sinks used in this project are nothing but cut pieces of a regular heat sink that have been filed to fit in. You can glue them using thermal glue that is available.

Quick tips

1. You can add many customized effects to the amp. For instance, you could stick custom decals to the back of the amp to give it a cool look.

2. Some of the resources necessary for the project could be scavenged to save money.

3. Turn on your amp only after plugging in a guitar. Else you will hear a painful screech.

4. Keep the volume on the guitar at a level that the sound from the amp speaker does not distort.

5. It takes about 12 hours to fully charge a completely dead battery.

Things to watch out for

1. Drill and dremel out a hole with the sanding drum for the speaker, ensuring that you do not overdo it. It should fit the speaker.

2. Be careful while using the hot glue and quick glue. These glues bond very strong and fast. Skin could easily get bonded by mistake and result in injuries.

3. 30mA is the maximum, safe charging current for a rechargeable NiMH battery. Do not exceed this value.

4. While you are charging the amp, do not play it at any cost.

How to make a dusting accessory for your vinyl turntable

Posted: 03 Nov 2011 04:48 AM PDT

Jancy James:

Vinyl turntable
Vinyl turntableAs anyone who still likes to enjoy their vinyl will know, dust is a bugger

The days of the vinyl turntable are passé, but there are still some who want to revive memories of listening to retro songs with their near and dear ones. Those who still have their vinyl would know how difficult dusting can be and how irritating the crackle of dust can be when we want to listen to our favorite numbers.

Though the antistatic brush arms do a pretty good job, they do have a tendency to get swing to the middle track and get stuck there. This will prevent the inner tracks form getting cleaned and so a proper cleaning process cannot be attained. With a bit of time and patience, we can make our own dusting accessory for our vinyl turntable. This accessory does a wonderful job of tracking the stylus position and preventing the dust from settling. Let us see how such a dusting accessory can be made at home:

Difficulty Level:


Time required:

Less than one hour

Resources required:

1. A piece of fleece material to make the brush

2. 9 cms of fine wire or a twist tie

3. An ink reservoir end from a Bic-style biro

4. Glue

5. One Sugru sachet


1. Take the Biro reservoir and using a paper cutter or a sharpened knife cut off two sections, one short and the other a little longer to form the core part of the brush. The shorter piece will be used for mounting the brush on to the vinyl turn turntable.

2. Keep the back of the fleece or velvet up and apply glue over it. Make sure that the glue is not in excess to make it leak to the outer surface. This will give a hard surface which can cause scratches on the vinyl surface.

3. The longer tube can now be rolled into the fleece and allowed to dry completely.

4. Once this is dry, you can insert the twist tie into the biro tube and bend the end of the twist tie to hold the fleece with the tube in place without falling out.

5. Now, place the brush on the tone arm of the vinyl turn table to check whether it fits well and remains neatly.

6. Take Sugru and mount the shorter piece that you have cut on to the headshell of the turntable. The ends of the tube must not be blocked with Sugru. Wait for the Sugru to get cured.

7. Now, you can fit the brush on the headshell. For this, the free end of the twist tie must be inserted through the hole of the tube that you fixed on the headshell.

8. The twist tie must now be bend inwards to form a right angle. The end where the fleece is fitted too must be bend in a similar manner to form a right angle so that the entire twist tie along with the brush forms a wide U shape.

9. The free end of the twist tie at the side where it is mounted on the headshell must be bent slightly over the top of the headshell. This will allow the brush to get lifted from the record automatically when the tone arm is raised.

10. You may now attach the headshell back to the tone arm and the stylus can now be inserted back as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What other materials can be used for making the dusting accessory other than those mentioned above?

A: Other than fleece, you can also use velvet or felt as well. Instead of Sugru, you may also use Blu Tack which is as effective.

2. How do I prevent damaging the headshell while mounting the dusting accessory?

A: You have to be very careful while fixing the dusting accessory as the ends of the twist tie can scratch the delicate parts if not careful. For this, you can remove the head shell from the tone arm and do the mounting so that the vinyl is not damaged in the process.

Quick Tips:

1. Always check whether the brush fits well on the tone arm before mounting. This will save a lot of extra work like removing and fixing it again.

2. While fixing the fleece on the tube, ensure that just the right amount of glue is used to prevent hard surfaces from forming on the dusting accessory.

3. When you attach the tone arm, care must be taken to re balance the arm as more weight has been added to it. You must also twist the brush adequately so that it comes in contact with the vinyl surface.

Things to watch out for:

1. Remember that the headshell must not be removed unless you know how to fix it back.

2. It is also not advisable to undertake such DIY tasks if you are not good with electronics. It can damage the entire turntable.

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