DLC Projection Screen (Video)

DLC Projection Screen, Diffused Light Control
This is an amazing breakthrough in the world of office technology. Meetings and conferences can henceforth be held without switching off the lights or drawing curtains in the conference and meeting rooms. Now neither it will be difficult for you to write notes make special efforts to keep the attendees from dozing off just because the darkness in the room gets better of them.

Thanks to Uchida Research Laboratory at Tohoku University, we now have a high visibility projector screen which works on the principle of Diffused Light Control (DLC).
DLC Projection Screen, Future Projector
According to researchers, the high visibility projector screen screen diffuses the light from the projector toward the observer while reflecting away or absorbing the excess external light. Thus “there is no influence from external light, and the screen can display images to observers with the black solid just the way it is emitted from the projector.” Also, since clear images can be projected in a brightly lit room, it can also be used for digital signage.
DLC Projection Screen, Uchida Research Laboratory
Explaining the application and its functioning, the University said that the screen is made of a reflective panel and diffusion film, with the projector installed underneath projecting onto the screen from a low angle. The reflective screen changes the direction of the light entering from below toward observers and the diffusion film diffuses that light, in order to show images to the viewer.
DLC Projection Screen
The invention has its limitations in the sense that at this stage of the innovation the screen will not operate as effectively in an open to sky location as in a closed room. However, the problem will be taken care of in the next phase of innovation after making some subtle changes in its design and functioning. The screen demonstrated this time comes with seams due to the size of the diffusion panels, but if larger diffusion panels are made, it will be possible to make a large display with no seams.

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