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Jawbone Up wristband tracks your eating, sleeping and fitness habits

Posted: 13 Nov 2011 11:08 PM PST

Varun Mishra:

Jawbone Up
Jawbone UpThe device also packs some social networking capabilities

The Inspiration

The Jawbone is a well known brand in the world of Bluetooth headsets, but now it has gone a step higher up the ladder and produced something quite revolutionary and extraordinary - the Jawbone UP. This stylish armband/bracelet like device keeps a tab of all your activities and is to worn at all times to get a correct picture of your daily habits and the quality of your lifestyle. It seems to be inspired by the idea of creating a better lifestyle by means of knowing your habits better and informing you of all that you need to know to have a fitter life and better health. Its built in sensors allow you to keep a tab at not just your lifestyle but also how you sleep. This awesome Jawbone UP is available in the markets of US at an affordable $99.99 price tag.

The Design

This stylish UP bracelet is not made from plastic as most people generally believe. It is made from a spring steel frame that has been encased in sweat proof, durable, hypoallergenic, water resistant rubber which is not just comfortable to wear, but is also very stylish and water resistant till a depth of 1m. This bracelet has been designed to be worn at all times, even under showers, but is not recommended for swimmers, since it cannot function well underwater and ceases to be waterproof below the depth of 1m.

The Fabulous

The rubber encased UP bracelet contains an advanced precision motion engine that tracks every step that you take and also monitors your sleep patterns, like how long and well you sleep, and how long does it take you to actually fall asleep after you hit the bed. This UP bracelet is designed to be permanently adorned on your hand 24 x 7 and once fully charged (it takes about 2 hours to get fully charged), the bracelet's battery can last up to 9-10 days, allowing you the peace of mind as you don't have to charge it again and again. It can be easily synched with your PC and iPhone and you can share all the data recorded with your friends.

The synching of this bracelet is however not yet been done with the social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook, and this a big setback for all those who wish to share all their updates online, but looking at the trends, it wouldn't be a big surprise if this problem is taken care of very soon. One of the most fabulous features of this bracelet is that you can set alarms for the mornings so that it gently vibrates on your arm to wake you up, and on monitoring your sleep patterns if it concludes that your sleep isn't in the REM, a little before the pre set alarm time, it will wake you up before schedule without causing any discomfort.

You can visually see all your sleep patterns in the form of graphs by means of the free UP iOS app. This bracelet also allows you to compete with your friends in unique ways like, who walks the longest distance in a day, or who has a better sleep pattern, for this all you and your friend need to have is the UP bracelet and get their data compared. Its unique GPS sensors also allow you to accomplish self created challenges like walking a certain distance in a day. You can also use it to track other UP users running routes on the GPS maps and try to best them.

Picture Gallery
Jawbone Up
The device also packs some social networking capabilities

The Target

The target customer range for the UP bracelet is the present generation that is tech savvy and knows the value of health but trapped it the fast paced lifestyle has no time to looks after its health. This device gives you the opportunity to know yourself in a better manner and not only monitor but also to help you lead a better life. It is also good for all those who may have health problems, and requires knowing the specific details about how they sleep or what they eat. This device is all set to revolutionize the world into a place where people are more aware of what the best is for them, what food is best for them and what is the best sleep time and duration for them.

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USB Wrist Band Battery
USB Wrist Band BatteryPower your gadgets with USB Wrist Band Battery

If you are one of those who are in a habit of forgetting to charge their Smartphone's batteries before going out and suddenly realize that your device has run out of juice, then this USB Wrist Band Battery is just what you need. It features a 150mAh battery that can be worn on your wrist and be used to power your gadgets (it works on all major Smartphone brands like Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Apple and Nintendo DS). It is priced $35 and can be purchased from Brando.

2. VITA Band Bracelet

VITAband bracelet
VITAband braceletThis wristband displays an ID number that links to an online database of the wearer's medical information

For those of you, who love to go for a morning run, this gadget can come in very handy at the time of emergency. It has been designed and developed by David Waxman and Jason Brown, and is very similar to a medical bracelet or a dog tag, but is much more sophisticated than that. It bears a unique ID number that can link to the online database that contains the wearer's medical information that contains details like the wearer's name, address, emergency contacts, allergies, ailments, medications and doctor's details, and can even contain your insurance details. The VITA Band bracelet also can be charged with sums up to $200 on its prepaid card so that when you go for a run you don't have to carry your wallet with you and just wear this bracelet. All these features make it a perfect accessory for all those who go on morning walks or runs.

3. Lens Bracelet

Lens Bracelet
Lens BraceletLens bracelet is the perfect photo geek wear

If you love and support photography and want to flaunt your support for photography, then these 'Geeky' bracelets are just made for you. Now you can flaunt your support for photography by means of these unique DSLR lens shaped bracelets and that even have lens markings on them and can fit on any arm. These bracelets come in primarily 2 designs, one with 50mm marking and the other 24 to 70mm markings, both these bracelets are available in black color and are priced at $35.

Seven cellphone projector-phone concepts for instant presentations

Posted: 13 Nov 2011 08:47 AM PST

Aravind Balasubramanya:

Cellphone projectors
Cellphone projectorsCellphone projectors to make instant presentations anywhere, anytime

All cell phone development till now has attempted to make the cell phone as ligt as possible with as large and bright screen as possible. But these features oppose each other and hence the development had arrived at a stalemate. Not any more! With the development of cellphone projector concepts, the days of ultra light cell phones with extra large displays are not far away.

1. Sony Nextep – Mobile Phone with a Holographic Projector

The Nextep cellphone from Sony
The Nextep cellphone from SonyTruly the next step in cellphone technology and use

Hiromi Kiriki has fathered this design for Sony. It is something that is very different from everything that we have seen in cellphones till now. No wonder that it has been named as the ‘Nextep’, symbolic of the future. It is more like a computer and cell phone rolled into one with all the essential features for browsing the net, social networking and the like. It has a flexible OLED display that neatly sits on your wrist like a wrist band or watch. A powerful Holographic projector too is in-built in the phone.

2. Burst concept projector phone

BurstBurst concept projector phone

Using sound and motion sensors, this touchphone transfers the touchscreen interface on to any surface in high quality HD projection via the projectors that are mounted on its sides. It all all the features of the latest cellphones and supports video conferencing too. This is a feature that will surely be a great help to the deaf or hearing impaired. Loaded with the ability to support high quality gaming and having its own built-in video and audio editing abilities, this is one powerful all rounder you should possess.

3. Samsung Galaxy Heaven Concept Phone

Samsung Galaxy Heaven
Samsung Galaxy HeavenSamsung Galaxy Heaven Concept Phone

With its ultra thin design and a flexible AMO LED, this concept from Samsung has many unsung features. The most important among those is the ability to project on to any surfaces so the size of the cellphone is no longer a limiting factor. It is very minimalistic in its looks but loaded with all the features of high end phones. The camera, video recording and audio abilities of the phone are expected to be on par with the best in business.

4. Mozilla Seabird Concept Phone

Mozilla Seabird
Mozilla SeabirdMozilla Seabird Concept Phone

An award winning designer has arrived with this concept for the Mozilla Labs Concept Series. Built on the Android technology, the phone incorporates the philosophy of an open web that Mozilla embodies. The phone features a wireless charging idea and has a very bright screen. The screen is not of much consequence when you consider the fact that the phone can double up a projector too! With dual pico projectors, a headset, a remote control and an 8 MP camera, this is a real beauty. Though there are no plans for making this concept a reality in the near future, one can only hope that Mozilla takes it up seriously soon.

5. Windows based mobile phone concept by Stefano Casanova

Stefano Casanova
Stefano CasanovaWindows based mobile phone concept by Stefano Casanova

Stefano Casanova’s concept for a Windows mobile makes it integrated with a micro light projector. Flip the screen down and activate the projector which is built into the LCD panel. This kind of separation helps in making and perfecting the phone and projector, separately. The phone is slim and looks very elegant and has all the other features that you would expect in a cellphone.

6. Mobile Projector Phone by Eun Young Kim

Eun Young Kim
Eun Young KimMobile Projector Phone by Eun Young Kim

The highly durable polycarbonate has been utilized in the manufacture of this projector phone. It provides all the communicability and portability of the cell phone with the visual display features of high end projectors. Needless to say, it is loaded with all the other common cellphone features. It enables video conferencing and movie watching pleasures. The manufacturer claims that the battery in the phone would be one that lasts really long, in spite of the projection function. The graphite sheet dissipates heat from the phone and aluminium edges too do the same to ensure longevity for the projector. Though it has every kind of heat dissipation mechanism, we cannot help but state that this phone is hot.

7. Nokia Pulse Pocket Projector Concept

Nokia Pulse Pocket
Nokia Pulse PocketNokia Pulse Pocket Projector Concept

The Nokia phone too is enhanced with the pulse projector which uses the phone set itself as a remote. Miika Mahonen has designed this super gadget by combining an LED projector, that has 1000 lumens and 16.7 million colors, with a NXT speaker that supports a Dolby surround system. Sharp images are assured with a projection that boasts of a 1500:1 contrast ratio and a native resolution of 1280×768 px. The best news is that this concept is very close to becoming a reality.

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