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Detonator: High-power, futuristic dragster on wheels

Posted: 26 Nov 2011 03:21 PM PST

Balasubramanya Subbarao:

The beauty of the conceptual world is that it has no limits or boundaries. Taking this to the extreme is an automotive futurist from Germany, Daniel Simon, with his powerful dragster, the Detonator. The bike has been touted as a cruiser in the streets built not for humans, but for droids! And therein lies its futuristic appeal and outlook. The design too is more in line with the mechanical droid bodies than the human ones. It is conceived to run on plasma - the most efficient fuel! Rather than riding on the terra firma the dragster is built for super fast rides Galaxion planet, Tarra!

DetonatorFuturistic Bike "Detonator" by Daniel Simon

The ability of the bike to indulge in drag racing is enhanced several notches by the extra long wheel base with which it has been built. The center of gravity has been kept low to preserve balance and keep the bike steady at extremely high velocities. The steering is electromagnetic and has been constructed with an unusual but highly efficient race geometry. Behind the front wheel, which is comparatively slim, are the sensors which are housed in glass. The dragster may not be as fast as the streamlined classes of the same bikes but there is no denying the fun in riding it.

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Futuristic Bike "Detonator" by Daniel Simon

With its explosive fire exhaust and the ear-shattering loud noise, the dragster is not something that you can ever miss noticing. The bike accelerates using exhaust gases that are at high pressure. The back tire has been built for the stress and strain of this power riding. The expansion coefficient of the back tire has been kept very low and the entire machine has been clustered around it to keep the whole bike compact at its powerhouse. The designer argues that the beryllium body of the droid rider will not be affected by the proximity to the back wheel!

There have been human models posing with the bike but it has been built for specific races an for specific body types - namely the droids! But all said and done, it has been designed by a human. Daniel Simon, who has been in the forefront in designing concept cars for auto giants like Bugatti and Lamborghini, has put in all his ingenuity and skills in his virtual vehicles brand, Cosmic Motors. He has even written a book by the same name and he continues to improve and upgrade his models based on his experience with the premium car makers of the world.

Via: Daniel Simon

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