The DryMate Clothes Drier Uses Vacuum Technology To Dry Clothes By Nico Kläber

DryMate Clothes Drier, Vacuum Technology, Nico Klaber
Drying clothes with vacuum has probably never been thought of or tried before. Well, designer Nico Kläber lately and came up with the DryMate drier. This smart and innovative technique to dry clothes uses vacuum technology to dry up you wears. This also helps save up a whole load of energy at lower temperatures. Also, its user friendly and makes sure you don’t need to stoop down to low while popping in your clothes and pulling them back out. The technique basically has the drums lower air pressure with the water evaporating at temperatures lower than 100 degrees Celsius. This creates a minor under-pressure that saves up a lot more energy than having the laundry heat up to 100 degrees Celsius.

DryMate Clothes Drier, Future Home gadget, Nico Klaber
The vacuum condensation technology besides being energy efficient also conserves clothing and keeps it from harm. Who needs those old energy sucking driers when the DryMate’s here!
DryMate Clothes Drier, Future Home device, Nico Klaber
DryMate Clothes Drier, Vacuum Technology, Nico Klaber
Designer: Nico Kläber

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