Future Credit Card By Jacob Palmborg

Future Credit Card, Jacob Palmborg
Credit Cards are an important part of our lives- they help transfer, carry and exchange money safely and easily. But lets face it- most credit cards are limited in features. They are completely useless without a compatible machine such as an ATM. The credit card of the future, conceptualized by Jacob Palmborg, aims to change this- it packs enough technology and features to surpass most commercial devices today. Included are a touchscreen interface, real time data and biometric security.

Futuristic Credit Card, Jacob Palmborg
The appearance of this credit card is like no other- instead of just being a solid hunk of plastic, the card consists of a thin touchscreen. On the screen, data such as your account balance and recent purchases are displayed.
Future Financial gadget, Credit Card, Jacob Palmborg
This allows continous awareness of all aspects of your account- no ATM is needed. Any changes to your account can be made with just a few swipes and a little navigation on the screen. In addition, the credit card is linked to all your accounts- allowing you to use it as any one of your multiple credit cards.
The card is protected through biometrics- as in it recognizes body features such as fingerprints. This obviously gives enhanced security without increasing complexity as everything is automatic. At the touch of an unauthorized person, the card immediately shuts down keeping data and your account safe. And as additional security, no data is actually stored on the credit card itself, but rather it streams data off a server. Meaning if ever to get in the wrong hands, the card can be immediately disabled preventing the person from accessing any data.

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