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Seven sleek iPhone 4 cases/covers for the fashionable

Posted: 06 Nov 2011 12:53 PM PST

Anamika Gupta:

iPhone 4 Cases and cover
iPhone 4 Cases and coversleek iPhone 4 cases/covers for the fashionable

iPhone 4, for some may be a matter of pride and for some the mere fantasy that sparkles up one's eyes. No wonder iPhone’s market has already created its magical effect on people and with its upcoming versions the iPhone fever is just getting higher. Accordingly, people tend to think only up to its possession but they hardly think about its maintenance and protection. Well, you might have just not purchased that auspicious handy thing spending nearly about $200 to $300 for deteriorating it in its early life. Thus, it becomes vital to protect your iPhone 4s against dust, careless falling, screen scratches and broken body. And to help your sleek iPhone 4 to gain more durability and more life, it's a must to opt for a good iPhone case. Then be it made up of wood, plastic or silicon. Nowadays, iPhones are already handed along with its case at the purchase time. But if u still don't own it, then no worries at all because here we have listed down 7 exciting and pretty cool cases for your newbie to set in style. Simply follow the list which also includes some of the Apple's official stuff, thus making you a smart owner.

1. Incase Snap Case for iPhone 4

Incase Snap Case
Incase Snap CaseIncase Snap Case for the fashionable

Well, to start with, the Incase Snap case is one of the brilliant product offering for iPhone 4 from Apple. Introduced in earlier month of 2010, Incase Snap case works miracle to safeguard your iPhone 4. It was first available for free on purchase of iPhone 4 via program downloading, but now it is available at a price of around $35. Made up of rubber material, Incase snap is easy to handle and easier to snap-on your iPhone. It’s amazingly perfect fitting with better grip, opening jacks at side for the volume buttons and rear opening for the camera. It doesn't compromise with the quality of iPhone features and programs. With flexible touching experience, compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 for AT&T and Verizon, this snap case also offers direct access to all features of your iPhone. Moreover, it comes with a tiny plastic stand that will allow your iPhone stand either vertically or horizontally. Thus, it makes a perfect caring piece for your handy stuff.

2. Speck CandyShell case for iPhone 4

Speck CandyShell case
Speck CandyShell caseSpeck CandyShell case for the fashionable

Speck has always something inventive in his every case offering. This time too Speck has introduced a wonderful piece of beauty in from of a case for your lovey-dovey iPhone 4 yet compatible with its Verizon and AT&T versions. This supernova case is named as CandyShell Card case. What is more interesting in this latest product of Speck is that it will not only handle your iPhone with super care but it will also help you to lessen up with your extra handy stuffs, i.e., hand purse or clutch. It works as a phone case-cum-card holder for you. It can hold up to three credit cards in its tight fitting slots that even a single card can be placed with safety assurance. Isn't it great?! Worth purchasing for $40 and is also available in a set of different colors.

3. iFrogz Luxe Original Case for iPhone 4

iFrogz Luxe Original Case
iFrogz Luxe Original CaseiFrogz Luxe Original Case for the fashionable

Moving further, we have listed one of the edgy iPhone 4 cases that you will definitely want to have for once. Its unusual color combinations and stylist cut-out look gives an extra charm to your esteemed possession. Luxe Original Case introduced by iFrogz, is a complete fanshionista product yet with cool advantages of supporting the safety for your iPhone 4's each model. Bound with style and edgy transformation, Luxe is a plastic made case that comes with a button attached to its side for the purpose of placing your iPhone in or out from the case. It has the best secured locking system with a wider opening slit that will not only make it easier for volume controls but also to operate its profile switch. The front surface is designed to be thick at its edge where your iPhone will be safe even if you keep it face-down to the surface. This $30 hardshell is a real sexy piece to own and even to impress the other person with a hint of jealous.

4. Speck Fitted iPhone 4 Case

Speck Fitted case.
Speck Fitted case.Speck Fitted case for the fashionable

Another great offering from Speck in range of iPhone 4 case is this fiber made yet a durable hard case. Dubbed as the Speck Fitted iPhone 4 case, it comes in different designs and patterns. It is a two piece hard case that will not only provide safety to your phone but will also match up your style quotient. It has all the necessary openings in its side for volume buttons, USB port and other jacks. Also, it has the rear opening for camera availability. Not only has it added the safety to the screen due to its bezel feature that separates the screen from touching the surface but it's available just for $29.95 only.

5. Sena Magnet Flipper for iphone 4

Sena Magnet Flipper
Sena Magnet FlipperSena Magnet Flipper for the fashionable

If you need something that fully covers your iPhone and at the same time, if you are a diehard lover of leather products, then this would be the perfect finding in your case. Sena has come up with variety of leather iPhone 4 cases and when it comes to the magnetic featured case, nothing can beat this Magnet Flipper iPhone 4 case. Hard, durable, necessity opening wherever applicable (except some fine trouble in camera holding) and a top magnetic front flap (making the flipping easier even with right thumb) is far more amazing compared to other such leather cases. It covers the iPhone approximately from all sides, thus keeping it more secured and safe from damage. It also holds a removable metal clip system and can even be placed with your waist belt while not in the mood of hand carry. It's available in different shades and two different leather pattern, making it a bit pricy for about $52.

6. OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone 4

OtterBox Commuter Series Case
OtterBox Commuter Series CaseOtterBox Commuter Series Case for the fashionable

The Otterbox Commuter Series case is definitely worth trying to shelve on your shiny iPhone 4. It has unique three silicon layered design and a polycarbonate shell. It's a perfectly crafted case in a box form that will keep your iPhone safe in a certain way. It also comprises a screen protector and a piece of microfiber cloth that can be availed for $34.95 only.

7. Incase Slider for iPhone 4

Incase Slider Case
Incase Slider CaseIncase Slider Case for the fashionable

Incase's another best designed case is this Slider Case for iPhone 4. Comes as a two piece plastic case, the slider imitates the hardshell cases very well. Also, it comes with a small plastic stand for setting it on desk in different angles for video watching purpose. It's designed with various openings to suit the iPhone features uses in effective way without taking out the cover. One large cutout opening in the side allows the volume buttons access directly and also to the ring/silent switch. There is fair enough opening at the rear of the case for LED flash so that the quality of iPhone image does not get distorted in any manner. It comes in various colors to match up your style and is readily available at a small price of $35.

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