2010 NYIGF Faves: Black + Blum's Bento Box, Fuccillo Design's Bin

London-based Black + Blum shrinks their Box Appetit lunchbox to sushi/pasta/rice size.
The Bento Box (not yet added to their website at press time) is made from the same BPA-free polypropylene and copolyester as the Box and comes with a saucepot, handy sliding separator and fork (though the double-barrelled fork-holder will also take a pair of chopsticks). Pop the lid securely shut and you can store it vertically in your bag, taking up a minimum of space.
* * *
Whomever said "You can never have too much of a good thing" clearly hasn't done indoor composting before. I routinely outstrip my composting machine's capacity, especially after dinner parties when I'm left with a mountain of table scraps; my only alternative is to then let the scraps slowly rot in my 'fridge while the composting machine takes a week to process its current load.
Fuccillo Design's simply-named Bin is intended to remedy situations like these.
The tall and narrow shape is meant to take up a minimal footprint in your freezer, where you can store your organic scraps without attracting flies or turning your 'fridge into an interesting and disgusting petri dish. And the Bin is made from silicone, so when it comes time to empty the scraps, give it a squeeze and they pop right out.

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