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How to recycle a book into an iPad stealth case

Posted: 05 Nov 2011 01:43 AM PDT

Asmita Prasad:

The iPad is one of the fanciest gadget available in the market today, but there are times when you just didn't want people to know you've got one with you. Since Apple does not offer a stealth casing for iPad in its accessories line, trying to find one created by other Apple enthusiasts and bag designers may just be too much of a heartache that your wallet might always not agree. So, if you are moderately skilled with a hobby knife, have around half an hour to spare, and remember your third grade crafts teacher's tips on how to glue paper, then you can make yourself a very cool stealth case for your iPad using a few crafts essentials that are easily found at home or can even be bought at convenience stores for less than $5 dollars.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Time required: 30 minutes (plus the time you spend on finding the right-sized book)

Resources required

1. A hobby knife/A pair of scissors

2. Paper clips

3. Paper glue

4. A large coffee table book

5. A pen or a fine marker

6. Stickers of your own choice (optional)

Estimated cost: less than $5 if you decide to purchase the crafts supplies; $0 if you already have these in your house.


Step 1: Find a coffee table book of the correct size

While making a stealth case for the iPad, it is very crucial to find the right sized book. This might be a little more time-consuming than the other steps in the process but the investment is completely worth it since it allows you to browse through old books in thrift stores or flea market or even yard sales which is plenty of fun on its own, and also allows you to find just the right sized book, with pages that are just the right thickness, and the best part is that hunting for your book this way lets you make big savings on this entire project.

Alternatively, if you want to give your iPad the VIP treatment, you can also buy yourself a new coffee table book though we don't generally recommend such wastage.

When you're buying the book, bring your iPad with you and measure it. You want a book that still has around 20 mm (3/4″) to 25 mm (1″) left over on all sides (you can leave thicker margins if you like) when you place your iPad in the middle. Look for a book that is thick enough to easily house your tablet but don't opt for a book that is too thick because then it will just be too heavy to carry around.

Also, try to go for a book with thick pages since they are easier to clip and it would take less time to glue thick pages together.

Step 2: Stencil the iPad

To begin, simply open the cover of the book right side up and place your iPad on the first page. Using a pen, stencil the size of the iPad on the page with a fine marker or a pen. You should ideally not use a pencil to do this since the lead of the pencil would rub off on the edges of the iPad.

Step 3: Cutting the pages

This part of the process is a little tedious and boring though it is also challenging at the same time and you would need to be very cautious.

Ideally, what you want to do in this step is to cut one page at a time since it would give you a perfect finish on all the pages, but if you are not ready to put so much hard work into the project or are not that good with hobby knives and scissors, you can very simply delegate this bit to someone more skilled or simply back yourself up and do with a handful of pages at a time.

If you are cutting one page at a time, simply cut along the stencil mark that you created, then smoothen out the page on the page below and mark the stencil's edges on it using a marker and repeat the cutting process and stencil the next page, and so on.

Alternatively, if you want to cut out a few pages, or all the pages at one go, you can simply stencil out the iPad's dimensions on the first page, then use paper clips to clamp down the number of pages you wanna clip at one go, and then use a hobby knife to cut along all the straight edges pressing the blade deep into the book, like you were cutting a cake!

When you are done cutting through the pages, simply hold out one page at a time and "pop out" the cut out pieces, or if you have left the edges uncut, use a curved scissor (like a manicure scissor for example) to finely cut out the edges.

Step 3: Gluing the pages together

This is where investing in a book with thick pages really pays off since you would have pages that are thicker and stronger, hence easier to smoothen out after gluing, and you also have lesser pages to get through.

Since you already have your pages cut out, you simply need to glue them together carefully. Start at the last page since you would need to press them down when you've glued them. Glue the pages leaving around half a centimeter around the edges since they would be covered when the pages are pressed and smoothened. Press and smoothen and repeat the process till you reach the first page. If you have few pages left at the bottom without any stenciled and scooped out parts, glue them as well and glue the underside of the last page to the back cover of the book too.

Remember to do a quick fitting before starting the gluing process since you would wanna leave some space for the charger to fit through. The best thing to do is to leave one page unglued in the middle to facilitate charging and USB connections. You would then simply have to lift the unglued pages to fit the cable into the dock connector to charge your iPad.

When you reach the top, place a loose sheet of paper between the topmost page of your scooped and glued out book and the cover and leave it to dry. You can put it under a mattress overnight to get an optimum smoothened out effect.

When the glue has dried, you would need to scoop out a little 'U' shape at any edge of the hollowed part to allow you to pop your iPad out with ease.

Step 3: Smoothing out the edges

This is more of a finishing touch than a real necessity if you have been careful and meticulous in the paper-cutting step. To do this, use a tiny sander to sand the edges of the hollowed out part, or you can also use a sharp-edges hobby knife to get the job done. When smoothened, you can paint over the hollowed part with a black marker or paint to give it a nice custom look.

Step 4: Do a quick fitting and make alterations if required

Now that your stealth iPad case is all but finished, you would need to do a quick fitting session to make sure the thickness, breadth and width of the hollowed out part is just right. If not, make alterations wherever necessary.

Step 5: Make room for the buttons

Because the iPad 2 buttons are on the curves you can skip this step, but if you have an iPad 1, you can use the drum sander tool to create space for the volume/mute and the power button on the sides.

Step 5: Insert the remote power button

To create a remote power button for your iPad stealth version, simply insert a paper clip along the edge of the iPad into the book and use it to turn your iPad on and off.

Step 6: Add a security strap

To ensure that your iPad does not slip out of its cover, you can simply use an old elasticated fabric hair band to secure the iPad in place when not in use, or you can use a length of elastic band to make a loop and use that instead.

Step 5: Customize the cover of the book

Having put in so much effort into creating an iPad case out of an old coffee table book, chances are you might not want it to look as stealth as it does. Though we recommend that you retain the dust sleeve that came with the book yet you can cover it as per your choice.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How can I put a permanent security strap in my stealth iPad case?

Ans: To put in a permanent security strap in your iPad case you will need a stapler and a couple of lengths of elastic band. We recommend the usage of elastic since it is sturdy enough to keep the iPad in place while being flexible enough to be shifted aside with ease when the iPad needs to be removed from the case. To make this strap, cut the elastic band into two pieces that measure the width of the page. Then place the straps along the sides of the edges of the hollowed out part ensuring that the elastic covers only about a centimeter of the iPad's edge. Staple the elastic band into place and you're done.

Quick tips

1. During the gluing process when you are pressing the pages together, remember to wipe the edges of the pages with a cotton cloth to get rid of excess glue.

2. If you have been shabby and the glue has spilt over the edges of the pages, you can simply use a marker or paint to paint the outer edge.

Things to watch out for

1. Cutting and gluing the pages is going to be the most tedious part of the entire process and if you are just not skilled with it, do not hesitate to ask for help. You can even go to a hardware store or a furniture-making shop and ask for help though that might cost you extra.

2. It is going to be absolutely essential that you remember to leave room for the connectors and cables since it might not be so easy to unglue pages later on.

3. While cutting out the pages, make sure that the spine of the book is always held straight otherwise you will end up with an uneven and crooked cradle.

10 Glucometer concepts to calculate the blood glucose level on your own

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 10:42 PM PDT

Sucheta Mehra:

Glucometer concepts
Glucometer conceptsGlucometer concepts to calculate the blood glucose level on your own

With the advent of technology, a need to work at a lot of things from communication to medical tests has become evident. This very need was what brought the telephone into existence and the same goes for the television, when it was felt that the happenings around the world should be known to every member of the family without having to go outside into the streets, where the situation was not exactly a synonym of stable. The very same need gave rise to the Glucometer, a pocket sized machine that helps you to check the level of glucose in the blood on an everyday basis. It is to be noted that Glucometer is the trademark of a company called Bayer AG. There are other companies that sell glucose meters under different names, one of them being Accu-Chek. Here is a list of 10 glucometer concepts to calculate the blood glucose level on your own. Have a look!

1. The drop concept

The drop concept
The drop conceptThe drop concept

This concept talks about one of the most common ways of testing your blood sugar with a single drop of your blood. Most glucose meters work on this concept, where a drop of your blood is set on a test strip, and this strip is inserted into a glucose meter, which subsequently gives us a reading that you may interpret according to your own needs. There is also a method to test the level of blood glucose without using a glucose meter. Many firms including Roche and NHS have introduced visually readable strips that change color to indicate the levels of blood glucose. These are famous not only because there is no bulky meter involved, but also because they can be cut longitudinally, making them more economical.

As a footnote, the most common symptoms of diabetes and hypoglycemia, which are caused by high and low blood glucose levels respectively are increased fatigue, extreme hunger and thirst, irritability, blurry vision, unusual weight loss and frequent urination. Any sign of these symptoms call for immediate action and you must get your blood glucose tested immediately.

2. Medtronic diabetes concept car with in-dash glucose monitor

Car with in-dash Glucose Monitor
Car with in-dash Glucose MonitorMedtronic Diabetes concept car with in-dash Glucose Monitor

The world famous firm Medtronic, which gave the world its gifts of some of the best defibrillators, drug pumps and pacemakers, has yet another wonder to present. At the annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association, 2011, Medtronic unveiled its surprise, the M-Powered concept car that has been equipped with instrumentation that is set to constantly monitor your blood glucose levels, and provide with audio as well as video reminders as to where the levels are going. In case there is an emergency, the machine is to first send out a warning, and then it must force a shut down just in case things are about to go out of hand. With this amazing idea, Medtronic had gained many a credit and hopes to help in whatever way possible.

3. Gluco (M) Wristband

Gluco (M)
Gluco (M)Gluco (M) Wristband

Technology has never failed to surprise us with its many wonders. The Gluco (M) Wristband, a concept glucose monitor, is for those who are not exactly part of the always-in-one-place category and have to move around a lot. This band helps monitor your blood glucose levels constantly, and what's more? The pivot joint that helps with the 360 degree rotation doubles up as a measure for an insulin injection. This way you can get your work done with a guarantee in mind that your blood glucose levels are being watched and if there is an irregularity, you would get a warning signal immediately.

4. Cambridge Consultants Glucometer Concepts

Cambridge Consultants
Cambridge ConsultantsCambridge Consultants Glucometer Concepts

Cambridge Consultants, a US based product development firm, has an all new take on how to make life simpler by making sure that glucose meters and insulin pumps work hand in hand, all on their own. This concept is very much linked to the NFC (Near Field Communication) form of wireless technology that was developed by Philips and Sony. The glucose meter and the insulin pump could be fixed together via a wireless, in this case, NFC connection. Once the glucose meter finishes taking a reading and it is seen that the patient requires a dose, it sends a signal to the insulin pump to release a dose of insulin. Of course, the patient has the choice of whether or not he wants to accept the medicine, which makes this device user-friendly.

5. Diabetes insulin dependent concept

Diabetes insulin dependent concept
Diabetes insulin dependent conceptDiabetes insulin dependent concept

This is another pretty famous concept which has actually come into practice. In fact, most patients who suffer from diabetes happen to make use of this method for their insulin injections everyday. The idea behind this concept is that, sometimes, the insulin requirement may differ from the dosage that was prescribed by the doctor. In such cases, it is wise only to take the amount that is necessary and nothing that is higher or lower than that. So, the glucose meter here indicates the blood glucose levels and the required amount of insulin may be injected into the system with the pen syringe, as it is called.

6. USB Glucometer

USB Glucometer
USB GlucometerUSB Glucometer

This concept brought forward by Kenny Hopper is very similar to most devices that are already available in the market. But the point that makes a difference is that once the data is ready inside the machine, it can be connected to your computer via USB, and the information can then be shared with your doctor through the internet or through printouts.

7. Integrated Blood Glucose Monitor

Integrated Blood
Integrated BloodIntegrated Blood Glucose Monitor

The Integrated Blood Glucose Monitor is yet another effort towards creating a rather compact device that can handle the testing and data display, while allowing the user to continue whatever task they had at hand. The concept wraps up the test strip, the lancet and the electronics into one single unit.

8. Trinity Glucose Meter

TrinityTrinity Glucose Meter

The Trinity Glucose Meter is another concept that aims at making a compact blood glucose meter, which would fit in your pocket. This concept was brought forward by Jarod Addison, as an individual project.

Gio by Sara Krugman and Eric Forman

GioThe One Handed Operation Blood Glucose Meter Design by Sara Krugman and Eric Forman

This design is quite similar to the Integrated Blood Glucose Meter, and the concept is also very similar to it. This concept packs everything required into one small case, which fits in your pocket with ease.

10. MIT’s Ramen Spectroscopy Glucose Meter

MITMIT’s Ramen Spectroscopy Glucose Mete

This is one of the most revolutionary ideas so far, and that is because this requires no pricking at all. The brilliant brains at MIT came up with an infrared blood glucose meter that lets infrared rays penetrate the skin and sense the blood glucose levels. Thanks to the no pain design, this is going to become an instant hit once it gets into the market with a more compact design, of course.

Eight unique and useful iPhone accessories for the trendy

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 10:40 PM PDT

Shahnawaz Naaz:

iPhone accessories
iPhone accessoriesUnique and useful iPhone accessories for the trendy

Apple's iPhone is one of the best smartphones available in the market. This sleek and stylish smartphone is loaded with several useful features which make the phone a popular gadget to own and flaunt as well. As the iPhone is a sleek device, it is mandatory that the accessories meant to used with iPhone should also have trendy and stylish. The accessories should be useful also just like the iPhone.

Here is a list of eight unique and useful iPhone accessories for the trendy. Have a look!

1. Electricity free bamboo speakers for iPhone

Electricity free bamboo speakers for  iPhone iPhone
Electricity free bamboo speakers for iPhone iPhoneAnatoliy Omelchenko has invented the speakers that are named “iBamboo”

Green gadgets are becoming popular these days. Most of these eco friendly gadgets are powered by solar energy and are made of recycled materials. Designed by Brooklyn based Anatoliy Omelchenko, the electricity-free bamboo speakers for iPhone is a very handy green gadget. Made from a single piece of bamboo, this gadget has a slot to fit the iPhone. The hollow bamboo maximizes the sound coming out from the speaker of the iPhone. A stereo effect is created from the sound which comes out from each side. Though this unique gadget can be used to enjoy tunes of all kinds, Omelchenko says that it works best with Classical and Jazz music. This iBamboo speaker does not use electronics or plastic at all. This lightweight speaker is priced at around $30.

2. Mobile Tail

Mobile Tail
Mobile TailDesigned by Sangwoo Park & Jongwon Park

Designed by Sangwoo Park and Jongwon Park, the Mobile Tail is a cute iPhone accessory made of flexible silicon. The liquid silicon rubber (LSR) used to make the Mobile Tail is non-reactive and highly pure. This accessory can be used to turn your iPhone into a viewing display. The shape of the Mobile Tail is similar to the tail of the Dalmatian. This Mobile Tail has a suction cap which helps it in attaching to any device. Sangwoo and Jongwon got the inspiration to design this motif after reading the story of One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

3. iPhone Portable Amplifier Horn

iPhone Portable Amplifier Horn
iPhone Portable Amplifier HornCreated by Bone Collection and can double as a stand for your iPhone.

Created by Bone Collection, the iPhone Portable Amplifier Horn is a useful accessory which does not require electricity and gives 13 dB more sound than normal. This amplifier horn can also be used as the stand for the iPhone. The amplifier horn works with iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G and the iPod Touch generation. Priced at $24.95, this amplifier horn is available in different colors including black, white, green and beige. It has a gramophone-pattern shape. This useful iPhone accessory is available for sale online.

4. Sinjimoru sync and charge dock stand

Sinjimoru Sync and Charge Dock Stand
Sinjimoru Sync and Charge Dock StandSinjimoru-Sync-and-Charge-Dock-Stand-for-iPhone-4-3G-3GS-and-iPod

Priced at $18.00, the Sinjimoru sync and charge dock stand is a sleek and stylish iPhone accessory that can be used to store iPhone while it charges or syncs. This stand is compatible with iPhone 3G and 3GS. The dimensions of this stand are 2 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches. It weighs only 2.1 ounces. The Sinjimoru sync and charge dock stand is available in four colors; white, black, blue and pink.

5. Wrist-mounted iPhone accessory

Wrist-mounted iPhone accessory
Wrist-mounted iPhone accessoryUseful accessory for iPhone owners who love riding motorcycles

Designed specially for bikers, the wrist-mounted iPhone accessory is priced at around $140. This trendy accessory looks similar to a prop out of a science fiction film. The system is waterproof and you can easily mount it on your arms. The advanced model comes loaded with a helmet-mounted mic and headphone which allows the bikers to attend calls while riding the bike. This accessory is designed by a France-based company.

6. Flip-Cage with iPhone 4 Mount

Flip-Cage with iPhone 4 Mount
Flip-Cage with iPhone 4 MountA great, folding tabletop stand for your iPhone 3GS

Priced at around $30, the Flip-Cage with iPhone 4 Mount is a very sleek and useful iPhone accessory for those who want to watch videos or movies on their phone. This stand is available for iPhone4/4s and iPhone 3GS. The mount is removable and you can use the Flip-Cage as tripod as well. This accessory is available only in black color.

7. Wooden iPhone 4 charging dock

Wooden iPhone 4 charging dock
Wooden iPhone 4 charging dockThis wooden stand lets you use and charge your iPhone at the same time

Made of black walnut, the wooden iPhone 4 case and dock stand has got hand finish. This dock and stand can be used to protect the sleek iPhone from scratches. It has holes allowing the users to access the buttons and functions of the iPhone4. You can charge or sync the smartphone while using this useful dock. Priced at $79.99, the wooden iPhone 4 charging dock is available for sale online.

8. Opera S5+ for iPhone and iPad

Opera S5+ for iPhone and iPad
Opera S5+ for iPhone and iPadThe stylish behind the neck wireless ear set

Priced at around GBP 80, the stylish Opera S5+ is useful accessory for those iPhone and iPad users who are avid music lovers. This accessory is wireless and reproduces CD quality sound. It weighs only 22grams. The control for the volume and track is on the earbud. It has around 10 hours of battery life. This accessory is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Seven functional gaming controllers to rule the virtual world

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 10:38 PM PDT

Saifudheen MS:

Functional gaming controllers
Functional gaming controllersFunctional gaming controllers to rule the virtual world

We are not ready to leave a single chance to enjoy the time. Gaming is a wonderful thing to enjoy time and even to think cleverly. Fans of games are increasing day be day and each day newer games are being introduced to the world. Here is list of seven game controllers to rule the virtual world.

1. Hoon luxury game controller

Hoon Luxury game controller
Hoon Luxury game controllerHoon Luxury Arcade Game Controller Will Most Likely Cost a Small Fortune

It is a wonderful game control with stylish design. The controller is mostly used in arcade games. The control has a stylish design and it will shine exclusively. This game controller is manufactured by world's No.1 game controllers manufacturing company with specially selected materials. The control is compatible for any kind of platforms. You can use it with any Playstation or even on your desktop PC. Hoon didn't mention the estimate price of the game controller as they have the option to fix a high price for its wonderful features.

2. The avenger controller

The Avenger controller
The Avenger controllerit’s not cheating, it’s leveling the playing field

The Avenger game controller is best to develop your gaming skills easily. You may not be interested by the external look of the game controller but the features are really good. The avenger gaming controller is mostly meant for people who have disabled hands. The control was developed from a model designed prior. The controller needs only mere touches to operate functionally. Even you don't need to make full button press to get the result of pressing. The price of the controller was $60 when introducing but it is reduced to $40 after the release.

3. FragFX Piranha

FragFX Piranha
FragFX PiranhaFragfx Piranha FPS Controller For The PS3

The FragFX Piranha is a stylish besides effective control developed by Splitfish. It has a mouse and control pod which enables you to control the game in a special way. The mouse does not perform the actual duty of a mouse; the wheel rotating technology is not utilized here. But it has four controls; O, X, square and a triangle control. The left hand control is quite awesome in performance and design. We can control the buttons on left hand control fluently with a single hold using your hand. This controller will cost you about $50.

4. Njoy wireless 6 axis mini wheel controller

Njoy Wireless 6 Axis Mini Wheel Controller
Njoy Wireless 6 Axis Mini Wheel ControllerFully Functional Game Controller & Steering Wheel for Playstation 3

It is a wireless game controller introduced by Njoy. The controller is made with a stylish design which looks like a car steering. It is for Playstation 3 console. The wireless technology enables you to control the game in 9M distance even with no latency. It is also enriched with advanced motion sensitive facility to control the game. You will feel like driving a car when you play the game using Njoy wireless 6 axis controller. The dual shock feature and the wireless controlling feature of the product bring it to a higher position in the market.

5. PS3 Fighting Commander 3 Pro Controller

PS3 Fighting Commander 3 Pro Controller
PS3 Fighting Commander 3 Pro ControllerHori's Fighting Commander 3 Pro controller for the PlayStation 3

The design of the controller has only a slight variation from ordinary Playstation game controllers. As the name tells the controller is best for fighting games. It is designed in a way that it could fit in your arm. The game controller will be comfortable even for beginners in gaming. It provides all the controlling facilities like other ordinary game controllers and in addition, it is offering turbo mode to give the game a special punch. Buttons are aligned well so that you will not be confused on how to play. The Fighting Commander 3 Pro Controller is available for just $35.

6. Datel Xbox 360 controller

Datel Xbox 360 controller
Datel Xbox 360 controllerDatel Turbofire EVO Wireless Controller for Xbox 360

The controller is entitled as 100 percent unofficial and the design of the control may be confusing sometimes. It offers a dual rumble motors navigation. Also it offers a standard headset port which can be a good thing to Xbox live players. The controller aims only at Xbox 360 owners. The control has a LCD screen also, but the sad news is that it is not touch screen. The screen is used to tweak the settings of your PC with a USB plug. The Datel controller for Xbox 360 is available for $55.

7. Heckler and Koch MP5 controller

Heckler and Koch MP5 controller
Heckler and Koch MP5 controllerWii gets custom-made Heckler and Koch MP5 controller

Here is a chance to experience a new way of gaming with Heckler and Koch MP5 controller for Wii. It comes to the market with a built in rechargeable battery that can be charged via USB. The supported games will show every features of the gun. The design is also made for avoiding unintentional gun shots that may occur from the players.

Eight elegant and unique fruit bowls for modish spaces

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 10:36 PM PDT

Lata Dar:

LegadaLegada Fruit Spire by Brad Gressel

Get rid of the boring old fruit bowls. Instead stay updated with designs that are unique and offer a twist to the usual varieties. Go ahead and check out some rare varieties that you might have never known about. Here we sum up eight amazing fruit bowl styles that not only just serve fresh, but also add an accessorizing touch to your dining area or kitchen. So while you serve healthy, you can also draw up a lot of guest attention through these one of a kind holders.

1. Fruit bowl by Thomas Feichtner

Thomas Feichtner
Thomas FeichtnerFruit Bowl by Thomas Feichtner

Fruit bowls are popular for being decorative centerpieces; however, Thomas Feichtner has moved way above traditional styles and designs by chucking out the round bowls for more open designs that reduce surface contact of fruit keeping them fresh and consumable for longer durations. The structure is designed from solid silver and this offers a perfect contrast.

2. Ring shaped fruit bowl

Ring Shaped Fruit Bowl
Ring Shaped Fruit BowlRing Shaped Fruit Bowl

This innovative piece sets your fruit collection in a kind of art work. German designer Joung Myung Lee is the mind behind this creation and when hung on the wall it can actually create magic with colors and design.

3. Cocoon modern stainless steel fruit bowl

CocoonCocoon Modern Stainless Steel Fruit Bowl Design from PID Personal Interior Design

Created by Germany’s Eakkapod, this award winning piece was marked at the Design Exhibition Form in 2006. This polished bowl in stainless steel is 12 inches in diameter and a core modern design.

4. Bubblicious fruit bowl by D-Vision

Bubblicious Fruit Bowl
Bubblicious Fruit BowlBubblicious Fruit Bowl of Varying Volumes of Spheres by D-Vision

As per the name, Bubblicious fruit bowl is designed in the form of spheres with varying volumes. This makes it easier to store fruits with varying sizes, maintaining absolute equilibrium due the changing center of gravity. This fruit bowl is extremely innovative in terms of design and looks exceptional when placed as a decoration piece. The design of this fruit bowl comes through D-Vision-Via.

5. Fruit bowl by SEMdesign

SEMdesignFruit Bowl by SEMdesign

SEMdesign has introduced this great fruit holder which is handmade by sticking together 128 pieces of plywood to form a pattern. There are different sections in this fruit bowl and adequate space that lets you enjoy each fruit in an adequate manner. If there is just a single apple left, for example, then you can place it in the top shelf. This way the bowl appears to be full and yet organized well. The best part about this piece is that it is crafted out of water and dirt resistant material for that clean and fresh look.

6. Legada fruit spire by Brad Gressel

LegadaLegada Fruit Spire by Brad Gressel

For many people, a crystal bowl works fine on their dining or coffee tables with the fruits stacked in it rotting due to pressure and time. However, Brad Gressel the famous designer has substituted a great way through which all the fruits get a proper display allowing for timely consumption of foods. This is spiral in shape and fresh fruits stay at the top while the older one are around the bottom. With this, each fruit gets the right attention and it also serves as a great display.

7. Modern fruit bowl - Macedonia Tray

Macedonia Tray
Macedonia TrayModern Fruit Bowl - Macedonia Tray

Macedonia is not just the republic of South-Eastern Europe but it is also a dessert fruit popular across Spain, France, Italy and Latin America. Apart from all of that it is also the name given to Janne Kyttänen’s designer creation which is a tray that resembles to a fruit salad when stocked with fresh fruits. The artist got inspired from its unusual design following the soap bubble build structure with neat grids that let the fruits stay together while at the same time separate too. This unique piece is built out of polyamide through laser sintering in a selective pattern and the gray Macedonia costs around $700.

8. Arik Levy’s Galactica Fruit Bowl

Galactica Fruit Bowl
Galactica Fruit BowlArik Levy’s Galactica Fruit Bowl

This fruit bowl is designed by Arik Levy and is an amazingly beautiful artistic creation. The Galactica is actually based on the galaxy and star theme. This can be doubly used as a fruit bowl and also as a centerpiece. The idea based on which Arik Levy created this fruit bowl for the manufacturer Gaia & Gino was basically to use the essence of voids and volumes inspired by the universal constellations. A mold is used to design the bowl while the holes are created manually by the hands based on a predefined pattern.

The artist states that he wanted to yield an architectural dimension which was if imagined in a bigger form would instantly bring to mind a conference center or a concert hall. Levy is associated with a French firm that create ceramic vases to produce a seamless earthenware piece.

Seven strange USB gadgets you’d never buy

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 10:33 PM PDT

Ankit Dahiya:

USB Scan Toaster
USB Scan ToasterElectrolux toaster design burns headlines onto bread

The electronic gadgets have completely changed the meaning of the devices and have introduced some of the most exotic devices. These electronic gadgets are not only beautiful but are also fun to use. But, there are some electronic gadgets, especially the USB powered devices which are really sick to use and should actually be ignored. These devices are just mere waste of money and thus should be avoided. Here is a list of seven strange USB gadgets you should never go for. Have a look!

1. USB-Powered Butt Cooler

USB-Powered Butt Cooler
USB-Powered Butt CoolerThe USB butt cooler goes onto your chair, over the cushion, and flows “cool” air onto your arse via the onboard fan.

This is something irritating. This is a sick cooler that is actually USB powered and is made especially to cool off your butt. Yes you heard it right, this butt cooler is what made to cool your butt out of sweat and other stuffs and is completely powered by USB. It is made to be placed near the butt and is provided with a switch to on/off. This is just nothing that is attractive and if you are still interested in it, you too can get your butt cooled buying this product.

2. USB Heated Slippers

USB Heated Slippers
USB Heated SlippersKeep your feet warm too with these USB Heated Slippers.

Slippers are actually fun and cool to use if they are trendy and exotic. But, this is something that can be avoided from far distance itself. This is a USB powered slippers which come along with a warm cushion like stuff into which you can drag your legs and feel the heat inside. It can be used at times but is completely out of fashion and of no use. It is priced at $42.

3. USB Mini Fridge

USB Mini Fridge
USB Mini FridgeUSB Mini Fridge, Your Personal Fridge

Here is a new definition of the traditional fridge. This is actually a micro mini fridge that is capable of cooling stuffs like drinks and other related products. Also, it is USB powered so that you need not bother plugging it inside a power cable. It can be place on your computer desk but is messy to have control. The space it occupies is less but is actually not worth of using as it is something not most commonly used.

4. USB Scan Toaster

USB Scan Toaster
USB Scan ToasterElectrolux toaster design burns headlines onto bread

This is the device which should be completely avoided. Don’t go for its looks which will completely drive you crazy over its design and looks. This is actually a USB scanner, printer and toaster. It can be operated using a USB and can scan up photos and also can go for printing them from where it is placed. This concept is still under studies and will be out in the coming days. But whatsoever, the concept looks pretty boring and quite useless and thus should be ignored.

5. Thanko USB Flower Pot Speaker

Thanko USB Flower Pot Speaker
Thanko USB Flower Pot SpeakerThanko Japanese Gadget maker introduces a flower pot with integreated stereo speakers and amplifier.

This is one of the sick devices ever made and should be avoided. It is actually a virtual flower pot which is incorporated along with a speaker at the bottom of the pot and also contains a USB to connect it to the PC. The design of the device really sucks and is some kind of old fashioned stuff. Also the flower doesn't add to the beauty of the place around. This device should be ignored and never ever try going for this kind of devices as these are just waste of money.

6. Coffee Mug Computer Mouse

Coffee Mug Computer Mouse
Coffee Mug Computer MouseThis basic coffee mug can also function as an optical computer mouse.

Coffee is fun when you have it with your family and friends but is really heck when you try going for having it with your laptop or computer. This USB device is what will make you regret over your choice. It is actually a coffee cup which comes along with an optical mouse at the bottom of it which is plugged using a USB. It is bulky and also is pretty hard to use most of the times. The bulky thing is what makes it poor in quality and also in style.

7. Mr. Tengu

Mr. Tengu
Mr. TenguMr. Tengu is a little USB gadget that changes faces based on the sounds in the room

The name is funny and so is the device. This is a USB powered device which is actually a face maker which keeps changing its face according to the music out there in room. Also the facial expression doesn’t look good and makes the environment around it completely sick. This gadget is what should be ignored even if you are bored of your old stuffs.

Eight essential holiday gadgets for geeky travelers

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 10:31 PM PDT

Ankit Dahiya:


Traveling is fun when you have got the latest gadgets along with you. The technology has completely changed the world it was and all you get now is ultra hi-tech gadgets that serve the best out of your time. These gadgets are a rage all over the world and are known for their exotic and freaking features which not only make the time fly but also keep entertaining. The traveling has come out to be a passion and people love traveling along with their cool accessories. Some of these accessories are ultra cool and are worth of keeping in stock while the others are just mere time-pass. There are plenty of gadgets in the list of traveling people but only few out of them are worth of going for. Here we are with a list of eight essential holiday gadgets for geeky travelers. Have a look!

1. Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor Kit

Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor Kit
Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor KitCompact and lightweight kit allows you to stay connected

If you are on a trip or you are traveling to places and if you run out of battery in most of your devices, there are chances of your dislike to place or even you might frustrate as you are not getting any source of entertainment. So to avoid all such things, this is the device. The universal power adapter by Tumi can charge up plenty of devices on a single go and also offers backup for later use where there is no source of power.

2. RoadTrip and iTrip AutoPilot with SmartScan

RoadTrip and iTrip AutoPilot with SmartScan
RoadTrip and iTrip AutoPilot with SmartScanEasy to use. Sturdy and sleek construction

Here is something cool for all the music lovers out there who are also into the world of traveling. This iTrip Autopilot is the gadget for you all which now come along with the smartscan. This product is quite similar to the traditional Griffin product but is a bit advanced and hi-tech. It comes with a full touchscreen display and can display and read plenty of stuff.

3. Ultraviolet bacteria and pathogen killing water wand


This is the device for all the health conscious out there and also for the people who prefer going for fresh and potable water. This is a portable water purifier which is a must need for all the travelers out there. It can purify a glass of water in just 48 seconds and yields you with a fresh and bacteria free water.

4. DTWI’s travel carbon monoxide detector

DTWI's Travel Carbon Monoxide Detector
DTWI’s Travel Carbon Monoxide DetectorDTWI’s Travel Carbon Monoxide Detector Prevents Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Whilst Holidaying Abroad, or in the UK

This is another cool device to keep your health good for a longer period of time. This device is capable of calculating the amount of carbon monoxide and other harmful gases in a particular set of area. This is quite useful if you are unaware of the area and the presence of toxic gases in that particular area. This cool device is surely worth going for.

5. Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS
Nintendo DSThe gaming fun during holidays

The gaming fever is really hard to go and there is practically nothing better than the Nintendo DS when it comes to gaming. The gaming can be good leisure time stuff when it comes to traveling and there is nothing better than this to kill the time. It not only entertains you but also keeps you busy with stuffs which are pretty interesting and cool. This Nintendo thus is a sure buy for all the travelers out there who also love playing games.

6. Imation USB flash drive wristband

IMATION USB FLASH DRIVE WRISTBANDConvenient little gadget that are extremely useful

This is the device that serves two important operations. This is actually a wristband which is incorporated with a flash drive by Imation. This ultra-cool wristband not only looks cool and exotic but is also capable of holding plenty of data into it. So, now you need not carry along with you those old-age fashioned USB drives, as this wristband is the best stylish alternative to all those flash drives.

7. U510

U510Support Windows Vista ReadyBoost

Now this is the device if you want to carry plenty of your data along with you on the go. The U510 PQI portable storage device is really adorable in terms of style and also comes along with a whopping 32GB storage space. Now you can never run out of storage with this ultra-cool and gorgeous portable storage device. It is freaking compact and has a thickness of just 3mm. It is windows compatible and also supports the flash drives and USBs.

8. Apple Nike + Armband for the iPod Nano

APPLE NIKE+ ARMBAND FOR THE IPOD NANOThe Nike+ Sport Armband stretches to securely fit your iPod nano

This gadget is a sure buy for all the travelers out there as it really simplifies your work of carrying an iPod along with you. If you really find it hard to manage your Apple iPod, this is the device for you. It comes with a armband which can be easily put on your arms and also has space for keeping the iPod inside. The band comes along with keys name imprinted on it like the menu and play, pause key.

Easy steps to clean your Apple Mighty Mouse

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 10:28 PM PDT

Sucheta Mehra:

Apple Mighty Mouse
Apple Mighty MouseEasy steps to clean your Apple Mighty Mouse

Here's Apple, Inc.'s take at what a mouse is all about. They've named it the Mighty Mouse, though is hasn't turned out to be all that mighty, given that something like dust can make it trapped and defunct, unless it isn't pulled apart and cleaned. It was released in 2005, only to be replaced by the Magic Mouse, four years later, in 2009. The Apple Mighty Mouse has a touch sensitive top, which makes sure that the mouse doesn't have buttons, but just touch sensitive areas, 360 degree track ball, force sensing sides and laser tracking. The Mighty Mouse is characterized by a plastic body in white and an Apple, Inc. on the top. The Mighty Mouse can perform functions along the lines of a regular mouse, that include up and down scrolling and right and left scrolling.

The mouse is also capable of scrolling diagonally, which you don't get to see in a lot of other places. Apart from amazing people with its scrolling capabilities, the mouse also has a tiny speaker inside it, that emits a sound when the scroll ball is being rolled. For those, who don't find it all that entertaining, the only way to disable the sound is to physically disable the speaker inside the mouse. It can also open spotlight and switch applications. The touch sensitive top may look and sound all new-generation, but it makes it difficult to use the left and right-click functions of the mouse simultaneously. One must lift his finger off the surface to use the right-click feature, which is not very comfortable. The Mighty Mouse has a battery compartment which uses two AA Alkaline, Lithium or rechargeable batteries. The battery compartment must be kept clean and there should be no moisture. Batteries must either be new or fully charged, as in the case of rechargeable batteries.

Due to the issue of dirt getting stuck in the track ball, the mouse ceases to function properly. It is, therefore, very important to regularly clean the mouse for it to perform well. Out of the four main functional parts which include left and right sensors and a side squeeze, the track ball is what helps with the scrolling, and that's where the dirt gets stuck. The Mighty Mouse is a dust sensitive mouse, and therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance is required. The Mighty Mouse is not as popular as its other counterparts because even a little accumulation of dust causes the scroll ball to malfunction. It is very difficult to clean the mouse without dismantling it and though there are methods to clean the mouse without taking it apart, it's not possible to get rid of all the dust. Also, removing the scroll ball from its socket is a major issue. This makes the Apple Mighty Mouse a not so mighty as an accessory; it has to be used very carefully and in a dust free environment.

The following sections of the article are supplied with a few tips on cleaning the Mighty Mouse.

Difficulty Level

Dismantling the mouse is quite an easy task, though cleaning it may call for a little more attention.

Time Required

It takes about 5 to 7 minutes to finish opening the mouse, cleaning it and putting it back together.

Estimated Cost

Except for clear tape and a lint free cloth, there's nothing else that one requires.


1. First of all, clean your hands and pat them dry.

2. Unplug the mouse from your device and remove the batteries from the mouse.

3. Use a strip of clear tape as an insert into the ball socket in such a way, that the sticky side faces the inside of the socket and the dust can get stuck to it.

4. Now, feed the tape inside the mouse by scrolling the mouse forward and keep doing so, until the tape comes out from the other side.

5. Move the tape back and forth for a couple of times, so that, all the dirt on the ball sticks to it.

6. Remove the tape and feed a fresh strip of tape to see if more dust is present on the scroll ball.

7. Keep cleaning the mouse at regular intervals to avoid accumulation of dust. You may also use the lint free cloth to get the debris off the track ball.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to open the mouse to clean it?

A. No, you can clean the mouse with all its parts attached. It is difficult to get the scroll ball out of the socket. Don't use any force on it.

Q. Can I use water or any other solution to clean it?

A. It is advised to avoid the usage of water or other cleaning solutions to clean the mouse.

Q. Do I have to clean the mouse regularly?

A. You should clean it at regular intervals with the method given above.

Q. Can I use an LCD cleaning spray to clean the mouse?

A. Please avoid using all types of sprays, as their usage can interfere with the normal functioning of the mouse.

Quick Tips:

  • Always handle the mouse with dry hands.
  • Avoid using the mouse in a dusty environment.
  • Use a dried cloth.
  • Use a lint free cloth to avoid any blockage due to fiber.
  • Move a tape slowly to allow the debris to get stuck to the tape.
  • Clean the mouse on a regular basis to avoid dust accumulation.

Things to Watch out For:

  • Avoid using a wet cloth.
  • Use a new fresh tap and avoid using one strip more than once.
  • Unplug the mouse before cleaning.
  • Remove the batteries before cleaning the mouse.
  • Be careful while feeding the tape in the scroll socket. Remove it instantly if it gets stuck
  • Do not use water or any other solution to clean the mouse.
  • Do not permit moisture to enter the internal parts of the mouse.
  • Avoid the usage of aerosol sprays, solvent or abrasives.
  • Always use new batteries.
  • Avoid using the mouse in dusty places
  • Use a lint free cloth to clean the mouse.

10 Cool and creative egg shaped design for trendy living

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 10:23 PM PDT

Prerna Varma:

Egg Shaped
Egg ShapedCool and creative egg-shaped designs to catch the eye

Considering that Easter is just a few days away, people have been having increased cravings for eggs and egg shaped designs. But fascination with egg shaped designs has been common for a really long time. People feel completely awed by things or appliances that are in an egg shape. They are cute as well as great addition to interiors. Check out these egg shaped products that will not only captivate your eyes but are also functional.

1. Egg Shape mobile living space

Mobile Living Space
Mobile Living SpaceEgg Shape Mobile Living Space

This egg shape living space is totally inspiring and fills one with awe. This product is designed in such a way that one or two people can easily live here particularly if they have troubles living in a home. This egg shaped living space can be kept directly into your lawn. Its walls are smartly designed which ensures that you can accommodate all your books, clothes and a few electrical appliances. The bed is large enough for a person to sleep comfortably. This beehive type house has a small entrance for sunlight to peep in an also have a shower cabin for a luxurious, relaxing bath. For sure, this is a smart way to live.

2. Egg shaped chair

ChairEgg-Shaped Chair

This one is again a charming thing. Designed by Karim Rashid, this egg shaped chair is a wonderful addition to your home interiors. The chair endorses a cool, vibrant color and is comfortable. The shell nurtures your body after a stressful day at work and provides you with an opportunity to spend some relaxing moments all alone. This is a good seating solution and can be placed anywhere in the house. Moreover, it can be used as a lounge chair. If you have subtle color combinations for your home, this chair in pink and blue can give your house a chic feel. Buy this for a comfortable seating experience.

3. Casio egg shaped USB printer

USB printer
USB printerCasio's egg-shaped USB printer

Brando's egg shaped Casio USB printer manages to grab eye balls without compromising on its basic utilities. This printer has a compact design that can save a lot of house space. The print system is thermal and consumes less power as it is supported by a USB port. Also you can create labels with this egg shaped printer and print in any TrueType font installed in your computer. It barely weights 125g which includes the stand weight, making it one of the most light weight printers.

4. Two wheeler egg shaped car

Egg Car
Egg CarTwo wheeler egg-shaped car

People have always been fascinated by the idea of futuristic auto mobiles and Daniel Scotland's creativity and unusual design allows appreciating the auto-mobile even more. This design is good for heavy traffic roads and has two wheels to run. The egg shaped car has a seating capacity of one person and is driven with a joystick. It is compact, yet it has enough space for you to feel the comfort. The electric motors in the wheels are another addition. This is a practical solution to the problems concerning urban roads. It also has a lithium battery for energy and therefore is a sustainable choice.

5. Ei- Max egg shaped baby cradle

Ei-MaxEi-Max Egg Shaped Baby Cradle

The beginning of life is from an egg, therefore, what is better than an egg shaped cradle for your newborn baby. This attractive egg shaped baby cradle by Ei-Max makes it a point that your baby feels secure and warm even outside the womb. It gives comfort to your little one and s/he can experience coziness that cannot be described in words. The cradle has a high durability as it is 70% stone and just 30% acrylic making sure that your child is safe. A variety of colors are available to suit your baby's room and have a high quality soft mattress to support your child's little, precious body.

6. Futuristic egg shaped pet beds

Pet Beds
Pet BedsFuturistic Egg-Shaped Pet Beds

Pet Pods are an excellent design for those who want their pets to have a little, cozy place of their own. This design is made from high density polyethylene and is safe for your lovable puppies and cats. Being a recycled material, it is not heavy on the environment and can accommodate even a naughty bunny. The three different sizes of the pod ensure that you buy the one that suits your pet's physical stature. It also strongly reflects your love for your little pup or cat by keeping them warm in their very own personal space.

7. Egg shaped coffee table

Coffee Table
Coffee TableEgg Shaped Coffee Table

Love to grab great designs for your interiors? Then this one is a sure shot great design for you. This egg shaped coffee table enhances the experience of coffee drinking and allow your home interiors to speak their worth. Also, this table has various other creative options for usage and its design makes it a perfect choice for displaying your newly purchased floating candles and lily pads. A perfect choice for perfect home interiors.

8. Cybertectyre Egg building

Egg Building
Egg BuildingCybertecture Egg Building

Cybertectyre is a firm in India that offers innovative technologies to its consumers. Its inspiring egg shaped building gets 'wows' from everyone in Mumbai. The whole idea that world and earth is constantly evolving, gives this building an egg/oval design. Also this is an eco friendly, sustainable building that allows people to appreciate nature as well reflects the firm's policy of bring evolving technologies. The iconic architecture gets thumbs up!

9. Olasonic PC speakers

PC speakers
PC speakersOlasonic PC speakers

These speakers have an attractive; eye catching egg shaped design and comes in sleek black or classic white. They are less than 6 inches tall and therefore they are compact and can be places anywhere. They are provided with a USB that gives them power to function effectively. The volumes are not too loud and therefore users don't have to be troubled by loud noises.

10. The beyond egg shape bathtub

BathtubThe Beyond Egg-shaped Bathtub

If you are the one who loves to have some private moments in the bathroom and bathtub is a great idea of relaxation, then this bathtub should surely make its way into your bathroom. Designed by Claudia Danelon and Federico Meroni and bought into market by Glass, this bathtub is a tailor made addition to your washroom and can be customized as customer's wishes and demands. The design appears to be specially craved for the users. Another attractive, lucrative buy.

Eight LEGO-inspired gadgets and accessories

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 10:19 PM PDT

Jancy James:

LEGO-inspired gadgets
LEGO-inspired gadgetsLego inspired gadgets and accessories for the trendy

We all have memories of creating beautiful structures with our LEGO sets and these colorful memories are etched deeply in our minds simply because they were stepping stones to our imagination and fodder for our developing brains. LEGO toys are not just loved by children, but adults also due to the huge potential they offer for crafting anything that has caught your imagination.

Are you still in nostalgia about your LEGO days? Here are some wonderful gadgets and accessories for techies who still love to have a glimpse of their LEGO toys on their worktable.

1. LEGO USB hub


This beautiful LEGO USB hub looks perfect with your computer accessories. It has 4 ports and looks like the long plastic bricks that you had in your LEGO box. This USB 2.0 is just enough to keep your memories alive and also satisfies all your USB needs. Available in a variety of trademark LEGO colors like blue, black, red and yellow, they come for $11.99.

2. JCDC LEGO-inspired digital watches

Digital Watches
Digital WatchesJCDC LEGO-Inspired Digital Watches

Digital watches with straps that are shaped like LEGO bricks are great for kids and adults who are LEGO fans. They are very colorful and trendy looking and an instant eye catcher. Created by Jean de Castelbajac, it does not have an official license. But LEGO fans couldn't care less as it is entirely desirable with the LEGO look and comes in varying and vibrant shades as well.

3. LEGO inspired top four LED lighting

LED lightings
LED lightingsLEGO inspired Top Four LED lightings

These LEGO LED lights do not just appeal to only LEGO fans, but anyone and everyone. They come in various brick sizes and shapes that help you to stack them up to form a complete collection of LEGO lights in your work area or at home. Comes for $22.90, they need AAA batteries for functioning. Though they may not be ideal solutions for lighting your entire room, they are perfect as night lamps or for lighting up a corner of your dark room where you want to work or read without disturbance.

4. Wearable LEGO Minifig Helmet audio comics

LEGO Minifig Helmet
LEGO Minifig HelmetWearable LEGO Minifig Helmet Audio Comics

We are so familiar with those cute human figures of LEGO collection which come with cute, removable hairstyles and helmets. This minifig helmet, inspired from the LEGO figures are have the same smooth outer surface and a glass which has tinted film. Designed by Jonathan Robson as a learning aid for children, the helmet plays audio tracks for comics. It is also a role playing toy. Once you are a LEGO club member, you can download the tracks and enjoy the music.

5. LEGO-Style MP3 Player

MP3 Player
MP3 PlayerLEGO-Style MP3 Player

Today, we cannot live without our electronic gadgets, be it laptops, mp3 players, palm tops and iPods. Here's an MP3 player that can evoke memories of the past and create a great setting for your office space or anywhere you travel. The LEGO MP3 player is a playful and colorful little LEGO brick which will sing and entertain you while you bask in the glory of your childhood. It comes in five different shades like blue, white, yellow, red, and green. It supports SD cards of up to 2 GB size. The player supports MP3 and WMA files and can be charged by connecting to your laptop's USB port with the cable that is supplied. A fully charged LEGO MP3 player gives about 6-10 hours of output.

6. iPod LEGO Inspired Dock

iPod Dock
iPod DockiPod LEGO Inspired Dock

iPods have become gadgets that most cannot live without. That being the case, iPod docks are always in demand. For LEGO fans, here is an iPod dock that can break you into hackles. Shaped like a LEGO brick, it is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and MP3 players that can be connected through a 3.5 mm stereo jack. The dock runs in 3 AA batteries and comes in two choices of colors; black and white. Priced at $ 57, they are entirely trendy.

7. Lego Toybrick USB

Toybrick USB
Toybrick USBLego Toybrick USB

This Toybrick USB has a transfer speed of 480 Mbps and has four ports. It comes with a 10 cm cable wire and the classic LEGO brick design. Created by ELECOM, the Toybrick series come in playful colors like blue, green, white yellow, red and black colors of the LEGO bricks. The block occupies 3 ports and a separate port at the back which can accommodate a big USB device which has to be plugged in and out frequently.

8. The Lego inspired block light

Block Light
Block LightThe Lego Inspired Block Light

A cool lighting system for a geeky apartment, this diffused light that emanates from a translucent LEGO block looks very elegant and exquisite. They are good as a night lamp or for your work desk

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