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Seven avant-garde gadgets with a retro design

Seven avant-garde gadgets with a retro design
Deepa Venkitesh:
Retro gadget
Retro gadgetcool Retro gadget
Whether you ride a 3-speed Raleigh Chopper on your commute to work or you play synth in a part-time pop collective, it seems everyone likes a little nostalgia in their lives. And it is interesting to see how designers and developers are tapping into this trend, helping consumers integrate their yearning for years-gone-by with their love of all tech things. Old devices bring a feeling of nostalgia to many people who invest in antique pieces. The collection given below reveals the latest trends of blending the old with the new and converting vintage into useful items.

1. Retro Brick iPhone
Retro Brick iPhone
Retro Brick iPhoneRetro Brick iPhone Case - IPHONEBRICK1
Many people are fond of telephone sets that belong to the past years. These sets were considered status symbols and owning one was considered essential in order to have a place in social circles. The telephone sets of the last century are considered antique pieces. The retro brick iPhone offers a person the antique look combined with the latest technology of the iPhone. It is inserted into the holder shaped like the brick set. It is well-matched with both iPhone 3GS and 4. The strong case offers protection against scratches and bumps. It would be a lovely present for those who love antiques. It can also be used as an accessory in fancy dress parties or themed events.
2. Retro Alarm Dock
Retro Alarm Dock
Retro Alarm DockRetro Alarm Dock that gives your iPhone an analogue makeover
The design of the old flip clock is now being used as a dock for iPad and iPhone. The plastic and metal docks do not have a special look. Designer Jonas Damon has designed a retro alarm clock using wood. It has a unique look and reminds a person of the devices used in the past. It is a perfect holder and a piece that increases the aesthetic beauty of the place in which it is kept.There is a speaker grill on top of the clock which makes it appealing. The dock is made of beech wood.
3. Gold Retro iPhone Handset
Gold Retro iPhone Handset
Gold Retro iPhone HandsetGold Retro iPhone Handset Is Perfect for Gangsta Dorks, DePalma Movies.
The gold retro iPhone handset is ideal for a person who loves to flash objects in a crowd. The gold is not original and therefore does not pose a safety problem. It can be connected to the stereo/microphone jack of the iPhone. This handset is a reminder of the old telephone set. There are takers for this model who are of the opinion that there should be a silver piece too. The handset is attractive to look at and can be used as a decorative piece. Antique pieces are always in high demand and people search for unique items that will increase their collection. The gold retro iPhone handset is affordable and eye-catching.
4. Retro Rotary iPhone Dock
Retro Rotary iPhone Dock
Retro Rotary iPhone DockRetro Rotary iPhone Dock: Tonight We're Gonna Call Like It's 1939
Etsy brings to you the unique retro rotary iPhone dock. The old telephone set is now designed to hold the iPhone. It is known as the iretrophone. Each piece is handmade and is sculpted out of resin. The dock is compatible with all iPhone models. The phone can be kept conveniently on the dock while it is being charged. The iPhone dock is a perfect reminder of the old days when such sets represented the easiest means of communication. Such sets are now unavailable after the advent of electronic telephones and mobile phones. This piece is unique and will make an interesting gift to older relatives or friends.
5. USB Typewriter
USB Typewriter
USB TypewriterThose of a certain vintage will bewail the modern keyboard and its lack of tactility. Thank goodness, then, for the USBTypewriter range from Jack Zylkin.
People of older generation still miss their old typewriter. It used to be the official companion and has been the source of work for many people. The typewriters have now settled in a corner of the attic. USB Typewriters have redesigned the old typewriter and converted it into a keyboard which can be connected to a PC, i Pad or Mac. There are no messy wires involved. The only one present is the USB adapter. The USB typewriter restores the feel of the old typewriter. There is no business of muddled ribbons though.
6. MOCKIA Retro Bluetooth handset
MOCKIA Retro Bluetooth handset
MOCKIA Retro Bluetooth handsetcool Mockia Bluetooth Retro Handset
The MOCKIA Retro Bluetooth handset is the perfect blend of the old and the new. It consists of all the functions of a mobile phone- on/off, answer, LED display, two connections, end multi functions buttons, button and volume control. The handset is a perfect vintage piece which retains its charm.The customer feedback is positive in gadget forums. MOCKIA deals in vintage, novelty, and retro accessories for mobile phones.

7. Rolleiflex Mini Digital
Rolleiflex Mini Digital
Rolleiflex Mini DigitalDigital Rolleiflex Mini Camera
Rolleiflex Mini Digital is a 5 mega pixel camera, inspired by the old camera designed by the German company Rollei in 1920. This camera has auto focus technology and allows a person to shoot from a distance of 4 inches. The images are saved to a mini SD card. There is a 1.1 inch square display for waist level shooting. Sale is done by Urban Outfitters. The images are in JPEG format. The camera has 4.9mm F2.8 lens, 1/15-1/2500s shutter speed, auto power off and automatic balance and exposure control. The camera is a cool gadget that many would love to own.

Seven innovative gadgets to aid people suffering from arthritis

Bijendra Singh Rana:
Innovative gadgets
Innovative gadgetsInnovative gadgets to aid people suffering from arthritis
Arthritis is a joint condition characterized by inflammation and varying levels of pain. The pain associated with can often make it a debilitating condition, whereby normal life, mobility, and routine activities are affected. In fact, arthritis has been reported as one of the common causes of disability. Research and studies have revealed that ergonomic designs provide much comfort for those suffering from arthritis or similar ailments. Ergonomically designed work stations, seating arrangements, and ergonomic positioning along with other contributing factors have found to reduce the occurrence of work related disability among people suffering from arthritis. Likewise, ergonomically designed gadgets, appliances, and products could definitely make life less painful for those living with this distressing condition. Listed below are seven such specially designed gadgets:
1. Electric Peeler
Electric Peeler
Electric PeelerElectric Peeler
The electric peeler can make the job of skinning potatoes, apples, and carrots easier and faster especially for those suffering from joint pain or other disabilities. This comes especially handy when one needs to work with a huge pile of vegetables or fruits. The name, Zyliss Multipeeler Electric Peeler might sound a bit strange and redundant, however this is a gadget that requires minimal effort to operate and is a necessity for people living with arthritis.

2. The Kug
The Kug
The KugThe Kug
Colorful and durable, this one is a combo of a kettle and a mug. This plastic container comes with a heating element to boil water in about one and a half minutes and can also serve your drink hot! Designed and developed by Alan Harrison and Ben Millet, two college students, this is a cool gadget for arthritis patients who have difficulty lifting kettles; the weightless design helps eliminate unnecessary strain on wrists, fingers, and hands. The design was well received and went on to lift the Arthritis Ireland Easy to Use Design Award. This electric kettle cum mug is a real beauty with brains – it being portable, easy to clean, of lightweight and ergonomic design, and limiting energy and water wastage.
3. Ring Pull Can Opener
Ring Pull Can Opener
Ring Pull Can OpenerRing Pull Can Opener
Produced by a Chinese manufacturer, this pull can opener makes life much easier for people suffering from joint disabilities, especially when they try to open a can. Made of plastic, this can opener comes in an attractive black and white combo, and is considered an eco-friendly tool. Coming in J shape and ergonomically designed, the gadget can be easily pulled up by even those having feeble hands. The non-slip handle design provides extra comfort and ease of use in addition to excellent grip.

4. The Autonomous Saucier
The Autonomous Saucier
The Autonomous SaucierThe Autonomous Saucier
This is a device that feeds on battery to stir sauces, while the cook can concentrate on other important tasks or just take a break giving rest to the fingers and wrists! Standing on three legs with silicone rubber feet, this stirrer can spin and revolve in the pan and mix the sauce ingredients easily, without letting them burn and stick. The speed settings could be adjusted depending on the thickness required. The feet are heat resistant and can stand up to 572 degree F.
5. Six Way Opener
Six Way Opener
Six Way OpenerSix Way Opener
This new multi-opener has been especially designed for those suffering from arthritis! This unit of 5.5″x2.5″ made of plastic, stainless steel, and silicone, can tackle at least half a dozen stuffs, including snack bags, jar lids, bottle tops and caps, safety seals, and pull tabs. This wonderful design that resembles number 8 is dishwasher safe also.
6. The Trundlr cellphone
The Trundlr cellphone
The Trundlr cellphoneThe Trundlr cellphone
Cellular phones have undergone an all-encompassing makeover since their introduction. Today, phones are easy to use and navigate; still, it might not be easy for arthritis patients to use them by pressing so many buttons. Designer Sam Stringleman has now come up with a new concept that cuts down the unnecessary strain on fingers while using such an every day device. This spherical shaped device makes use of simpler gestures or movements to navigate and make calls - that is, with minimal finger movements. This gadget can also be used as a magnifier.

7. The Palm Pistol
The Palm Pistol
The Palm PistolThe Palm Pistol
This is a self-defense unit for people suffering from weakness of the hands, and is the first of its type. This single-shot handgun is of 9 mm and is a class I medical device; this handgun can be prescribed by physicians for people suffering form deformity and arthritis. This gun has been designed so that the thumb is used to fire, and not the index finger. The use of thumb considerably reduces the chances of misfire and increases accuracy.

The Ribbon incorporates mobility with technology and creates a wondrous wrapping gadget
Jaspreet Kaur Walia:
RibbonMobile device for cooling and heating food
As and when technology takes a leap, our needs increase accordingly. With expectations set around mobility of devices, we need convenience on every step. Bringing forth this design, designer Enzo Kocak has devised a contraption making heating and cooling as easy as can be imagined.
Picture Gallery
Mobile device by Enzo Kocak for cooling and heating food
Designed as a part of a project for 2011 Electrolux Design Lab competition, the device incorporates a unique idea within its folds. Crafted out in the form of a neat coiled ribbon, dozens of tiny thermoelectric cells have been used in the creation. Further, these cells are powered by batteries, making the product an inseparable gadget.
While the utility and powering of the product is on one side, the other positive aspect worth a mention is the shape. The ribbon like shape makes it possible to bend and flex the device according to need and utility. The Ribbon has been made with a flexible polymer shell and has copper lineages in between, giving it the shape and size it flaunts. When you need to wrap it around the pots and pans, all you need to do is let the embedded magnets do their job and see how everything works miraculously.
Like the two sides of a coin, the gadget also has a black and a white side to it. Being dual sided; the black side conveniently can be used for heating while the white side can be used for cooling. Simply use the two control buttons to modify and regulate the temperature of the two sides.
The thermoelectric cells inside the ribbon work on a very simple logic. When current is passed through the device, the little cells weave their magic basis the difference in temperature. The heating and cooling creates the much needed pressure change, keeping the product as convenient as possible.
The idea behind the Ribbon is very simple. Integrating the need to be on the move at all times, the generation of today wants to make sure they have every facility on their beck and call. Fusing this concept into his creation and making his device do all the talking, Kocak has proved himself as a stable and innovative designer.
So, when you have a party at home and have a lot of guests coming over, don't fret. With the ribbon, you can have multiple tasks performed at your ease. Cool bottles with the white hand side of the Ribbon, while you can heat your food and dishes with the black side. With convenience writ all over the magnificent device, the product is all set to rule the market and the minds of the consumers.
Via: Coroflot

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