Kyocera Kinetic Phone

Kyocera Kinetic Phone
Battery lives are important- they determine how much playtime and usage the user gets. But how about a phone that never drains out? Meet every environmentalists dream- the Kyocera Kinetic Phone. By harnessing the kinetic energy produced by the user typing or navigating the large screen, the phone’s battery is able to last theoretically for ever. In fact the the only way to charge the phone is to use it.

Kyocera, Kinetic cellPhone
By harnessing the user’s kinetic energy, the phone is able to provide a number of advantages. In addition to providing infinite play time, the phone significantly lowers electric bills and has zero to minimal impact on the environment. The phone consists of flexible OLED- this allows it to appear transparent when off and be bent, twisted and folded into a variety of shapes for increased portability. And as a plus, as it consists of OLED, it can be easily recycled or decomposed.
Kyocera, Kinetic mobile Phone
Although literally a dream phone for many of us, the phone has a number of problems from becoming reality. For example, its practically impossible to run a complete phone on only small kinetic movements. A hybrid of traditional charging and kinetic movements could work- but that would limit the battery life. Regardless, the phone is of a degree of uniqueness rarely seen.

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