Tocky, a Rolling Alarm Clock with a Touchscreen

You may have seen or even own Clocky, Guari Nanda's first rolling alarm clock that runs from you in random directions to get you out of bed. Now, 4 years later, at the New York International Gift Fair, she's released Clocky's updated little brother, Tocky. This one is all 2010: it's spherical, has a touch screen and changeable skins, records messages and mp3s with its built in mic, and can be driven around with your iPhone (just kidding about that last one).

The product is hot off the presses, but Nanda has already released some how-to videos that demonstrate some of it's cutest features, seen below. It's available for wholesale at the NYIGF booth 4112, ending tomorrow, or, for regular consumers, from her online store.

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