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Udderly Good Milk Pouches give a new dimension to milk packaging

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 05:03 AM PST

Sahil Khurana:

Given the simplicity of the product in question, even cows would be proud of producing milk for human consumption. Inspired by recent advancements in almost all fields of technology, designer Nic Snowden, a recent graduate from University of Technology, Sydney has come up with a different yet interesting way of storing milk.

Udderly Good Milk Pouch
Udderly Good Milk Pouch

Keeping his motto simple and his objective crystal clear, he has infused these ideas into the Udderly Good Milk Pouch. Providing an insight and an outlet for branding companies to modernize their selling strategies, Nic has ensured to keep his product design simple yet alluring at the same time.

Making a small endeavor to revolutionize the milk packaging trend of the past 40 years, the designer has come up with a unique idea. Udderly Good Milk Pouch is not only eco friendly; it incorporates within an innovative design, and space reducing qualities along with many others.

Picture Gallery
Udderly Good Milk Pouch
It has been designed to flat pack down to an eighth of it original size.

Udderly Good Milk Pouch rides high when it comes to sustainability. The pouch has been made in such a way so that it uses almost 24 % lesser plastic than any normal plastic bottle would. The benefit of this is simple; the lesser consumption of plastic would ensure the product is healthier when it comes to the environment and trendier when it comes to technology. It's like killing two birds with one stone, but fashionably.

The pouch has been processed and crafted out of three easily recyclable materials. The main pouch has been made out of a flexible linear low density Polyethylene (LLDPE), while the pull out spout and tamper seal have been made of a low density Polyethylene and LDPE closure, respectively. Not only are these materials easily recyclable, they are 100% eco friendly; making the pouch all the more desirable to consumers.

The main purpose of the designer behind creating this happening pouch design is to reduce the materials being used in the daily packaging business. Aiming along the same lines, Nic has also tried to reduce and recycle the amount of plastic which is entering the waste stream on a daily basis. This is not all, for transportation efficiency would also be given a boost with the concept in use.

In a quick comparison with the 2 liter HDPE milk bottles, the 1 and 2 liter Udderly Good Milk Pouches emerged as true winners. Not only were they successful in reducing the environmental footprint; they also succeeded in proving to the world how recyclable materials are the ultimate fad these days.

Via: NicSnowden

Refuge Gervasutti: A special cabin for mountain climbers

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 04:51 AM PST

Pragya Bhargavi:

In the picture above, you are looking at LEAPfactory's unique mountain cabin. This solar-powered cabin is known as Refuge Gervasutti and has been built in Italy. For now, this tubular cabin has been installed on Mt. Blanc using helicopters. It took just two days to fully install this completely energy-efficient cabin.

Gervasutti Refuge
Gervasutti Refuge

The designers claim that Refuge Gervasutti has been made of very high-quality materials that do not have any harmful impact on the environment. Moreover, the whole structure including the internal fittings are temporary and can be shifted from one place to other. The main purpose of building this refuge is to create a home for the mountain climbers in the middle of the air. Those people who climb up a height of 9,300 feet can use this cabin as a place to rest for sometime. As it has been claimed to be totally Eco-friendly, its existence is completely safe for the environment.

Picture Gallery
Gervasutti Refuge
Gervasutti Refuge

As LEAP stands for Living, Ecological and Alpine Pods, LEAPfactory especially specializes in building pods. The creation of Refuge Gervasutti has been a great achievement for them. This cabin will prove to be really useful for people who love to climb high mountains. The structure is strong enough because it has been supported by six strong contact points. The total weight of the pod is 5,500 pounds and has an area of 100 square feet, which is big enough to accommodate 12 people. The solar panels have been installed on the roof of the cabin and produce a solar energy of 2.5 Kwh. This energy is sufficient for the cabin and it does not require any other kind of external energy.

The design of Refuge Gervasutti is very impressive. The fact that it has no harmful effect on the surrounding and is totally energy-efficient adds to its credit. More such useful designs should be encouraged in near future.

Via: Inhabitat

Super automatic coffee machine with aesthetic value

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 02:45 AM PST

Ranjani Narayanan:

People all over the world wish to have a blessed morning with a finely brewed cup of coffee. Coffee means a lot to many people. It is more than a favorite drink, which reflect their desires. A lot can happen over coffee. Well, they connect coffee with many unforgettable incidents in their life and every cup of coffee has an immortal story behind them. Coffee making is an art by itself. Coffee machines are aplenty in the market and each manufacturer boasts of their machine as the best one.

Coffee Machine 01
Coffee Machine 01

This article talks about a coffee machine with aesthetic value and an added beauty to your tasteful interiors.

Name of the coffee machine:

This beautifully designed Coffee Machine is named as Coffee Machine 01. As the name suggests, this machine stands as number one amidst many coffee machine. The days are gone when compact home appliances played a major role in household items.

The aesthetic design:

This coffee machine 01 has two coffee units which are alike on both sides. In short, they are symmetrical in shape with vast space. It is lengthwise 700mm, width wise 630 mm and has a height of 400 mm. There is a pedestal that goes with this machine which is 950 mm in height. This pedestal enhances the beauty of the coffee machine; and also it acts as a storage space for the coffee machine.

The inbuilt storage space:

You can store all your requirements in the inbuilt storage space which are needed for brewing a special coffee.The storage place is very compact with a sliding door which opens in the pillar part of the pedestal. There is a button on the pedestal which pushes the door inside the pillar. A total number of twelve cups can be kept warm in the two sliding units which are located inside the pedestal. There is one more sliding unit which can be used to keep spoons, coffee mugs etc.

Above the sliding door, there lies a drawer with sliding arms to hold coffee mugs. Behind this, there is some more space to hold coffee mugs. This space has got small storage to keep sugar or cinnamon. Two spoons are specially designed to add sugar.

Frothing unit and cooling unit are kept separately on the left side of the pedestal.

Ice disposing box and six whiskey cups find their place in the right side of the pedestal. There is a separate container for keeping two normal size bottles of whiskey, rum or liquor.

The light indicator in the central part of the machine is on during the preparation of coffee. If the coffee is prepared in the left unit, a full line appears on the left and the full line on the right side indicates that the right unit is being used. The storage facility makes this Coffee Machine 01 as a unique one.

When the Coffee machine is in sleep mode, the coffee and milk tubes can be withdrawn within its body.

There is no doubt that the coffee brewed with Coffee Machine 01 will be Numero Uno just like its name.

Picture Gallery
Coffee Machine 01
Coffee Machine 01 is a step far away from today’s superautomatic machines

Via: Behance Network

"Urban Future" envisions safe streets for vehicles and pedestrians alike

Posted: 07 Dec 2011 01:00 AM PST

Balasubramanya Subbarao:

The Concept

The concept is highly futuristic that will need at least 20-25 years to execute, even by optimistic estimates. The idea is to have a street that interacts with cars, travelers and the pedestrians in a manner so that there is no further need of sidewalks, carriageways or city squares. Roads get made and pedestrians are directed according to the need, since the whole alley and road is a programmable digital surface. Thus, what was a pedestrian path, for a while, can be changed into a road when the traffic grows and vice versa, completely based on the demands that can be programmed into the system. In fact, the concept has bagged the Audi Urban Future Award, 2010, for the positive spatial impact that it creates.

Urban Future concept
Urban Future concept

The inspiration

The idea of blurring the lines amongst roads, city squares and sidewalks has always been appealing, for it offers greater freedom by removing restrictions. With the population at an all time high and vehicular traffic being at peak, traffic jams are a regular feature in any major city. To solve these problems, the idea of the “Urban Future” was developed by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) as an entry to the Audi Urban Future Award, 2010 (where the new Audi A2 concept car, which interacts with its surroundings is also being featured). BIG founder Bjarke Ingels and his partner, Andreas K. Pedersen, have taken the idea forward for the Design Miami 2011, by conceiving an interactive LED installation to represent a probable section of the ‘city of tomorrow’.

Where we are now

This is not the first time that an attempt is being made to make a network that harmoniously blends the people with the infrastructure and the vehicles. The different concepts have been developed and are at various stages of perfection. It must be said, however, that the “Urban Future” is the most eye-catching among all the other concepts. And we say this, based on where each project is, now!

As a working prototype, the “Urban Future” features an installation that is almost 185 square meter (or 1,991 square feet) section of a road. The entire area has been covered with a digitally programmable LED. This makes use of 3D cameras to sense not only the motion of the vehicles but also of the pedestrians and peddlers. This small illustration, strives to impress on how elegant and easy the future of traffic control would be and how the roads would become safe.

What makes it stand out

Here is a single system that unifies a host of other systems; traffic controllers, pedestrian crossings, footpaths, sidewalks, green belts, all that would be necessary otherwise. It is a fantastic representation of the future potential of technology. Audi has always been in the forefront when it comes to designing futuristic ideas based on technology. And, they have scored high here. The concept makes intelligent and optimum usage of the urban space whose availability is becoming a premium with every passing day.

One look at the prototype and you get a clear cut picture of how the city of the future will be productively networked to provide safety and a rich outdoor experience. It will show traffic flowing continuously, without the need for traffic lights. The ‘road’ would become a space with multi-functional abilities that would be determined entirely based on the needs.

Picture Gallery
Urban Future concept
Concept for the city street of the future that networks with vehicles and pedestrians

Where do we go from here

With so much development of the concept already available, it is not tough to realize that the idea has tremendous potential. Just like that cellphone revolution arrived and almost wiped out the land-line telephones, this concept can replace so many existing technologies and systems. The concept introduces a sort of democracy on the streets where each ‘vote’ counts but there is a slight advantage to the majority.

This will mean that traffic gets priority during peak hours and when the pedestrian population is large, they get the priority. It gets easier for people to understand and follow rules. It also becomes easier to book and nab offenders.

And for those who bother about negligent driving, remember that the cars and vehicles that come along this concept are intelligent too. They will ensure that there is no collision. The best possible paths and patterns for the least crowding and maximum movement will be chosen by a highly intelligent system that is guided with hundreds of 3D cameras. In such a controlled environment, it will be the machines that take over almost all processes, except thinking and idea-generation.

Related trends

The “Urban Future” concept seems to have found some small footholds in our world already. A concept that is being actively pursued for implementation is that of a solar roadway.

1. Solar Roadways could be the future of road surfacing

Solar Roadways
Solar Roadways

The trend of making use of solar roadways, as conceived by Scott Brusaw, is fast gaining ground in the US. The idea makes use of solar panels on the roads to generate energy.The USA alone has about 75,000 square kilometers of roads, parking lots, alleys and lanes and the energy produced from it could be sufficient to meet all the energy needs of the world. And all this energy would be clean and green. The LEDs on the road will act as indicators and broadcaster of messages. Heating elements built in will ensure that the roads never get covered in snow, and dry up fast in the wet seasons.

Since the idea is to have glass panels as strong as steel, once laid, the roads will be free of any maintenance. And nobody would need to curse a bad road filled with potholes and humps. Further, the glass will be textured to offer a good grip for the tires.

Count steps in style with the InView Pedometer

Posted: 06 Dec 2011 01:46 PM PST

Sahil Khurana:

Matthew Emeott has designed a pedometer product for Reebok, which has been christened the InView Pedometer. The product has a round shape and is very handy. Counting steps is a great way to track one's fitness routine and there are a lot of products available all across the globe, which promise to calculate each and every step we take. Most of them are not pleasant to look at and don't even feel good to touch. The InView Pedometer is not only nice to look at but also feels soothing when touched just like a massage or a skipping stone.

REEBOK InView pedometer
REEBOK InView pedometer

The product makes good use of 3 axis digital accelerometer, which is same as the one present in an iPhone. This digital accelerometer is responsible for sensing movement of a person who is using the pedometer. InView comes fitted with a software, which will intelligently distinguish between an acceptable and non acceptable movement. It has a thickness of 18mm and is 50mm round, which makes it easy to hold in a hand and take around without feeling much weight.

Picture Gallery
REEBOK InView pedometer
REEBOK InView pedometer by matthew emeott

InView Pedometer can be clipped near the waist while walking or running, which will make it possible for a user to keep away the display from prying eyes. The display has been conveniently positioned at the edge of InView, hence the information can be easily read by looking towards the waist. A buyer will get the flexibility to choose it from three colors: teal, white and black. So, never miss counting a step in a stylish way with the InView Pedometer around.

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