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Nokia Nenya Phone Controlling Magnetic Finger Ring

Nokia Nenya, Finger ring
Magic rings appear frequently in fantasy and fairy tale and they endow the wearer with a variety of abilities, including invisibility, the granting of wishes and immortality.

If you are someone who loved those fairy tales and always wanted a magic ring of your own then nokia has just the device for you.
Nenya, a magnetic ring created by nokia research labs allows you to control and manipulate your cell phone with a mere twist of the finger. Sounds magical? Actually the ring creates a magnetic field whose orientation changes as you twist the ring on your finger.
Bluetooth technology enables the transmission of signals and the user can select the function of his choice depending on the orientation of the ring .So you can listen toyour favourite music, talk to friends or just browse the apps . The magical nenya does it all!!
The ring has been found to have 8 unique orientations associated with a specific function of the cellphone but this can be improved upon if axial movement along the length of the finger is utilised .
A magical magnetic ring, a fancy piece of digital jewellery and a cool cool gadget!! The Nenya definitely commands attention!!

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