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iPod Shuffle Charger Concepts unfurl new ways of charging an iPod

Posted: 16 Dec 2011 04:31 AM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

Apple products have a charm of their own and have given birth to a lot of ideas and concepts. Emi Yasaka couldn't escape the magnetic charm and came up with not one but three concepts named iPod Shuffle Charger Concept 1, iPod Shuffle Charger Concept 2 and iPod Shuffle Charger Concept 3.

iPod Shuffle Charger
iPod Shuffle Charger

Apple products come packed in a nice box, which is discarded sooner or later. But Emi Yasaka embraced the package of Apple iPod shuffle and swapped it into a charger, named iPod Shuffle Charger Concept 1, for further use. The designer was smitten by the beauty of the package and thought of using it further. The package has been converted into a charging element that will not only keep the iPod juiced up but also bring down the package waste that occurs otherwise. Concept 1 will act as a perfect charger for your desk. The clear upper part of the packaging can be discarded as the bottom portion will used to charge the iPod. It will be coupled with a computer, which will charge your iPod Shuffle. The bottom of the product will have a USB Cable on the bottom for it to function.

Picture Gallery
iPod Shuffle Charger by Emi Yasaka
iPod Shuffle Charger by Emi Yasaka

iPod Shuffle Charger Concept 2 will delete the sight of ugly, entangled wires from your desk in style. The design consists of a mouse pad that doubles as a charger for an iPod Shuffle. This concept will kill the need of separate charge and hence save enough space on your desk. Simply, clip the iPod on the edge of the mouse pad and see it getting charged without the need of extra cables. The mouse pad can be further customized in terms of design and material used to craft it. iPod Shuffle Charger Concept 2 is a great combination of a shuffle charger and a mouse pad, which will give your desk a neat and organized look.

iPod Shuffle Charger Concept 3 is an arm band that will help people charge their gadget on the go. The charger will use solar energy to juice up the gadget while you go for your morning jog. It has been crafted using spandex and lighting dry material, which is used to clothes worn during athletic performances. The lightning material is hydrophobic polyester that manages moisture transfer and keeps the wearer dry by keeping moisture away. The center of this arm band has a plastic bend where iPod Shuffle can be clipped. The outer skin of this arm band is solar powered that charged the Shuffle when the user is out in the sun.

All the concepts are very useful and will keep your iPod Shuffle in a musical state always!

Potavel water purification device- an energy innovation!

Posted: 16 Dec 2011 02:52 AM PST

Lovnish Thakur:

Pure water is a luxury! If this statement surprises you, one need to tour the developing countries, where pure water is indeed a luxury, only the chosen few can afford. The advent of potavel, a motion enabled water purification device has created wonders. The working concept of potavel is simple. Water collected from sources two to three miles away from home is purified as it is being towed home.

Potável water purification device
Potável water purification device

All the harmful bacteria and virus get removed, by the time water reaches home. The need to provide clean water to poor people in developing world propelled the idea of developing potavel, an innovative concept that has brought smiles on faces of people who use it regularly.

Non government organizations as Water Aid and water for Africa have been playing a vital role in popularizing this concept and have been in the forefront as a supply channel for potavel.

This motion enabled water purifier has long life and is low on maintenance. Potavel includes a 40 liter basket for carrying the water. Forty liters of water takes approximately two hours to purify in potavel and has gained immense popularity in developing world.

The components of a standard potavel include a custom fail safe valve which is controlled by a printed circuit board. Two standard bottle dynamos of 6v/3w also form a part of the potavel. A twenty six inch five spoke wheel with two chambers that are essentially used to store water also form a part of the potavel.

A light emitting diode is in place that alerts the user at the time of purification of water. The rotational motion of the wheel powers the filtration process and by the time, the person reaches home along with water, all the impurities have been removed.

An innovation indeed, potavel can help bridge the gap that has emerged in the health sector.

Gazprom Railway Station Concept to cater to gas plant worker in Siberia

Posted: 15 Dec 2011 04:11 PM PST

Asmita Prasad:

Most of us take the natural gas that powers our kitchen stoves for granted and most of us don't even care about the conditions of people working in plants that produce and process natural gas for domestic use. Though we think that big oil corps that own these plants must have put in fabulous infrastructure for the convenience of these workers, life in plants like Gazprom's Siberian unit is still a daily struggle since the permafrost makes it virtually impossible to have regular infrastructure in place. However, designer Slava Saakyan has created an innovative new concept for a Railway Station that would cater to the working settlement in the Gazprom plant based in the Siberia, Russia.

Gazprom work settlement railway starion by Slava Saakyan
Gazprom work settlement railway starion by Slava Saakyan

The Russian north is an area with severe weather conditions, but it is also one of the most gas-rich areas of the world which necessitates human settlement despite adverse climatic conditions. Railroads are the safest mode of transport for such weather conditions which means the Gazprom Railway Station Concept has to not only be ready to face the elements, it also has to cope with being the sole mass transport system in the area.

Picture Gallery
Gazprom work settlement railway starion
Railway station concept for for the working settlement Gazprom’s gas production.

Since the area is largely uninhabitable, a public space like a railway station would also need to serve as a space that lets people socialize. The Gazprom Railway Station Concept was thus created not only serve as a place for boarding and unboarding of people and goods, but also as a public space that can accommodate up to 1,000 people and provide a spacious lounge and recreation area for workers and officers from the plant. Since permafrost in the area would make regular ground construction almost impossible, the Gazprom Railway Station Concept would be built on stilts allowing the building to remain steady even if the ice under it melts or moves. The streamlined shape of the railway station would also allow it to minimize heat loss and provide protection against blizzards and extreme weather. Polycarbonate surfaces would allow the Gazprom Railway Station make full use of daylight during the day.

(Thanks Slava Saakyan)

Retro styled R-Kaid-6 Wooden Video Game Console is reminiscent of the bygone era

Posted: 15 Dec 2011 03:37 PM PST

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

Love Hulten has come up with a striking wooden creation, which is a customized retro video game console titled as the R-Kaid-6. Video games are a great source of entertainment and the world seems to be smitten by them. Everyone has at least one favorite and these games are savored by both children as well as adults. The Swedish designer got inspiration from the classic and evergreen Atari 2600 plus other game consoles that led to the birth of R-Kaid-6.

R-Kaid-6 by Love Hultén
R-Kaid-6 by Love Hultén

The gaming console is nothing less than a masterpiece that incorporates the parts from a 2001 generation computer, a set of two arcade controllers and a perfect blend of stylish and incredible design.

The console incorporates a modified version of Maximus Arcade front-end for emulators along with customized wires. The arcade controllers come fitted with a series of buttons, which are similar to those present on the ones available with other arcade games.

When not in use, simply store these controllers upside down into the upper part of the base unit. Simple, yet easy to store, the game console is designed for utter perfection and style. The wood has a shiny finish, which gives R-Kaid-6 gaming console a royal streak.

Picture Gallery
R-Kaid-6: Custom Retro Wooden Video Game Console
It has been made from a combination of wood, a 10 year old computer, two arcade controllers and more.

R-Kaid-6 Custom Retro Wooden Video Game Console will take you back in the bygone era and help the modern generation feel the joy linked with olden times. It will create a perfect arcade parlor ambiance that too in the comfort of your dwellings. The wooden gaming console will let the older generation relive golden memories, while letting children weave a few.

R-Kaid-6 comes smothered in a vintage aura and is definitely one of the coolest gaming consoles ever created.

Via: Engadget

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