Ensemble Phone By Jerome Olivet

Ensemble, Future Phone, Jerome Olivet
Designers are trying to make cellphones look smart and trendy. Box shaped phones have created monotony and a few brands are putting their best foot forward to kill it in every way possible.

Ensemble, Concept Phone, Jerome Olivet
The shape of the phone is quite curvy and has a facade which will make a lot burn with envy. It looks like a delicately carved piece of art with a smooth and glossy skin clubbed with some metal. The outer skin on this marvellous creation has been made out of plastic which was painted further in pearly white color blue. Ensemble comes with a magic which unfurls when a user gets drowned into its visual and tangible contentment.
Ensemble, Future Phone, Jerome Olivet
The phone has voice controls in the form of mobile phone voice recognition which takes the whole experience to a different level. A micro screen is positioned on its side which will help the user access any kind of information and then read it. The side is wedged with a touchscreen that has been cut in a neat manner.
Ensemble, Futuristic Phone, Jerome Olivet
Gone are the days when the phones were placed near the cheek giving it a motionless appeal. Ensemble has been crafted using materials that unfold to extend all the messages. The phone has a persona of its own with dimensions L 3 x H 11 x D 4.5 cm. The surface of this eye-appealing phone has been sliced skilfully in three parts which throws the spotlight on the earpiece.
Ensemble, Mobile Phone, Jerome Olivet

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