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Electrolux Lenee Microwave Washing Machine By Andrej Suchov

Electrolux Lenee, Microwave Washing Machine, Andrej Suchov
Technology is always trying to introduce innovative products with people’s everyday life to make it even better and smoother. Lenee is a useful microwave washing machine concept that can repair organic textile made cloths by themselves, just like the human skin. This washing machine design uses microwave to wash, repair and even change the color and texture of the clothes all operated via a push button. The compact design and unique shape of this washing machine is much unlike to the conventional washing machines and will help the users to maintain a compact living.

Electrolux Lenee, Innovation Washing Machine, Andrej Suchov
Lenee, Washing Machine, Andrej Suchov
Electrolux Lenee, future Washing Machine, Andrej Suchov
Electrolux Lenee, futuristic Washing Machine, Andrej Suchov
Designer: Andrej Suchov

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