Nokia Icon By Manuel Lopez Revol

Nokia Icon, future phone gadget, Manuel Lopez Revol
In 2005, Nokia organized a contest in Argentina, where they asked participants to design accessories for the Original Nokia Fashion Collection (7260, 7270 and 7280). Designer Manuel Lopez Revol presented his concept designs for this contest which he dubbed the Nokia Icon. Nokia icon is concept comprising of a wristband a ring that shows the user if the phone has rung or if a message has been received. The unique concept Bluetooth device conveys the information to their wearer in a subtle yet effective way. The wrist band features an OLED, duo-chromatic display which is covered by a polycarbonate case, and a D-Pad is located on its right, separated by a white line, like the ones present in Nokia 7280. By touching the pad up or down you can access and select the four different modes: messages, calls, watch and dynamic graphics. Touching left or right you can scroll the message, or load another one. The watch is the idle function on this concept wristband. The silicon rubber wristband can be easily interchanged with one of a different length or color.

Nokia Icon, future phone device, Manuel Lopez Revol
The ring is a unique Bluetooth accessory designed for the thumb. When a message is received the line on the ring lights up in white, if the phone is ringing it lights up in red. The ring is available in two models, with different lines over the surface.
These high-tech Bluetooth accessories are especially great for folks who keep their phones in the bag or purse and can never hear it ring. It is also great while driving or other activities.
Nokia Icon, future phone concept, Manuel Lopez Revol
Nokia Icon, future gadget, Manuel Lopez Revol

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