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Tentsile portable treehouse looks like a inverted pyramid

Posted: 12 Jul 2012 03:06 AM PDT

Asmita Prasad:

You'd think a prerequisite to building a tree house would be having trees. But for the innovative designers of the 21st century, no challenge is to too big and a team of designers actually came up with a tree-less tree house in 2010. Dubbed Tentsile, the tree house apparently can be set up almost anywhere even if the particular location has no trees to hang it from whatsoever. For the average user, the Tentsile would appear to be more of an airborne tent or even a covered hammock but its creators insist that it is in fact a portable tree house. Designed to be set up in just half an hour, the portable tree house is made out of waterproof polyester which makes it ideal for use in almost all climates.

Tentsile Portable Tree House
Tentsile Portable Tree House

Shaped like a three-legged starfish, the inverted pyramid shape of the Tentsile portable tree house can be hung from its self-supportive base or even anchored from trees depending on the user's location. The tent/hammock thus stays suspended in mid air with no contact from the ground other than the anchoring base. This allows it to be used over wet ground, beach or snow.

Tentsile Portable Tree house is offered in 2-person, 5-person and 8-person models which make it the ideal way to travel in a group and provides the same comfort of cohabitation as a tent with the same level of functionality as a tree house or a hammock. According to its designers, the Tentsile would be ideal for use by the military, campers, wildlife documentarians and photographers, extreme sportsmen, biological researchers and scientific teams. Weighing between 11-18 lbs, the two-person Tentsile model retails for $3,000 and the 8-person models costs just over $12,000.

Via: Inhabitat/Tree Hugger

Tangible Textural Interface, a shape changing stereo crafted using flexible fabric

Posted: 11 Jul 2012 09:41 PM PDT

Jaspreet Kaur Walia:

Sound systems have gone through a variety of changes over the years and each change has been accepted with open arms all across the globe. Taking it a step further is designer Jo Eunhee, who has come with a sound system that will give an all new meaning to touch surfaces.

Tangible Textural Interface
Tangible Textural Interface

Touch screens have won many hearts and happen to attract people because of its easy usage. But besides all the advantages, these touch screens have a hard surface and lack the desired softness. Keeping this in mind, the designer has developed the Tangible Textural Interface or TTI, which feels like a fabric when touched. The all new sound system boasts of an interactive, tactile surface that will change the whole experience of listening to music.

Tangible Textural Interface, as is suggestive from the name, has a textile interface that solves three main purposes. It works as an equalizer, controls volume and has backward and forward controls. The hands of a user will sink inside the fabric when interacting with the device when changing the volume or track, which is quite striking. The design comprises of sensors as well as memory shape alloys, which allows such an interaction.

Tangible Textural Interface is nothing like any other regular sound system we get to see in the market. The product is quite playful and its reshaping properties are bound to leave people wheezing. So, next time when you feel like changing the volume or track all you have to do is push your finger in the fabric and see magic unfurl.

Via: Fastcodesign

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