Flex Phone By Carolina Rebelo

Flex Phone, Carolina Rebelo
Mobile phones are going flexible. Yes, you read it right! Just to woo the females, who want everything they possess to bend according to their whims and fancies, Carolina Rebelo has designed a cellphone named Flex. This phone is flexible enough to adorn your arm like a piece of jewelry or will simply slip in the pocket.

Flex, Futuristic Phone, Carolina Rebelo
The phone easily gets charged by using solar energy as its surface is caked with solar coating. Simply place it where sunrays can kiss its surface and, in just 5 hours, it will get all the required energy to operate. It can be easily charged in any position. The phone is supple enough to bend at an angle of 30 degree. The keypad can be adjusted keeping in mind whether the user is left or right handed. Flex comes with an integrated camera to capture all moments of your life with utmost clarity. The LED screen is flexible enough to shift the information after assessing the position of the keypad. This is possible because there is a chip which is sensitive to the movement of the keyboard. It has displays that read missed calls and also tells how much battery is left.
Flex, Future Phone, Carolina Rebelo
Flex, with its chick and sleek appearance will be an instant hit amongst all the young and modern women.
Flexible mobile Phone, Carolina Rebelo
Designer: Carolina Rebelo

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