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Electrolux Cydecar gives a new dimension to mobile food vending

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 05:10 AM PST

Asmita Prasad:

With global economy taking a downswing, the food retail business too has had to adapt quickly to the changing needs of the customers and the number of vendors selling food out of carts and trucks has grown considerably with more and more customers no longer being able to spend as much time eating at restaurants. The Electrolux Cydecar by designer Ying Hern Pow is an innovation that responds to this growing community of food vendors and looks to provide a mobile food preparation/storage unit that helps them skip the process of buying expensive food trucks and customizing them for their needs.

Electrolux CYDECAR
Electrolux CYDECAR

Primarily aimed at pizza sellers, the Cydecar concept can be used by retailers that require an oven in their preparations. The sturdy yet lightweight sidecar is designed around a lightweight aluminum chassis with a carbon fiber monocoque and a storage box and battery compartment made of polycarbonate that allows it to be easily towed by a motorcycle even when it is fully stocked with food. The sidecar boasts of an in-built storage compartment, a cutting board, a 3.5kWh oven, an icebox and a fridge to help vendors stock food items and prepare fresh dishes for customers.

Picture Gallery
CYDECAR Electrolux Sidecar Concept by YING HERN POW

Carbon Fiber Plastics are used to fashion the twin body monocoque which are fitted with LED head lamps and energy efficient cooling fans to lower battery charge consumption. The electricity run mobile food cart features 900 high density Li-Ion cells in its powerful battery pack that can be recharged to 80 percent capacity via quick charge outlet in a matter of 30 minutes and can provide power to the unit for up to three hours.

The mobile pizza cart comes with a 3.5kWh oven that can cook a 12 inch pizza in less than 15 minutes and the oven can be used to cook/reheat a number of other oven-based dishes as well. The touch-sensitive interface of the oven control console let users set the timer and adjust the temperature for the oven while LED lamps provide ample illumination inside the cart's compartments without consuming too much battery power.

The sidecar is designed to complement the motorcycle's maneuverability rather than being an obstacle to it. With just 10 kg of weight, the lightweight sidecar with Intelligent Mobility uses the space it takes along the bike efficiently and intelligently. With an aerodynamic shape and ergonomic design, the Electrolux Cydecar enhances functionality for the user when they are riding the bike as well as when they are using the cart to cook/sell food. Easy access to compartments and various doors makes food preparation easier while an ergonomically designed cutting space makes it easy to prepare/slice/box the pizza.

[Cheers Ying]

The electronic check embarks a new era of banking

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 04:59 AM PST

Asmita Prasad:

E-banking and making payments via debit and credit cards may have made the good old paper check a relic of the past for many of us. But for a large majority of the world's population who isn't as comfortable using electronic money and banking cards to make payments, the checkbook is still something of a lifeline. To make sure paying by check is still an available option for people who don't want to give up their card details, researchers at Northumbria, Newcastle and York universities have come up with a paper tech check book that looks and works like the one that had been used by banks and customers before electronic banking cards came into the picture.

The electric cheque
The electric cheque

Signed with a special pen, the electronic checks eliminate the possibility of fraud of theft and also eliminate the delay in payment caused by processing of checks. Each paper check is marked with millions of tiny dots and as the user writes on it, a tiny camera on the special digital pen records each stroke and collects a digital imprint. The user then fills the checkbook's stub for personal record.

When the user returns home and syncs the pen with their home computer's hub, the pen sends a wireless link to the bank's server that Okays the processing of the check and the transactions is completed. Thanks to this clever system, the check cannot be used by unauthorized persons and cannot be duplicated. At the moment, the digital pen costs GBP 80 but with enough public demand, they could be sold at a lower price.

Via: Daily Mail

Foldable HiFi Speaker Dock Stand to unleash true quality of music

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 02:42 AM PST

Sahil Khurana:

Provide the ultimate support deck to your Apple gadgets with this foldable HiFi speaker dock stand. Fulfilling the promise to provide ultimate value for money, the dock stand is compatible with gadgets like iPad, iPod, iPod touch and iPhone of all generations.

Foldable HiFi Speaker Dock Stand
Foldable HiFi Speaker Dock Stand

Picture Gallery
Foldable HiFi Speaker Dock Stand
Foldable HiFi Speaker Dock Stand for iPad, iPhone, iPod

Feel of the music comes to life as the sound quality is enhanced manifolds. The dock stand is unique in its bearing, providing excellent sound quality than any other normal iPod or iPad stand. Apart from giving the much needed support to your device, it plays all kinds of highs, mids and lows in great details. Giving first preference to the customer's choice, the design of the deck incorporates within it all possible needs of the user.

Once you plug in your Apple device into this simple deck, you can either place the deck at a 90 degree horizontal or a vertical position. Irrespective of how you place it, the sensors will adjust their position thereby taking the shape and angle of the device. The rotation of viewing angle will allow you to enjoy movies in a resting position as well, which also allows an easy change from landscape mode to the portrait mode.

Last but not the least, the 3.5 mm headphone slot allows you to plug in your favorite set of earphones, letting you enjoy uninterrupted music and video without disturbing others. Available for a price of $24.90 for a single piece, you can expect heavy discounts in case you need more orders.

Via: ChinaVision

Portable Toilet reimagines public sanitation for the third world

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 02:41 AM PST

Asmita Prasad:

In the developing world, maintaining sanitation remains a huge challenge for the agencies and governments. With a burgeoning population, the pressures on public infrastructure remain immense, which forces a large part of the population to defecate and urinate in public spaces. Defecation in public is not only a challenge to public sanitation agencies, but also a huge health hazard since it leads to contamination of water sources, which in turn leads to spread of diseases.

Green Arrow Solution
Green Arrow Solution

Picture Gallery
Green Arrow Solution
Green Arrow Solution by Cesar Viramontes

Since a large part of the world's population just doesn't have the resources to build toilets on their homes that are linked to a septic tank or public sewerage system, this part of the population can be armed with a cheap and portable alternative to help eliminate the problem of defecating in public. Created by designer Cesar Viramontes, the Green Arrow Solution is a portable and eco friendly toilet concept that can potentially help eliminate the problem of sanitation in the developing world.

Since over 2.5 billion people in the world do not have toilets and have to defecate in a public space, the concept can bring about a real social change with huge impact on public health and sanitation in these areas. The concept basically comprises of a drum shaped toilet constructed in sustainable yet durable materials that can be used by squatting over it. To use, the user would simply need to first line the drum with a removable biodegradable lining. After use, this lining can be removed and deposited in a septic tank where the human waste would be turned into natural fertilizer. The Green Arrow Solution toilet would be completely portable so users would be able to install and use it in any part of their homes.

Source: Cesar Viramontes

Stylish shower design ideas

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 02:39 AM PST

Tania Ghosh:

For all those people out there, who have always fantasized about a luxury bathing experience coupled with the utmost comfort, their dream has come true. Nowadays, out of box designing for shower heads is spreading like wild fire all over the world. From the eco friendly showers to those pampering hours inside the bath, there is one to suit every need. Here we are giving an overview on the 15 most stylish, designer shower heads.

Durable socks to replace your shoes

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 02:17 AM PST

Christina Pinto:

Swiss Protection Socks are the best alternative for those who prefer the freedom of bare feet but cannot do as they please due to the risk of injury. However, the product released by Swiss Barefoot is durable, strong and provides protection. According to the manufacture, the socks have been specially designed to enable the person to walk without the need for shoes and are given certain features for safety.

Furry sock shoes
Furry sock shoes

The socks fit easily over your feet and hug every contour so you get the feeling of being barefooted. The socks share a similarity to shoes with respect to the thickness of the underside. Other than that there are no soles or any other parts from a normal shoe.

Picture Gallery
Furry sock shoes
Furry sock shoes designed for walking, running and sports

The reason given for the socks’ toughness is the combination of 50 percent Kevlar (a material found in bulletproof jackets), 32 percent polyester, 10 percent cotton and 8 percent spandex. Furthermore, the soles are given a layer of PVC that makes them cut resistant. You can walk over ragged surfaces without worrying about a tear in your socks.

The usefulness of the product can be applied to any outdoor activity, walking along the beach, the garden or maybe rock climbing. Swiss Barefoot is advertising the product for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy energetic activities like running, rock climbing and water sports.

A sort of shoe wear that gives the athlete a little more freedom to work his feet muscles while engaging in activities that demand the maximum exertion will probably be very welcomed. When people participate in these activities they wear comfortable clothing and that makes all the difference in their workout. I predict Swiss protection socks will one day be part of the Athlete's daily workout as it is looks promising. The short version of the socks are priced at 55 euro (US$73) and for the longs, it is 59 euro ($78).

Via: Gizmag

Loomba Laptop Pad is a fully customizable cooling pad and laptop case combo

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 01:36 AM PST

Asmita Prasad:

Highly customizable products are always in great demands from college students since they like everything they use in their daily lives to reflect their personality and to be distinguishable from the crowd. Though decorative binders and book bags are easily available and can be customized just as quickly, laptop cases and cooling pads still are used in the form they are purchased since they only serve a functional purpose. To make laptop cases and cooling pads aesthetically pleasing yet functionally purposeful, designer Charles Han came up with the Loomba Laptop Pad which is a successful combination of the two and can be customized with ease.

Loombo laptop pad
Loombo laptop pad

The main purpose of the product was to ensure that users could use their laptops without a desk in a seated position. When the case is closed and the laptop is stored, the pad serves as a work area and allows users to use the pad as a desk when a stationary and stable desk is not available. The case comes with a bent acrylic frame that lets it retain its shape and provide support to the user and the laptop and is covered with a stretching fabric.

Picture Gallery
Loombo laptop pad
Loombo laptop pad by charles han

Unlike regular laptop cases, the Loomba provides a greater degree of shock and scratch protection to the laptop. Slots cut along the sides of the case allow users to access USB ports, charging port and audio-video jacks so users can use all the regular functions of the laptop without having to take it out of the protective casing.

For shock protection, the Loomba Laptop Pad comes with neoprene foam lining, which ensures that the laptop can bear the bumps it has to endure during the course of a normal day. The foam also ensures that the laptop remains cool and cushioned. An opening allows the user to store their laptops measuring up to 13" with ease. Rubber burnt stopper at the underside prevent the laptop from slipping while lines cut out of the acrylic prevent the laptop from overheating.

Strategically arranged slots help cool the battery and also help boost the capacity of the laptop's fans to ensure that your machine is always functioning optimally. The Loomba Laptop Pad helps the laptop stay cool and protected during the course of the day and handy shoulder and back straps allow it be carried around like a backpack so users don't have to buy a cooling pad and a laptop case separately.

Via: Cargo Collective

Perk up your desktop with Philips DS6100 iPhone Speaker Dock

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 01:33 AM PST

Dakshina Thakur:

The tedious wild goose chase for an amazing, rich featured dock station finally comes to a standstill. Philips has just strengthened its range of portable speaker docks with the new DS6100 model for iPhone users worldwide. This aesthetically beautiful device functions smoothly in one's personal Apple shrine and is crafted using sublime components.

DS6100 iPhone Speaker Dock
DS6100 iPhone Speaker Dock

Enclosed in a sleek aluminum body, the speaker dock in silver tinge offers users 20W of total power which should execute a pretty satisfying job. Though the device does not lay any claim for delivering the most outweighing performance, it however pulls off well as compared to those miniature built-in speakers on iPhone.

The nattily designed neodymium speaker also features an Aux-in port which enables users to connect their DS6100 to a wide array of devices. With this speaker dock around, users can now seamlessly benefit from other gizmos whilst exploiting the potent capabilities of Philips' latest toddler. Finished with a sophisticated look, the peripheral ensures pure, balanced sound that can effortlessly fill any corner of the home.

DS6100 iPhone Speaker Dock
DS6100 iPhone Speaker Dock

The feature-rich, compact dock even allows users to indulge in easy synchronization to their iTunes library. Be it sharing those favorite tunes with friends, waking up to some soothing music, or indulging in euphonious songs, the new iPhone speaker dock from Philips lets users do almost everything.

Quite a lot great perk for an individual's iMac, the dock furthermore integrates advanced intuitive control for an immersive user experience. The versatile DS6100, in a nutshell, certainly completes the journey with a sense of style very much intact. The new Philips DS6100 iPhone Speaker Dock is anticipated to buzz the shelves in May 2012. However, the price point will make users shell out $179.99.

Via: ChipChik

Small kitchen design ideas for compact homes

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 01:25 AM PST

Nisha Changrani:

For those who love to cook, Kitchen is the God's paradise. However, looking at the space constraints, you might not have been able to get yourself your dream kitchen. Well, all these problems are set to disappear, thanks to some brilliant designers. Listed below are some kitchen design concepts that will satisfy your appetite for luxurious as well as space saving kitchens.

High tech dual dial watch wields eccentric charm

Posted: 13 Feb 2012 01:01 AM PST

Radhicka S Saxena:

Do you have a kid who just couldn't stop fawning over "A Wrinkle in Time" and was raving about "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy" for hours? If alien battles and spaceship landings is all your young ones can talk about, then you should mollycoddle them with a piece of terrific looking indulgence. This snappy wrist watch with two dials might just make you the best dad in the whole world.

Focus watch with dual display
Focus watch with dual display

Picture Gallery
Focus watch with  dual display
Focus watch by Sam from Germany

This watch by Sam from Germany is a highly techno contraption for the wrist. The industrial design of the watch will remind you of robotics and sci-fi themes. Also, people who appreciate logos and graphic designs will like it mechanized exterior. The two dials of the all black watch will surely put a lot of onlookers in a tizzy. If you are the chatty kind, then you will enjoy giving an explanation every time someone asks you how to read the time on this piece. The two dials are not just for show, they have a purpose. The red dial tells the time while the green one tells the date.

Reading the time and date is not as confounding as it looks, you only have to get used to recognizing the numbers imprinted on the dials. There are two concentric circles embedded on each dial, the bigger circle tells the hours or months and the smaller one tells the minutes or days. Furthermore, each circle contains two numbers, one embedded in each half. To fit the numbers in the semi circle, their curvy outlines have been replaced by sharp edges. Getting used to recognizing the digits might take some time. But once you are well versed with it, you will be able to tell the time and date in a jiffy.

Younger boys, especially ones who are sci-fi buffs, will go ga-ga over the piece. The watch could also work its robotic charm on a few adults.

Via: Tokyo Flash

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